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#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO ‘The Room of Desires’ – Raumwerk, Munich (DE) – 6 Mars-1er Avril 2017

« The Room of Desires »

A joyful interplay of artworks, crafts and design products from Korea and Germany

March 6 to April 1, 2017
Guided Tour with Curator & Artists: March 8, 2017 at 3 p.m.:

Opening: March 6, 2017 at 4 p.m

The room of desires - schmuck 2017(Wings ring by the Korean Jewelry Artist, YOON Dukno)

with Jina Seo‎ (EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1)

Jina Seo‎  -   Schmuck2017

 While the Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, emerged in the courts of Europe from the 16th century onward, Korea was witnessing the growing popularity of virtual bookshelves in its royal courts, and later among its bourgeoisie. This genre of Korean painting is called Chaekgado, a sort of painted Wunderkammer showing from various perspectives the books and belongings of a scholar.
Although the traditions of the Wunderkammer vary in form and function between Korea and Europe, they have significant aspects in common. In each culture the cabinet of curiosities is an intimate space filled with people’s desires and longings for a foreign world. Both reflect the yearning for precious things and a curiosity for nature as something exotic.
In allusion to the Korean Chaekgado as well as the European Wunderkammer, Keum Art Projects presents the exhibition ‘The Room of Desires’ at the newly opened raumwerk in Munich-Westend. ‘The Room of Desires’ presents paintings, installations and design objects from Korea side by side with those from Germany, creating a cabinet of wishes, longings and desires. The exhibition features supposedly mundane objects such as candle holders, ceramic vessels and writing utensils, along with playful and contemplative installations by visual artists and designers.
The idea of the cosmos, which the Wunderkammer and Chaekgado attempted to capture through objects and books, is being trivialised by the digital revolution in our current age of the internet. In a world where books are collected by Google and desires are fulfilled on the internet, ‘The Room of Desires’ investigates the predilections and yearnings of our time, and tries to rediscover human desire and longings in objects.

Artist, Designer and Artisan :   Andreas Berlin — Maria Volokhova/Johanna Spath — Helena Parada Kim — KIM Deok Ho — KIM Hye Jeong + Atsunobu KATAGIRI – KIM Hyun Sung — KIM Seo Yoon — KIM Soo Yeon — LEE In Hwa — LEE Jeong Won — PARK Neung Saeng — SEO Jina — Studio Ilio — Studio Yang Seung Bin — Studio Kyss — Kondo Yukako — YOON Duk No



Raumwerk – Concept Store & Gallery
Schwanthaler Str. 125 + 142
80339 Munich-Westend







#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (66) – AAD Schmuckstücke Gioielli – Galerie Carl Weishaupt P13, Munich 9-24 Mars 2017

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(66) Adria Alpen Donau/aad Schmuckstücke Gioielli  2017

Adria-Alps-Danube Schmuckstücke Gioielli Jewellery 2017 – 09.03-24.03


 „Adria Alpen Donau Schmuckstücke Gioielli 2017“:

Fifty goldsmiths currently living and working in the European region between the Adriatic Sea and the River Danube (AAD) will come together to exhibit their latest hand-crafted jewellery designs.The individual aesthetic of the designs combined with the artistic implementation of each goldsmith’s craftsmanship will initiate an intercultural dialog about contemporary jewellery design. Visitors are invited to join the extremely active and thrilling scene of these European goldsmiths, where ideas, feelings, dreams are realized into breath-taking and impressive jewellery.

