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JOYA 2016 – selected artists – BBB&B with Isabelle Busnel

Selected artists at JOYA 2016Isabelle Busnel


« Rhinestones and pearls set in grey and black silicone: this is my new investigation into classic jewellery. Victorian necklaces, stomachers, Berlin iron jewellery…the past is full of treasures. This new collection is about revisiting these pieces, with a twist in terms of materials, shapes and colours. »



Isabelle Busnel brooch siliconeIsabelle Busnel  brooch Stomacher -  silicone

Isabelle Busnel   septembre 2016 -  New Black ans White collection. Brooch Isabelle Busnel   sept 2016 -  New Black ans White collection. Brooch – silicone,  magnet

 Isabelle Busnel - sept 2016 - New Black ans White collection. Brooch #siliconejewellery #magnetjewellery #blackandwhitejewellery: Isabelle Busnel - sept 2016 – New Black ans White collection. Brooch silicone 


Isabelle Busnel brooches - ROYAL APPOINTMENT The Dialogue Collective: Isabelle Busnel brooches « stomachers » – really BOLD, isnt’it ?




EXPO ‘de BRIC et de BROCHES’ – Galerie Toiles de mer, Peyriac-de-mer (FR) – 1er Avril-1er Mai 2016


Galerie Toiles de mer (Sabine Jeangeorges)

Inauguration le 1er Avril, à partir de 18h

 de BRIC et de BROCHES

avec, entre autres  : Leonore JockIsabelle BusnelMichèle ForestNicole Taubinger Yana TankovskaJudy McCaigAndrea VaggioneBeatrice BalivetChristine JalioEliane AmalricGalatée PestreSteffi GoetzeMaud Villaret (Toubab Paris)

Christine JalioChristine Jalio - brooch – photo Galerie Toiles de mer

Nicole TaubingerNicole Taubinger – Blümchenmalerei (Art Jewelry), 2016 – Brooches – Plastic rubbish – Photo: Tomáš Polák

Béatrice Balivet  brocheBéatrice Balivet  broche

eliane amalric - broche -  acier, rouille, hématite rhodiée: Eliane Amalric – broche -  acier, rouille, hématite rhodiée

Andrea Vaggione  Brooch "Carlina"   Andrea Vaggione  Brooch « Carlina »  
TOUBAB PARIS   Broche 3 Fleurs en tissu wax fantaisie Madame Noir 3 Maud Villaret/TOUBAB PARIS   Broche 3 Fleurs en tissu wax fantaisie Madame Noir 3
Isabelle Busnel brochesIsabelle Busnel jewelry – the mood was blue ….
Steffi Götze, brooch "Inside outside" collection 2015Steffi Götze, brooch « Inside outside » collection 2015
Yana Tankovska & Evgeniya Tsankova ,BLICK - BROCHES Yana Tankovska & Evgeniya Tsankova ,BLICK – BROCHES
Leonore Jock / Brooches:Leonore Jock / Brooches
Michèle Forest broches 2016: Michèle Forest broches 2016
Galerie Toiles de mer
1 rue du four [face à la mairie]
11440 Peyriac-de-mer  (près NARBONNE)
06 09 84 65 41

tel: 06 09 84 65 41



Decouverte / COUP de COEUR : Andra Lupu

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Andra Lupu – crushed with a zest of pinky !

« Andra Lupu is a contemporary jewelry designer. She has gratuated the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania whit a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Design. She is working with metal: silver, gold, copper and brass combined with gemstones, wood and plastic. In 2012, she atended a workshop organized by Lucia Masei, about “Pigments on metal”, at Alchimia , School of contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy. She likes experimenting when it comes to her work, considering jewelry a continuous game of different materials, textures and formal contrasts, being mostly intrigued by the interaction between the jewelry and the wearer. « I think I like to create rings because of the dynamic relashionship between the piece itself and the worn surface. I like to watch the audience’ reaction reagarding my creations. It is not the inherent value of the jewelry that I emphasize, rather its capacity of innovation and experiment. » » (Notjustalabel)

