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l’AMBRE en beauté avec Janis Jakobson

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Janis Jakobson - fabulous amber rings …. discovered thanks to the blog YES ! :-)

« The light weight and translucent quality of amber is contrasted with the historical and geographical struggles that have occurred around it over the centuries. Baltic amber was one of the luxury goods traded along the Silk Road.
Important and highly symbolic, amber is associated with protection and the assurance to the wearer of an amulet, of long and happy life.
From the earliest amber carvers comes the principle that objects created out of this substance should be held in great respect, that the material’s natural attributes should be enhanced in the creation process. This jewelry follows that ancient principle.
Re-imagining and reinterpreting historical forms and values are central to this work in jewelry. These singular works of art are meant to confront the boundaries of body sculpture and adornment, fusing both into reliquaries for their materials of creation. » Janis Jakobson

Janis Jakobson - fabulous amber rings ....Baltic Amber, Gold. Hand carved


EXPO ‘Mended 240′ – Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL) – 17 Mai-16 Juin 2012

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‘Mended 240‘ 

Dania Chelminsky : « I have been working for my first solo exhibition for the last 8 months, opening soon May 17 – Periscop gallery until 16.6″

« Mended
 I tear off roots from their place, almost in a violent act, some are torn and wounded.
I dry these roots, stop their growth. I intensify a moment of disruption.
Like in a therapeutic act, I mend and fix every wound.
I dress the roots metal jewelry or is it metal splints? »

Dania Chelminsky« Contrasting materials, touching points, moments of tension. Creating a possible connotation and meaning that tell a story. A thought, a feeling. How we refer to our surrounding world. Precious fractures of garbage, the meaning of recycling. Can I mend and fix every wound ? Is this jewelry or maybe metal splints ?«   Dania Chelminsky - at Periscope Gallery, Tel AvivDania Chelminsky – rings

 Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky

‘Mended 240‘ exhibition  -  Dania Chelminsky - broochDania Chelminsky – brooch

Dania Chelminsky - "mended 240" exhibition catalog

Dania Chelminsky – « mended 240″ exhibition catalog

 Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky


Periscope Gallery,
176 Ben Yehuda st.
Tel-Aviv (IL)
Tel : +972-3-5226815
mail :
Mon – Thu 17:00-20:00, Fri – Sat  11:00-13:00


EXPO ‘Just Rings’ – Galerie Violaine Ulmer, Toulouse (FR) – 5 Juin-5 Juill. 2012


217 bagues – 41 artistes – 10 pays

La bague : objet intemporel

La bague existe depuis la nuit des temps : témoignage d’une époque et d’une certaine façon d’être au monde, c’est le bijou le plus prisé.
Pièces uniques ou de très petites séries, les 217 bagues sélectionnées pour « Just rings, #1 » sont fabriquées à l’unité par les artistes-artisans-designers eux-mêmes. De factures diverses, constituées de différentes matières (argent massif, résine, céramique, caoutchouc, acier, fer…), les 217 bagues exposées témoignent toutes d’une grande qualité de réalisation.

Les artistes :

Marianne Anselin (France) – Jean-Philippe Barriere (France) – Anne Becker (Allemagne) – Sadie Blythin (Angleterre) – Elena Lara Bonanomi (Italie) – Sara Bran (France) – Isabelle Carpentier (Belgique) – Pauline Ciocca (France) – Marine Dagorne (France) – Anastasia Dedonaki (Grèce) – Suzanne Esser (Pays-Bas) – Anna Fatovich (Grèce) – Deborah Forest (Angleterre) – Marie-Pierre Ginestet (France) – Andréas Grau (France) – Dora Haralambaki (Grece) – Heidemarie Herb (Allemagne) – Peter Hoogeboom (Pays-Bas) – Maja Houtman (Pays-Bas) – Aline Kokinopoulos (France) – Iris Kuhn (France) – Birgit Laken (Pays Bas) – Thierry Latt (France) – Krista Lehari (Estonie) – Eleni Malliotaki (Grèce) – Luigi Mariani (Italie) – Jade Mellor (Angleterre) – Sabrina Meyns (Irlande) – Fanny Morlon (France) – Chloé Noyon (Belgique) – Laurence Opperman (France) – Stéphane Pedonesi (Italie) – Marie Philis (France) – Andrea Pineros (France) – Camilla Pistolesi (Italie) – Karin Roy Andersson (Suède) – Yvonne Savelkoul (Pays-Bas) – Sanna Svedestedt (Suède) – Ingeborg Vandamme (Pays-Bas) – Claire Wolfstirn (France) – Yasmin Yahya (France)