AAD Catalog 2017

(66) Alpen Adria Donau Schmuckstücke Gioielli aad 2017 - Susanne Elster ringsAlpen Adria Donau Schmuckstücke Gioielli aad 2017 – Susanne Elster rings


From Germany:  Coralie Arntz — Alexandra Bahlmann — M. Becker — M. Beer — Susanne Elstner — Bernhard Grassl — E. Jocher — Stephan Kaddick — Leinfelder — Kerstin Lind — Michael Mann — Christian Mühlbauer — Nicolodi — H. Niggl — Sebastian Baron v.d. Recke — Imogen Rizkova — G. Schmelmer — Juliane Schölss — Michael Seubert — Gisbert Stach — Christoph Straube — Satoko Takeichi-Däntl — R. Wilhelm — Ulla Zierer

From Austria:  Petr Dvorak — Elisabeth Habig — Angelina Kafka– Gerti Machacek — Aija Neuner –  Seitner — Florian Wagner

from Italy:  Gian Luca Bartellone — Giorgio Cecchetto — G.Chiarcos — Marcus Frühauf — Doris Gabrielli — Konrad Laimer — Stefania Lucchetta — Martin Messavilla –  Barbara Paganin – Federica Pallaver — Jurgen Pollo — P.Reveane — Alessia Semeraro — Giovanni Sicuro — Silvia Valenti — Janos Gabor Varga — Michele Zanin — Stefano Zanin

SCHMUCK 2017 - Barbara Paganin -  - at AAD exhibition - Open Memory n°22 brooch: Barbara Paganin Open Memory n°22 brooch

SCHMUCK 2017 - Barbara Paganin -   at AAD exhibition - Open Memory n°26 brooch: Barbara Paganin  Open Memory n°26 brooch « biology lesson »

SCHMUCK 2017 - Barbara Paganin - at AAD exhibition   - Open Memory n°19 brooch: Barbara Paganin -  Open Memory n°19 brooch

« in the brooches « Memoria Aperta«  ………..  the artist effectively tests the value of the memories that bind everything and everyone. In this collection, ceramic animals, porcelain dolls, sculpted ivory shapes, woods, glass, miniatures of old photos—unearthed, inherited, and collected relics—are mixed in with incredible reproductions in lost wax of shoes, dresses, tiny tools of daily use, mini-bestiary, and gems. Paganin weaves her thick net of information on a sort of genetic algorithm in which everyone can find their reflection. Each brooch, every necklace starts a story. It’s up to us to choose the plots. »  (By Silvia Valenti on  AJF)





Galerie Carl Weishaupt P13
Promenadeplatz 13
Munich – DE
Tue-Sat 11:00–18:00




LEGNICA Jewellery Festival SILVER 2015 – 28 Avril–7 Juin 2015

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 The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2015

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER: 28th April – 7th June 2015
Culmination – openings of the exhibitions: 15th – 16th May 2015
Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER is the biggest and the most significant in Poland jewellery event, organized from over 30 years by the Gallery of Art in Legnica. Every year in its framework is presented over a dozen individual and group exhibitions of Polish and foreign artists and a number of accompanying events, like: theoretical seminar, authors lectures, jewellery and fashion shows, jewellery competitions and workshops, concerts and a variety of artistic actions and happenings taking place outside in the city space.
The competition and – being its result – exhibition is the main event of the Festival.  Artists` task is to submit works on a given topic – a different one every year – characterised by an original creative idea and representing a high artistic and technical level. Preferred are concept, value and meaning of creative expression. Submitted works are qualified to the exhibition and awarded by the international jury.
results during opening ceremony  on 16th May 2015
BOUNDARIES - legnica 2015
Inaugurated in 2001 a cycle of exhibition presents the leading European art academies and high schools specialising in contemporary jewellery and design. Over 40 schools from Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, Estonia and Poland have been presented so far. In 2015 the exhibition will be showcasing works of professors, graduates and students from
Germany (Hochschule Wismar, Faculty of Design) and Lithuania (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty of Arts).

Schools Lithuania - bild litwa Kornelija GerikaiteSchools Lithuania – bild litwa Kornelija Gerikaite


Recurring presentation of well-known Polish and foreign jewellery artists.