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu – brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu – brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu – brooch, 925 silver, pink paint (detail)

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu – brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paintAndra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, pink paint

« The « Crushed » (collection) is what you feel when something beautiful is ending, crushed is how you feel when you lose someone dear… But every ending is a new beginning, it’s up to you how you start over, or whether if you take the good or the bad of every experience.
In my new collection, i use thin layers of « crushed » melted silver, to create a jewellery as a metaphor to the fragility of life, relationships, feelings… »
 Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, "Crushed" collectionAndra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, « Crushed » collection

Andra Lupu - brooch, 925 silver, garnet - crushed collectionAndra Lupu – brooch, 925 silver, garnet – crushed collection 2015

Andra Lupu - avril 2015 ·    ring - 925 silver - crushed collection: Andra Lupu -  2015-    ring – 925 silver – crushed collection


virus de la COMPARAISON …… ? champagne ? ….

…… trop de champagne ????? ;-)

Leonor Hipólito Piece: Tout est sur la table, 2011 Sterling silver Photo by: Arne Kaiser: Leonor Hipólito Piece: Tout est sur la table, 2011 Sterling silver Photo by: Arne Kaiser

Mari Ishikawa pins new year 2016: Mari Ishikawa pins new year 2016


EXPO ‘D’une BROCHE à l’autre’ – Galerie Sophie etc !, Paris (FR) – 19 nov.- 5 Dec. 2015

Venez découvrir les broches des membres « D’un bijou à l’autre » à la Galerie Sophie etc !

Vernissage  19 Nov. à partir de 18h30

12 bijoutières 12 broches …..

  broches des membres "D'un bijou à l'autre" à la Galerie "Sophie etc" !


La Galerie Sophie..etc! est heureuse d’accueillir 12 bijoutières plasticiennes et leur travail autour de la broche.
Marianne AnselinStella Bierrenbach — Larissa Cluzet — Ana Carolina Escobar — Nathalie Perret Galatée Pestre Andréa PinerosJordane SomvilleCéline SylvestreLaurence Verdier Caroline VolcoviciClaire Wolfstirn.
Vous pourriez également découvrir d’autres pièces emblématiques de leur savoir-faire.

Marianne Anselin - Broche "cerisier du Japon" émeraude, inox ressort et argent.Marianne Anselin – Broche « cerisier du Japon » émeraude, inox ressort et argent




Galerie Sophie etc !
2 rue Gambey Paris 11e
tel 01 48 05 80 38


DECOUVERTE pour SCHMUCK 2015 : Stanislava Grebenickova

Stanislava Grebenickova from Czeck Republic,  has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015

Stanislava Grebenickova  -Light & Shadow Brooches - Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and GraniteStanislava Grebenickova  -  Light & Shadow Brooches – Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and Granite