 Amazing ring by Gigi Mariani. Stunning work from ItalyLuigi Mariani
Dora Haralambaki - Ring  Mixed mediaDora Haralambaki

Heidemarie Herb - collection herb's garden - organic fragment, resin, Ag, 2012Heidemarie Herb – Rings: Collerction herb’s garden 2012 – Organic fragment, 925 ag

Pinned ImagePeter Hoogeboom rings ‘Tears’ ring/container – ceramic, cork – different sizes & colors – serie ‘Earthen adornments’ 2011
Andrea Pineros - "destins croises" - silver, coton, nylon wireAndrea Piñeros  Rings « destins croisés » – silver, coton, nylon wire

 Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather  Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather

Claire Wolfstirn. Consider breaking up the solid metal in some way. 2 lines of wire running around perimeter with drilled holes/pierced in the center.Claire Wolfstirn

Laurence Oppermann - Bague Mine d'or. En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d'or à l'intérieur de la coque. Années 2000Laurence Oppermann – Bague « Mine d’or ». En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d’or à l’intérieur de la coque Marianne Anselin - bagues feuilles - 2010 - fer rouillé et argentMarianne Anselin – bagues feuilles – 2010 – fer rouillé et argent
paper flower jewelry by sabrina meynsSabrina Meyns – paper & silver flower ringJade MellorJade Mellor
Ring by French jewelry artist Violaine Ulmer - collectionsViolaine Ulmer
 Maja Houtman


la Galerie Violaine Ulmer
33, rue Bouquière
31000 Toulouse
téléphone :
e-mail :
facebook :


EXPO ‘The RING’ – TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) – 12-27 Mai 2012

THE RING - jewellery exhibition

TESTA gallery’s exhibition will present rings by 16 jewelers, each of whom will show three to six pieces.

The Ring - Sofia (BG)

Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova — Antoaneta Petrova — Atanas Konstantinov — Bogdana Topreva — Vanya Dimitrova — Viktor Pavlov — Dimitar DeltchevDora HaralambakiEvgeniya TsankovaEmanuela Deyanova — Kalina Tchankova — Neva BalnikovaNikolay SardamovSabrina Hauser — Teodor Lultchev — Zwetelina Aleksieva

The exhibition wil open on May 12th, Saturday, at TESTA gallery, 8 Shishman St, from 12 pm to 6 pm, and will run through May 27th.

Simply an adornment, vanity, or an object to wear with a specific message, the ring has the potential to say a lot of things. Inspired by different aspects of life and the world around us, it can show attitude and require attitude, express position, surprise and stimulate both the mind and the feelings. Used as a symbol of power, social status, or religion, in contemporary times the ring is to a greater extent an expression of one’s own identity. Regardless of whether it is made of silver, gold, platinum and precious stones or alternative materials used in unpredictable ways, the ring is eager to say: “I love you, I am beautiful, I am rich, I hate you, I come from Ireland or Austria, I have enough, I am taken, I am funny, I am scared, I am important, I can’t help you. I am.”

 EXPO 'The RING' - TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) - 12-27 Mai 2012 dans Bogdana TOPREVA (BG) THE-RINGEmanuela Deyanova – ring « shaving » – synthetic hair, paint, felt, silver

Emanuela DeyanovaEmanuela Deyanova – ring »5 ways to paint in red » – paint, felt, aluminium, silver, synthetic hair

Neva Balnikova

 Neva Balnikova ‘Ugly’ – polymer clay, silver electroforming, amethyst

Sabrina Hauser, ring "Palma"Sabrina Hauser, ring « Bali » – silver, oxidised

Evgeniya Tsankova - "tied" - aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova – « tied » – aluminium, cotton
Evgeniya Tsankova, "Tied"  Materials: aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova, « Tied »  – aluminium, cotton
Vanya Dimitrova – Ring « Colourful captured memories » – Coat powdered copper, textile, rubber
Bogdana ToprevaBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Bogdana Topreva - "nature" - silver, mossBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Dimitar DeltchevDimitar Deltchev - aluminium, balloon
Teodor LultchevTeodor Lultchev – « Communication » - sterling silver, steel
Dora HaralambakiDora Haralambaki - « my country my sea » – glazed porcelain