* Special guest: Ruudt Peters: DUSZA - distinguished Dutch artist, driving force, organizer and lecturer, i.a.: co-founder of the Ekster Gallery in Leeuwarden, professor of many academies in Europe and USA, juror of many prestigious jewellery competitions, author of tens solo exhibitions around the world.

Ruudt petersRuudt Peters

* Eunmi Chun: JEWELLERY – Korean artist, graduate of the Sookmyung University and Kookmin University in Seoul, as well as the Jewellery Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Laureate of the prestigious Herbert Hoffmann Award in Munich (2008).

Eunmi ChunEunmi Chun

* Elisabetta Dupré: JEWELLERY - Italian artist, graduate of the Jewellery School « Interno 7″ in Roma and the « Atelier Aura » in Munich. Laureate of the Gallery of Art in Legnica Award in 23rd Legnica International Jewellery Competition CLASSIC.


* Andi Gut: ON AND ON AND ONexhibition of well-known Swiss artist, currently professor at the Pforzheim University, who invited to collaboration and presentation his professor Rüdiger Lorenzen and his students: Frieda Dörfer, Katrin Feulner (Germany). The exhibition presents three generations of artists.

Andi GutAndi Gut

* Anna Król: JEWELLERY - graduate of the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, jewellery designer at Deco Echo company. Participant of exhibitions in Poland and abroad, recently at the JOYA BARCELONA Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2014, where she was three times awarded.


* Mia Kwon: VIVID! - Korean artist, graduate of the Kookmin University in Seoul and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, studied also at the Burg Giebichenstein University in Halle (ceramic design). Participant of numerous exhibitions all around the world. Laureate of the Gallery of Art in Legnica Award at JOYA BARCELONA Contemporary Jewellery Fair (2014).

Mia KwonMia Kwon


Recurring presentation of the most promising Polish young artists, taking their first steps in the world of design and goldsmithing.
*Antonina Maria Łęcicka: Underwater city – student of the Faculty of Textile and Fashion Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, laureate of the Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica at Strzemiński Competition.

Maria ŁęcickaMaria Łęcicka

* Karolina Szymanowska: Soul paradise - graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture and assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, participant of art exhibitions.

Karolina Szymanowska Karolina Szymanowska


The exhibition is a symbolic summary of events and trends in the Polish goldsmithing in the last 25 years. Presents works of the 25 most accomplished Polish creators of artistic jewellery, who have contributed the most to the development of this art during that period.
Participants of the exhibition: Andrzej Bielak — Paulina Binek — Andrzej Boss — Agnieszka Bruzda — Jacek Byczewski — Bogumił Bytomski — Piotr Cieciura — Sławomir Fijałkowski — Marcin Gronkowski –  Joanna i Tadeusz Jaworscy — Paweł Kaczyński — Zofia i Witold Kozubscy — Cezary Łutowicz — Lucyna i Marek Nieniewscy — Jacek Ostrowski — Kamilla Rohn — Magdalena i Tomasz Stajszczak — Jan Suchodolski — Andrzej Szadkowski — Marcin Tymiński — Jarosław Westermark — Arkadiusz Wolski — Alicja i Jakub Wyganowscy — Marcin Zaremski — Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy. 


The exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of activity of the Polish Goldsmithing Artists Association (STFZ). The exhibition presents both recent as well as older works from the exhibitions organised by the STFZ over the years.


Collective exhibition of the Polish art groups working in the field of jewellery in the period 1945-2015. There will be presented: UFO, Muzeum, RE, G7, Au +, Dziewiątka, Punkt G, LIS2, 4 Women.

Polish groups - UFO - J. A. RochackiPolish groups – UFO - J. A. Rochacki


Exhibition presenting works of the Argentinian jewellers: Ana Weisz, Cecilia Hecker, Eva Burton, Elisa Gulminelli, Gabriela Cohn, Gastón Rois, Iacov Azubel, Jorge Castañón, Lucía Mishquila Brichta, María Carelli, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Patricia Rodriguez, Sabina Tiemroth, Rodrigo Acosta Arias.