« She is one of those women, who managed to balance their job and family, who are admired for their beauty and pleasant behaviour, she is a wonderful and an attentive hostess, a lady in the best sense of the word. But first and foremost she is an excellent glass-making artist.
Stanislava Grebeníčková graduated from The high school of applied arts for glassmaking in Železný Brod and then passed the atelier of Stanislav Libenský on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Desing in Prague. The very important life experience was a scholarship at Amsterdam Academy at the famous professor`s Sybren Valkema. During her studies and immediately after graduation she highly devoted herself to a formed glass. Already at that time her objects were characterised by a humour and pop art playfulness. The first big success and at the same time very characteristic illustration of her creation of the 80s was a series of objects for the exhibition in Roztoky u Prahy (1984). As a fresh graduate at that time, she created Fishing tackle, enlarged severalfold and supplemented with metal components. It was a perfect illusion of existing realias. A precise workmanship, a bright variety of colors and a perfect reproduction of the logo of the famous firm producing fishing tackle helped her to attain an unusually strong effect. The installation overwhelmed professionals and lay public as well. Real objects in unreal size were deployed on plinths in gallery and with fishing-lines a visitor was under the impression he became Gulliver in the empire of giants.
After the creative pause, devoted above all to upbringing of children and building of family background, she started to give a thought to comeback as an active artist. She knew how much time had passed since her pop art objects and realized that she couldn`t return to this era anymore…she has already been in a different stage of life and started to look for new ways of her creative expression. She has found a clear conception of her new style very soon. She created a series of objects made from combination of stone and glass. Symptomatically called plastics The bearable weight of being or On my own two feet put visually and physically massive cube of polished granite on fragile crystal spirals from formed and shaped glass. A courage and humour these plastics are presented with, take rank with her early objects.
In the second half of 90s this glass artist became more a sculptor. This is related to a desire to make a one-piece work. Whereas her husband (M. Handl) became a pioneer of the gluing technology in glass freestyle, Stanislava was not comfortable with this. Although this technology has dominated in her jewellery creation, it doesn`t seem suitable for her big objects. More likely than a distrust of mechanical qualities of glues, it is an idea, that the sculpture in itself, both sculptural and plastic, works with an integral mass and capacity. Stanislava perceives glass as a sculptural material and desires her plastics would have an influence as a sculptural masterpieces. As a graduate from Libensky school she handles „through glass painting tools“ optics and valair as well. In this time came up for example Asylum, Secret place and Mysterious Asuka.
At the same time with freestyle creation Stanislava has been profiling as a jewellery maker since 90s. At the beginning there was as she says „women`s vanity“. A desire to decorate herself, however, turned into more deeper interest, which became an integral and interesting part of her artwork. Her brooches soon became popular, well-known and sought-after in the world of modern jewellery. Her first jewellery, created in 1993, was surprisingly made of stone – local slate. A supple and accessible material facilitated working on a lapidary machine. Later Stanislava started to splice different types of glass, carefully detrited, she spliced it and glued it. Soon, however, an available color scale stopped being satisfying and she started to combine glass with interesting stones and also to experiment with melting of her own glass plates. The color in itself was not the matter, it was rather a structure and colorful combination. Looking at these brooches we often don`t know, if it is a polished natural stone or skillfully and unrepeatably melted glass. Some glass plates, used in these unique jewellery, are so much remarkable that deny the rules of glass cohesion. They are feasible only in such tiny size and are absolutely inimitable. Jewellery of this creative artist, in spite of their size, appear very monumentally. They remind of pictures. Partly by unprecedented colorful surfaces, which themselves look like a brush texture, but also by their unconditional two-dimensionality. They are based on space illusion. Almost each of them is a small expample of optical illusion: reversible cubes, vanes, prisms, portikas and columned halls are just sofisticated colorfully-geometrical segmentation of area. And therein is a jewellery work of this author so exceptional. A smooth, glazy, accurate, very precise and compact jewellery appears optically as a fragile, plastic, vulnerable and membered. Thus, it implicilty connects the most important characteristics of modern jewellery. Potential of wearing, originality and perfect manufacturing.
At present Stanislava Grebeníčková has been teaching on Higher, Secondary and Apprentice Glass School in Nový Bor. She lives and works with her family in nearby Polevsko. » (Eliška Vavříčková – 8. 12. 20:07)

Stanislava Grebenickova   - glass brooch 2000 Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch 2000

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 2000Stanislava Grebenickova  – glass jewelry – brooch 2000

 Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 1999Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry – brooch 1999

  CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA - Stanislava Grebenickova (CZcech) - glass jewelry Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch - CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA



Velislava Bozhinova. WHITE WHITE WHITE love (too)

Classé dans : brooches,Bulgarie (BG),ceramique,COUP DE COEUR,Velislava BOZHINOVA (BG) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:08

(jamais deux sans trois ….. voici mon troisième « Love BLANC » … le « mois du blanc » ? non, besoin de clarté, de pureté, de lumière, de « simplicité » après ces jours d’actualité sombre ….)