  Nikolai Sardamov ringsNikolai Sardamov rings

Victor PavlovVictor Pavlov



TESTA gallery
8 Ulitsa Tsar Shishman
Sofia, Bulgaria 1000
tel 00 359 88 764 8973



EXPO ’200 Bagues/20 Créateurs’ – galerie Goutte de Terre, Paris (FR) – 31 Mai-13 Juin 2012

Pendant 2 semaines, 200 bagues sont présentées à la galerie d’art Goutte de Terre, qui accueille 20 créateurs, venus des 4 coins du monde.
200 Bagues / 20 Créateurs est le rendez-vous semestriel des créateurs et des amoureux de bijoux contemporains. Chaque artiste-invité présente 10 pièces uniques, comme autant d’œuvres sculptées, désormais à portée de main.

Pour cette 6ème édition, Goutte de Terre accueille AgJcAline Kokinopoulos — Cédrik de Curty — Eskimeit — Gemagenta — Karine Niemand Lunaticart — Manon Marbouty — Marine Dargone — Minicyn — Nicole Bailly Basin — Noot — Olfie — Pÿr — Rozenn L Sara Bran – Sipora Aguia — Valentine Musci — Xac — Jia Style — ainsi que 2 créateurs permanents, Lila Ruby King et Masaoms.

Des créateurs à découvrir ou redécouvrir autour de 200 pièces
originales, témoignages d’une diversité gage de singularité pour celles et ceux qui les portent.
Anneaux minimalistes ou bijoux massifs, métaux précieux ou
porcelaine, charbon de bois ou textile, créations «chic» ou «fun», chacun utilise en effet ses techniques et matériaux privilégiés, et cultive ainsi son propre univers.
Présentée dans un cadre convivial et intimiste, l’exposition 200 Bagues / 20 Créateurs est également l’occasion de porter un autre regard sur la création de bijoux, par la rencontre et l’échange avec les créateurs invités.
200 Bagues / 20 Créateurs… un concept d’exposition unique et des créations sur mesure, à voir, à essayer et à adopter.
Et voici la liste des créateurs et des concerts a la galerie Goutte de Terre pendant les deux semaines d’exposition…

Aline Kokinopoulos ringAline Kokinopoulos
Sipora AguiaSipora Aguia
by AG-JoyasAG.Joyas (AgJc)
by Jia Style Jia Style
Minicyn studded knuckle dusterMinicyn (Cynthia aka Loek Sia) studded knuckle duster (shop on Etsy)
by LunaticartLunaticart (Berenice Schaltegger) (shop on Etsy)

EXPO '200 Bagues/20 Créateurs' - galerie Goutte de Terre, Paris (FR) - 31 Mai-13 Juin 2012 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) sumidaiya-wahira02sumidaiya-wahira03 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Eskimeit (design : Lorène HAYAT & Hirohiko KAMIYA)SUPERBES bijoux en BINCHOTAN (charbon de bois japonais)
Bagues WA HIRA – piéce de charbon plate
46 rue Godefroy Cavaignac,
75011 Paris, France


Stackable rings ENVY !!

GROSSE envie de « stackable rings », ces petites bagues toutes fines qu’on empile/accumule à un doigt …. serait-ce l’approche de noël et une envie frénétique de cadeau ????

(bon, question approche de noël, soit c’est loin derrière, soit c’est loin devant !!! la faute à la mise à jour du site qui a créé un GROOOS problème de connection …. blog « en sommeil » depuis noël …. avec toute mes excuses !!!! donc vous assistez ici à une RENAISSANCE PRINTANIERE !! )


ça avait démarré avec Colleen Baran :

Colleen Baran -Detail of Cloud Ring #7 (2005), Set of 12 rings – Silver and Peach Moonstone, Hand-fabricated

Colleen Baran - Floating Saucer Ring Set of 7

Colleen Baran – Floating Saucer Series Rings (2002-Present) one, two, and three finger rings

puis Liisa Hashimoto a « suivi »

Liisa Hashimoto — mebae rings







Liisa Hashimoto- the « 5 sets silver rings » (available on

puis puis puis ….. de « stackables » découvertes en « stackables » découvertes…………. ;-)

bagues de l’Atelier Myrthe (Myrthe Cools, NL)

Stackable rings ENVY !! dans Be CHRISTENSEN (DK)Ros Millar - Black & Rose Growth Collection – Cuttlebone cast oxidised silver and rose gold rings with champagne diamonds

Ros MillarDouble Stud Stacking Ring -Black Oxidised Silver and Rose Gold Plated Stacking Rings

image17 dans Catherine MARCHE (FR)

Ros MillarFeather Growth Ring and Fine Bands  -Oxidised silver and Rose gold cuttlebone cast rings

Ros Millar grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland and graduated from Sheffield, with a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery in 2009.