Maria Carelli Maria Carelli


International project organized by Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence. Its aim is to present and popularise achievements of the young generation of goldsmiths  and designers. Laureates of PY 2015 are: Deok Sang Han, Jie Sun, Soyeon Lee, Tithi Kutchamuch, Daniela Hedman.


International jewellery exhibition, curated by Heidemarie Herb, a German artist living in Italy. Exhibition showcases different approaches to amber in works by the well-known European artists, including ones who have been working in amber for many years and the ones who used this material for the first time for the purpose of this exhibition. The participating artists are: Elisabeth Defner, Christiane Förster, Heidemarie Herb, Herman Hermsen, Beate Klockmann, Helfried Kodré, Philip Sajet, Peter Skubic, Gisbert Stach, Petra Zimmermann.

Amber Chamber Exhibition  /  28 Apr -  7 Jun 2015


The exhibition curated by Piotr Rybaczek from La Basílica Galería in Barcelona. Presenting works by 25 Polish artists inspired by the Anna Bikont`s book under the same title.

Basilica Gal.


Exhibition concentrates on examples of avant-garde use of Baltic amber created by 24 well-known jewellery designers from 12 European countries, invited by curators: Wim Vandekerckhove, owner of the Villa De Bondt in Ghent and Sławomir Fijałkowski, a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.


International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber, organized by the International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones Amberif in Gdańsk, aiming to promote the creative thought and innovation solutions in the field of amber jewellery design.
(The winners of the 19th edition of the Amberif Design Award (2015) are already known: Marta Rżanek, Adriana Lisowska and Andrzej Cofta. This year the competition subject was « Mimesis » and the Jury assessed 135 works submitted by 112 artists from 18 countries.)
Amberif MAIN PRIZE 2015 Marta Rżanek Amberif MAIN PRIZE 2015 Marta Rżanek
Exhibition of a few hundred of works all over the world submitted to the 24th Legnica International Jewellery Competition BOUNDARIES, but not selected for the main exhibition. Its name is taken from the place, where it is held – a foyer (Polish « hol ») of the Old City Hall.
Exhibition of works of Polish artist graduate of the Wł. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, currently an associate professor at the Goldsmithing Forms Atelier led by Prof. Andrzej Boss in her alma mater. Laureate of awards and participant of more than 70 exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
Exhibition of artist, graduate of the Interdepartmental Environmental Doctoral Studies at the Department of Interior Architecture and Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Participant of group exhibitions and laureate of awards and mentions (Legnica, Gdańsk, Florence). 
Group exhibition of the conceptual works by young Polish artists (Marcin Bogusław, Bartosz Chmielewski, Filip Jackowski and Michał Wysocki), graduates of the Wł. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź. 
Recurring science session, for 15 years accompanied the Festival, commenting the current status of art, contemporary jewellery and design. It`s an opportunity to reflect on the latest trends, methods and phenomenon in contemporary art in general, especially in the context of the competition topic (in 2015 – BOUNDARIES). The session involved artists and designers, historians and art critics, philosophers, culture experts, cultural anthropologists, sociologists and the wide audience.
Exhibition presenting works qualified in national, photographic competition on the topic BOUNDARIES – a leitmotif of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER.
Festival will be accompanied by the workshops, art actions and happenings promoting the event. Participating these actions will be creating in the public space works referring to the Legnica Festival in their subject or form. The outcomes will visualize the Festival’s motto: « In Legnica we breathe with silver. »
Traditionally the concert closes the first day of the culmination of the Festival.  This year Cracow Jazz Trio: Tolek Lisiecki, Wojciech Groborz and Jacek Mazur will perform.
Throughout the Festival, a cinema is open showing documentaries about personalities from the art and design field and the video films created by both professionals and amateurs especially for the festival’s use and inspired by its title –  will run the cycle of screening of artistic and documentaries movies dedicated to personalities of the design art, created by professionals and amateurs and inspired by the topic: BOUNDARIES.