Velislava Bozhinova - ses broches surtout, comme de petits animaux, entre le cailloux doux et le coquillage, toujours cerclés d’une armature noire …. structurés, mais structure eux-mêmes : anciens ossements ? organisme restant, ou à venir ?

2011-2014 Master Degree Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium)

voir aussi sa page Facebook

Velislava Bozhinova - brooch backVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava BozhinovaVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox

Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, 11x5,5x4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, « Adaptation » 2014 – 11×5,5×4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox

Velislava BozhinovaVelislava Bozhinova – Necklace,   ceramic, hemp rope 2014

Velislava Bozhinova necklaceVelislava Bozhinova necklace – Photos: Ivan Nikolov

Velislava Bozhinova -BroochVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, "Adaptation" 8x4,5x4 cm, porcelain,brass, inox  2014Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch, « Adaptation » 8×4,5×4 cm, porcelain,brass, inox  2014
Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch,   ceramic, silver, inox Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch – Adaptation 2014 -   ceramic, silver, inox
 Velislava  Bozhinova brooches Velislava  Bozhinova brooches
Velislava Bozhinova -Brooch, 6x4,5x4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox
Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, 6×4,5×4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox


JOYA Barcelona 2014 – in the OFF we present you Context Gallery/Joies Minimes/Minimal Jewels – 9 Oct.-15 Nov. 2014

JOYA Barcelona 2014 - Art Jewellery Fair, October 9, 10 and 11, 2014

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –

Galeria CONTEXT -  Joies minimes/Minimal Jewels

Apertura/Opening 11 Oct. – 19:00

The proposal of 31 artist to represent the minimalism 

OFF JOYA - EXHIBITIONS -   context - joiesminimes


Dins de la programació OFF JOYA ’14, presentem a la nostra galeria de Sant Cugat del Vallès una exposició de peces inèdites de 31 artistes que porta per títol JOIES MÍNIMES – MINIMAL JEWELS.
El PIN és el protagonisma d’aquesta mostra que aplegarà més de 60 peces especialment dissenyades per aquesta ocasió.
participan :  Oscar Abba — Amalia Vermell Montse BasoraEugènia BesoraAndrea CoderchMaria DiezCarla GarcíaGrego García Tebar Ana García Moya Catalina GibertAlicia Giráldez Lola GratacósAna Heimann Olga Hernández Puerto — Elsa Inzunza — Natsumi KaiharaSandra LlusàJudy McCaigClara NiubóEva PonsRamon Puig Cuyàs Silvina Rio Carme Roher — Cinta Sala — Blanca SánchezEdu TarínFátima Tocornal – Marta Torrent — Isabel Tristan — Silvia Walz –Renate Wülfinghoff.
CONTEXT a  Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair.


Galería Context
c. Viñolas 8-10,
Sant Cugat del Vallès
tel 935 893 806 

Horarios/Schedules 11:00 – 13:30/ 17:00 – 20:00 Monday-Friday 11:00 – 14:00 Saturday


EXPO ‘The brooch show’ – RAC ArtSpace Gallery, Racine (WI)(USA) – 1er Aout-27 Sept. 2014

The brooch show

Juried Brooch Show

August 1st – September 27th

Opening Reception August 1, 6-9pm – Awards presented at 7:30

The brooch show

​ RAC (Racine Arts Council Board) is proud to present its 2nd Annual Juried Brooch Show.  This years awards juror is Yevgeniya Kaganovich. Kaganovich is a Belarus born, Milwaukee, Wisconsin based artist, whose hybrid practice encompasses Jewelry and Metalsmithing, sculpture and installation.  Yevgeniya has received a Masters of Fine Arts form the State University of New York at New Paltz and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal/Jewelry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Her work has received a number of awards and has been published widely.  Currently Yevgeniya is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee heading a thriving Jewelry and Metalsmithing Area with a graduate and undergraduate program.