Ros Millar’s work comprises a range of organically inspired gold and silver jewellery focusing mainly on rings and neckpieces. In her exploration of materials and colours she uses processes such as cuttlebone casting and photo-etching. Her collection is to be enjoyed on and off the body allowing the wearer to grow and develop an appreciation of the true beauty and subtle complexities inherent within her work.

Ros Millar first exploited her passion for Jewellery while studying for a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Ulster University in Belfast. Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in June 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Metalwork and Jewellery her excellence in design has been awarded, and her work has attracted interest from around the industry. She is now based in London. Hertzeisen-  Lametta/2009/ Argent 925, plaquage or

Be Christensen (DK) – blackened silver

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelry - Ringe S003 silber schwarz gold

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelryRing F003 silber schwarz gold

 cocii_Oktober_2011_161 dans Claudia LASSNER (DE)

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelryRing PP001 silber gold schwarz

Genevieve Packer – stackable « Utopia » and knuckle duster « Dystopia » rings – « the grass was greener » collection

London-based Indonesian artist Michelle OH « mutant rings » (et photo suivante)   A series of mutated silver ring forms derived from a study of genetic mutations. In 2010 a limited edition of 30 in brass and silver were made available for sale in pop-up boutiques in London and Berlin

8 dans Colleen BARAN (CA)

Twig Solitaire Ring (Peridot) by Michelle OH (great stacking rings from her on… !!!)

Ramjuly Wrapped roots 3 rings

DSC_avd1817 dans COUP DE COEURDSC_1821 dans Genevieve PACKER (NZ)DSC_1040 dans Isabelle HERTZEISEN (CH)

Ramjuly wrapped roots rings

Ramjuly roots collection

Ramjuly aka Bulgarian jewellers Antoaneta Petrova Ramdjulska and Emanuela Deyanova Ramjuly (now based in Amsterdam). The duo, who create gorgeous botanical jewellery, describe themselves as « self-esteem architects. »

0111 dans Jennifer deKOEYER (US)

Jennifer DeKoeyer (from the Carrotbox)(available on Indeeyo)

Yasuko Azuma- stacked rings

Catherine Marché - « a Parisienne British » :-) – 18 carat yellow gold ring with diamond stacking rings I would stack all her tiny-rough-delicate rings with a big pleasure ! :-) ) to shop at…

Joanna Gollberg « pronged rings »



EXPO-VENTE ’200 bagues 20créateurs’ – Galerie Goutte de Terre, Paris (FR) – 8-23 Dec. 2011

200 bagues/20créateurs 5ème édition…à partir du 8 déc..

Une large sélection de bagues vous attend de 8 au 23 décembre pour cette 5ème édition de l’exposition « 200 bagues/20 créateurs » à la galerie Goutte de terre.

A curated selection of designer’s rings will be exposed at Goutte de terre Gallery from the 8th to 23rd December. We have the honor to invite you to the opening of « 200 rings/ 20 designers » 5th edition.

VERNISSAGE  Jeudi 8 décembre  18:00h avec les créateurs
Entrée libre


Rendez-vous sur la page facebook de l’événement pour découvrir les créateurs participants:

A découvrir ou redécouvrir:
Claire Marsifi — Mathilde Quinchez — Agnes de Verneuil — Martina Hejmalova — Minicyn — Jia Style — Rozenn L. Iris biu — Objects Obscurs — Mona création — Criska — Little Woman Paris — Sipora Aguia — Olfie — Ag. joyas — Masaoms — Cedric de Curty — Bijoute-moi — Bagagogo — Lunaticart — Lila Ruby King — Pÿr.