Melting Point 2014 VALENCIA (Spain) – 8-11 Mai 2014

Melting Point Valencia 2014

The Jewellery Department of the School of Art and Design College of Valencia (EASD) will organise the second edition of the so-called “Melting Point Valencia. Joieria Contemporània 2014” next May. In 2012 we celebrated, due to the first Melting Point, the tenth anniversary of the implementation of the Jewellery Department and jewellery studies in our centre. The experience was fruitful in terms of the participation of institutions and jewellers, the quality of the papers presented and the exchange of experiences and contacts made during those days. Thus, we really want to take advantage of the opportunity to repeat this experience.
The aim of this meeting is still the same than before: “…for one week the EASD Valencia and the whole city become the meeting point for artists, designers, experts, collectors, scholars and broad audiences interested in jewellery in southern Europe”. However, we would like to include a further ambitious goal: that is, to consolidate and strengthen our position in the national and international scene as a cultural, artistic, academic and professional reference for Spanish contemporary jewellery. We do not claim to be a trade fair, it is not our task. Hence, our goal is to spread the work of our students and the current projection of jewellery regarding language, profession, function or symbolism.
Melting Point 2014
For this 2014 edition we have the honour to offer a wide diversity of exhibitions, conferences and other activities by highly reputed institutions such as the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts González Martí, or the Octubre Centre for Contemporary Culture.
We want to highlight the participation of Peter Bauhuis, Ursula Guttmann, Gisbert and Rose Stach. (Germany), Museum of Turnov (Czech Republic), Villa de Bondt Gallery (Belgium), Natalia Saldías (Chile), Alchimia School (Italy), Maden Studio (Turkey), University of Lincoln (United Kingdom), La Basilica Gallery (Barcelona), Taller Perill (Barcelona) or EAD Tarragona, among others.
Melting Point 2014
We also want to emphasise the relevance that this ancient discipline stands beyond our borders nowadays, on the artistic, educational and professional levels. Concerning this, we would like to ask the appropriate educational authorities for the deserved transition of the jewellery studies to a Degree level, following the same direction that other countries around our cultural and economic environment took years ago. This way, our professionals will no longer be in an inferior position when compared to the students of other European Union countries. In addition, as this demand is feasible due to the fact that human resources and programs already exist, we just need a political action.
Finally, we would like to invite you to visit Melting Point València. Joieria Contemporània 2014, in order to meet us, to learn from all the projects you can find here during these days, and to enjoy the jewellery as well as Valencia city. This is an experience we want to share with you. 
Antonio Sánchez García
EASD València
*Salón de Actos
*Sala de Exposiciones
C/ Pintor Domingo, 20
46001 – Valencia
Tel. 963 156 700 Fax. 963 156 701

Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol,2
46002 Valencia
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h.
tel +34 963 51 63 92


Centre del Carme
Calle Museo, 2,
46003 Valencia
tel +34 963 15 20 24
Martes a domingo de 11.00 a 19.00 h

tel +34 657 64 68 61
MAP - with MUVIM, Museo Ceramica - train station & Mercado ! :-)MAP – with MUVIM, Museo Ceramica – train station & Mercado ! :-)


DECOUVERTE : Daniela CARDILLO ….. « so exquisite… »

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« ….this is beautiful stuff. It’s shockingly well crafted ….. Secondly, there’s the concept : this is jewellery formed out of electroformed components of dead animals. Skulls, bones, claws – who’d have thought this stuff could be so exquisite? » Says Ails McGee of Daniela Cardillo (store.accordingtomcgee)