Exhibiting artists are Andrew Kuebec — Aric Verrastro — Beth Dary — Candace Hoffmann — Darcelle Matus — David Gauna — Devon Matlock — Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson — Galatea Kontos — Gretchen Yeov — Hannah Helton — Jason Laux — Jason Thomson — Jessica Armstrong — Joseph Church — Joshua Kosker — Kathleen Laybourn — Kelly Novak — Kelly Witte — Kimberly Winkle — Lena Reifinger — Lisa Bigalke — Marissa Guthrie — Mary Hanneman — Melis Agabigum — Melody Bigalke — Neta Ron — Nicole David — Nicole Jacquard — Sarah Truett — Stephanie Brohman — Stephanie Voegele, Susan M. Sorenson and Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro.

 Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro - pipeline copper, fox fur, sterling silver 2013 – à Indiana University.Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro – brooch – pipeline copper, fox fur, sterling silver 2013 –  Indiana University.

 Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro - bubblegum broochVincent Pontillo-Verrastro – bubblegum brooch

Regeneration brooch - Jessica ArmstrongRegeneration brooch – Jessica Armstrong


The Racine Arts Council - RAC ArtSpace Gallery
316 Sixth Street, Racine
WI 53402 (USA)
tel 262.635.0261


VIRUS de la COMPARAISON ………. Ulrike Kampfert / Carme Roher

Je crois que je vais reprendre ma série « virus de la comparaison » …. la plupart du temps « pur hasard » ou ce que j’appelle « air du temps », parfois, je crois, pure « ignorance culturelle (de l’histoire du bijou) de la part de jeunes qui démarrent, et parfois … on préférera ne pas parler de la vilaine « copie » ……..

… et je reprends cette série parce qu’au dernier « Melting point 2014″ à Valencia, plusieurs d’entre nous avons été fortement étonnés, et à plusieurs reprises, par de très frappantes ressemblances ………… ce doit être « l’air du temps » …….


Ulrike KÄMPFERT  « Ombrelle ». Broche frise de pétales de fer oxydé sur un ovale en or. Pièce unique. 2007. Poids brut : 8,2 g ; Diam. : 7,5 x 7 cm. estimation 600-800€ Kampfert – broche « Ombrelle » fer et or – frise de pétales de fer oxydé sur un ovale en or.  2007

 Ulrike Kampfert, bague Ombrelle ou Schirmring, fer et or Ulrike Kampfert, bague « Ombrelle » ou « Schirmring », fer et or acier

Carme Roher - brooch - (comparaison avec  Ulrike Kampfert)Carme Roher – Broche Alpaca patinada

Carme Roher - brooch - (comparaison avec  Ulrike Kampfert)Carme Roher – Broche Alpaca patinada


Ulrike Kämpfert : née en 1965 – Formation à l’AFEDAP 2001-2003 – Artist in residence à Hochschschule Trier en janv-fevr. 2012 – membre de l’association « D’un bijou à l’autre » - « «Inspirée et fascinée par le travail des forgerons et par la plasticité du fer, je martèle le métal d’une manière régulière et répétitive jusqu’à la limite de sa résistance,  pour obtenir de fins et fragiles pétales. C’est comme si je cherchais à rhabiller la nudité de la peau, à couvrir  l’homme  d’une mince paroi de métal. De cette façon, mon travail parle de la relation du bijou au corps. Le contraste du métal et de la peau reflète la fragilité du corps humain. De ce dialogue complémentaire naît la préciosité».

Carme Roher : born in Mataró 1962 – Studies of superior degree in jewelry at EscolaMassana (Barcelona) and in applied arts, in the same specialty in Escola Llotja (Barcelona) and in addition to courses with Ramon Puig Cuyás. She has exhibited national and international and also she has exhibited her work permanently in the Museu de les Arts Decoratives de Barcelona. Nowadays she is a member of the group Joyas Sensacionales, coordinated by Silvia Walz.


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