Jia Style

Sipora Aguia





Galerie Goutte de Terre


Decouverte : Wenhui LI – candy look rings

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Wenhui LI

Originally a fine arts student, Wenhui Li studied for three years at the Affiliated Art school of the Guangzhou Institute of Fine Arts in China and then went on to do a further degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College Art & Design graduating this summer. Her professional interest in Chinese traditional line drawing has influenced her and led to the development of her jewellery style. She is deeply attracted by curved lines and forms such as the musical instrument the lute, the architecture designed by Zaha Hadid, and all kinds of organic forms. Li believes that “Curves signify liveliness and activity. They are full of rhythm and diversity and also give people a sense of pleasure.” (Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery)
Wenhui-Li – Yellow ring in Fimo, thread, resin and acrylic. 
Wenhui-Li  Mixed Media Rings  – made from salt crystals grown on a ring

Wenhui LI describes her process :

« The way I create jewellery for this project is just like a child playing with toys. The process is full of wonder, discovery, combining and unexpectation. I don’t make pieces based on design; I make them based on passion and curiosity. I try to invent processes I cannot control (such as making salts grow on rings), I try to make things happen, I´m spontaneous and attentive, and I follow my instinct most of the time. This process of not knowing and not wanting, just playing, remaining free, being without intention, casual…and suddenly getting excited…and then recognising the point when one has to take control again, is a balancing act. I like accidents to occur during the creation process; sometimes they lead to a happy end result, and sometimes not. However, regardless of what happens, the results always bring inspiration for my creations. I enjoy such uncontrollability, as it is the key element that makes my pieces individual and unique. During the process of creating them, I focus particularly on the texture, colour and details. I want people to also wonder about the materials, feel the texture, pay attention to detail, and most importantly, feel my passion. » (august 2011) (on Sub-Studio design blog)*vskhfAipDru4uNuK5ooajjOLAzN1TvVs00hmJCk2Nxt2cDwZHL0tSjKLD6FIn/print8.jpg?width=424&height=600*Y0d1q7xTbh4HmCDQBjkfxVLqEJlqX1j2xH98UZx1Mcp*InpoZJovA8CkAaCKccOhO3nzB1C8SQH7N/Image_13.jpg?width=424&height=600


EXPO ’111 ANELLI ‘Foreverrings & Ringchen’ ‘ – Marijke Studio, Padova (Italy) – 11-Nov.-24 Dec. 2011

111 ANELLI ‘ Foreverrings & Ringchen ‘… e NUVOLE ROSSE
Artists: Bettina Dittlmann, Michael Jank

EXPO '111 ANELLI 'Foreverrings & Ringchen' ' - Marijke Studio, Padova (Italy) - 11-Nov.-24 Dec. 2011 dans Bettina DITTLMANN (DE) Invito%20Nuvole%20Rosse

111 FOREVERRINGS, forged in finegold, fine silver, copper, mild steel in cooperation by Dittlmann & Jank alternated with ‘RINGCHEN’ (wire rings, iron enamel and garnet by Bettina Dittlmann.

- NUVOLE ROSSE screenprinted on T-shirts by Michael Jank
- Pendants in iron and enamel and brooches in acrylic glass by Bettina Dittelmann

For this occasion – peculiar, unique opening’s date – 11.11…11 – a special piece of jewellery will be designed by the artists

German jewellery artist Bettina Dittlmann is known for her richly detailed jewellery often comprising rhythmic structures made up of iron or silver. In many of the pieces, the metals are covered in coloured enamel or serve as a setting for stones. As a rule, the structures are powerful and tightly compact – yet sometimes the jewellery consists of nothing but a thin, black wire forming a fragile figure. In these cases, it is as though the artist were drawing a pure and delicate line in the air in a defiant attempt to negate the metal’s inherent heaviness.


The Fürimmerringe (‘Foreverrings’)
Bettina Dittlmann has fashioned jointly with her partner and artist colleague Michael Jank are a quite different proposition. The surfaces of the rings have a patina of muted colours, as if they had been lying in the earth. The metal is chunky, the forms roughly hewn; the surfaces bear signs of hammer blows. During the creation process the workpieces move back and forth between the two artists. The swapping of the half-finished rings could be seen as a gesture of giving. When a ring is finished, it is impossible to say who was responsible for creating which detail, which hand made which imprint with the hammer, and which artist made which decision.

