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COUP de COEUR ! Eily O’ Connell (Irlande) – organic forms

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Eily O’ Connell … ce n’est pas parce qu’on vient d’Irlande que tout est couleur trèfle ! ;-) faisons un ‘Bloodshot’ tour, comme nous le suggère une de ses broches, entre rocailles et baies des bois …

« Ireland’s Eily O’Connell, a 2008 graduate of the National College of Art and Design, crafts brooches and rings using cast silver, semi precious stones, wisdom teeth, found objects, cut glass and enamel. The jewelry has a rough, organic look – almost like it has been excavated from a dark, cave-like space and as the artist describes, they are “not quite as they appear.« 

Eily O’ Connell - ‘opium’ ring – Ring, Cast silver, oxidised with cold enamel.

COUP de COEUR ! Eily O’ Connell (Irlande) - organic forms  dans COUP DE COEUR
Piece ‘Lypsum Teller’ Oxidized brass, glass from Sculpture in Context series 2009

(moi, quand on me dit « piece », ça me trouble …. piece … mais encore ? une broche ? un pendentif ? un bijou ?????? )

14904 dans Eily O'CONNELL (IRL)14905 dans Irlande (IRL)
Brooch ‘Forbidden fruit‘ – Cast, oxidised silver with cold enamel -2008
Ring ‘Hilde n seek’ – Cast, oxidised silver with cold enamel – 2008
Brooch ‘Bloodshot‘ 2008 – Silver, cast and oxidised with cold resin
Ring ‘Jailhouse Rock’ 2008 Cast Silver with cold enamel and glass

et, quand même, d’une part parce qu’il ne faut pas être sectaire en couleur, mais surtout parce que c’est le bijou qui m’a fait la découvrir, et mon coup de coeur majeur/premier !
Eily O’ Connell – Ring ‘Blue eyed’ Silver, cast with aquamarine and glass 2008

« As with many I have recently become very familiar with environmental issues affecting global societies. Human intervention is complicit in this process. I have specifically referenced genetic modification, regarding it as one of the most insidious methods employed to disrupt nature’s order.
Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characteristics I have created assemblages, mainly brooches which appear as replications of these organic forms yet are not quite as they appear.
The process of casting has enabled me to cultivate new species or hybrid types by means of clever amalgamation. Selections of indigenous woods have been modified to incorporate insect claws, which often grasp a piece of coloured stone or glass.
Counterfeit and deceptive, any recognition is but mistaken identity.
«  (Eily O’ Connell)

 by Eily O Connell
Brooch  ‘purple haze’ Silver, cast and oxidised with amethyst

« My thesis was about climate change and how art can illuminate ecological ruin. Due to my constant thinking and writing on this subject, my work evolved into highlighting genetic modification. It was a natural progression as I was marrying different species of plants and creatures to cast and it was a subject I was interested in emphasizing. The fact that it is a threat to our agriculture, our biodiversity and a possible risk to our health was important for me to voice. Henceforth, the thematic body of my work reflects on this matter.
I started collecting and exploring the organic qualities in the natural matter I foraged from my environment, wherein, I observed the decorative qualities of each subject and combined them to form new ‘Hybrids’. The found materials dictate these forms and through juxtaposition, I artfully connect disparate elements. However natural the assemblages look, things are not quite what they seem and I enjoy reactions when I tell people what some have been cast from (like my crab claws) or what is set in some pieces (like teeth). To me, all the interesting materials I collect are the real diamonds of the land and it is time that people realized how precious and magnificent nature is and that messing with it will never be a battle won by us. » (Eily O’ Connell)


Upcoming exhibition at Wicklow Courthouse 30 mai-25 juin


25833_111602122183316_111600535516808_284723_5303732_n dans www Klimt02
(un petit coup de « vert Irlandais » quand même ! ;-) )



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