The exchange of workpieces between the two artists can also be seen as a metaphor for the social function of the ring; it is an object that is given and received. Furthermore, the ring is a sign of belonging and affection. These rings look as if they are capable of surviving a fair number of difficulties and crises. With their physical weight alone they are an eloquent expression for the seriousness of the commitment we often make in our close relationships – they are forever. Are we willing to wear these rings and to enter into this kind of undertakings?
Forever Rings by Dittlmann & Jank. Copper, silver, iron.
Bettina Dittlmann & Michael Jank‘s ‘Foreverrings’ (2008) in steel (left) and silver (right)



Marijke Studio
Via A.Gabelli , 7
35121 – Padova
Telephone: + 39 049 663615
Telephone: + 39 3483136216



une petite sélection, seulement, en butinant deci delà …..

RINGS & NATURE dans Alidra ALIC (DK) 01_3772
Ramjuly‘  (Emanuela Deyanova & Antoaneta Petrova) – rings
Nora Rochel - rings  (je me damnerais pour une de ses bagues !!!!)
Karin Wagner - felt « poppy » ring
Suzanne Klemm*TBtBS8Ta1l07sTXsdveMJhOot4arrFjL90Gc9nPvSZyFfH4m/blacklotusringsilvercopperpearlsside.jpg?width=737&height=553
Michelle Pujol - blackened lotus ring – silver copper pearls side
Michelle Pujol - bell flower ring
Andrea Wagner – « moonlight roof garden rendezvous » – « jardin interieur » serie 2006- mixed media, bone china porcelain
Ute Kolar (Austrian living in Italy) – anello bosco 2009
Ute Kolar- anello fiore 2007
Patricia LEMAIRE - La-Passion-II – objet de curiosité – bague à poser – maillechort, argent, pince de crabe, pics d’oursin, nacre, quartz rose
Rossella Tornquist

David Neale

 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)
Sarah HOOD – Winter Tree Ring – Landscape Sample Rings


Kay Eppi Nölke  - Grass rings -  grass, iron, stainless steel, silver, gold


Kay-Eppi-Noelke_Drueckdich-Ringe dans Andrea WAGNER (NL)
Kay Eppi Nölke - Rings from the “DrückDich“ series. Stainless steel, gold  (
Sabrina Meyns

n781218305_1224202_9882 dans Anluz/Anne Luz CASTELLANOS (AR)
Aline Kokinopoulos – bague liseron – argent
Dongchun Lee (has exhibited at « 200 RINGS » exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)
Katalin Jermakov - Hungary
Jennifer LAIDLAW ring – ‘Finger symbols’ expo 2010
Alidra Alic
Moira K. Lime

Hydrangea Petal Ring, Brass Peresrved Nature Jewelry
Allison Fomich (US) of tigerlillyshop (on Etsy)
Katherine Wheeler (AU) urchin ring
Marian Sturkenboom (NL) ‘perfect day’ – reap-ring-berry ring – gold, resin

Grainne Morton
Grainne Morton
Claude Schmitz – ‘le jardin de la Comtesse de Taiwan’ ring
Liisa Hashimoto
Zhao Li  (Sint-Lucas in Antwerp)
Jennifer Stenhouse – Caged bird ring

 dans Anne PERBET (FR)
Kathleen Brughelli (US) – A Bird on the Hand Ring

5435251_Lo3uQEIN_c dans Claude SCHMITZ (LX)
« talitali » (Belgium’s Zhao Li)« Finding Neverland » rings in silver, textiles and medical-grade plastic by
Anluz Joyas – botanical rings – Argentina’s Anluz (Anne Luz Castellanos) mainly works with silver & enamel. 

ring by Carol Kingsbury Gwizdak

Eva Maisch  porcelain ring 750 yellow gold and KPM porcelain

1566269_EYUmNqVI_c dans Cynthia TOOPS (US)
Luzia Vogt- Porcelain and silver rings

GUALTI (italy)

Cynthia Toops -polymer-ring

Carrie Garrott Delphinium Ring, delphinium blooms, beeswax, sterling silver
Anne Perbetrings made of porcelain, paper and glass
Ana Hagopian – paper rings

 dans David NEALE (AU)
Heng Lee – flowers of the field 

 dans Dongchun LEE (KR)
Moira K. Lime- Flammulina Ring -sterling silver, hand dyed soy silk and polyurethane plastic
Tithi Kutchamuch loves flowers, but she would rather see them growing in the garden, so her vases are for wearable flowers, or rings, instead – Vase Garden is a set of simple, clear glass vases that were created to hold silver flower rings also of Kutchamuch’s design.
Tithi Kutchamuch- As she puts it, « The flowers complete the vases, in the same way the ring completes the wearer