 Daniela Cardillo has been shortlisted for this year’s European Prize for Applied Arts – Young Talent, and her work will go on display from 14 July to 9 September in Belgium. She will find out next week if she has won an award.
« Speaking to, Daniella explained that her work isn’t about shock value; instead, it is about creating something beautiful.
“It’s great – I’ve been really busy lately,” said Cardillo of her nomination. She has recently returned from London, where she met with retailers to discuss the possibility of selling her work in stores.
Since graduating last year, she has met with an enterprise board and taken a ‘start your own business’ course, while working on getting funding together to set up her own studio.
She hopes to have her online store up and running next week and is working on creating pieces that are less labour-intensive and more affordable than her previous work. » (

Untimely – Electro-formed and gold plated mice jaw bone, and woven horsehair neckpiece. (detail & sketches)

« I am concerned with finding beauty in and making use of death and discard.I’m intrigued by the components that make up a creature. When an animal dies, these parts loose their sense of function, and can then be studied and appreciated for their true aesthetics.
Taxidermy, hunting trophies and the concept of the animal as a status and power symbol, is also at the root of my work. If bones, skulls, claws, and hair are considered memento-mori, the pieces are not a simple reminder of death, but an alteration of it, vitalizing past life fragments.
Each piece is individually hand crafted, using traditional Victorian hair weaving techniques. The bones are electroformed and then goldplated, encasing individual relics of past lives. » Daniela Cardillo (National College of Art and Design Craft Design (Ceramics, Glass & Metals) BDes (artsthread)

 dans Daniela CARDILLO (IRL)
Untimely – Electro-formed and gold plated mice jaw bone, and woven horsehair neckpiece.
 dans Irlande (IRL)Entwined, Implanted – Electro-formed and gold plated rat tail bone and woven horsehair ring, with freshwater pearl.

 dans organicsGenerations Explored – Woven Horsehair neckpiece, with electro-formed and gold plated rat bones and freshwater pearl closing.

« When was the last time a necklace provoked a debate? » Says Daniela Cardillo , « I am concerned with finding beauty in and making use of death and discard. I’m intrigued by the components that make up a creature. When an animal dies, these parts loose their sense of function, and can then be studied and appreciated for their true aesthetics. Taxidermy, hunting trophies and the concept of the animal as a status and power symbol, is also at the root of my work. If bones, skulls, claws, and hair are considered memento-mori, the pieces are not a simple reminder of death, but an alteration of it, vitalizing past life fragments. Each piece of jewellery is individually hand crafted, using traditional Victorian hair weaving techniques. The bones are electroformed and then goldplated, encasing individual relics of past lives. The collection is entirely made from rodent bones and horsehair, creating beauty and revitalizing death tokens that often hold an unappealing stigma.«

and if you want/need to SHOP ….

B-Wdesk2_905 dans SHOP




VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – SCHMUCK 2012 in Valencia (Spain) but not only… – 4 avril-7 mai 2012

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VALENCIA … melting point 2012

In May, Schmuck 2012 in Valencia (Spain) … but not only ….


This academic year 2011-2012, the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València is celebrating the first ten years of the creation of the Department of Jewellery, independent of tha fact that the study of this discipline with its various subjects and workshops has existed for a much longer time. To mark this anniversary we have organised an ambitious programme of activities, exhibitions and talks on contemporary jewellery giving it the name MELTING POINT 2012. Joieria Contemporània València. For one week the EASD de València and indeed the whole city will be the focal point in the south of Europe for artists, designers, specialists, collectors, academics, and the general public with an interest in the field.
We are extremely grateful to all those persons and institutions wich have believed in this project and have chosen to collaborate with us. It is as well a project closely related to an event, Schmuck 2012, wich can well be called a dream made reality. Schmuck is visiting Spain for the very first time and we have succeeded in making Valencia the city wich will receive what is without a doubt the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary jewellery in Europe, wich can be viewed for two months in the MuVIM.
We believe that this discipline, as yet underestimated and with so much yet to be done in terms of development and consolidation in Spain, will benefit hugely gaining a more fully deserved recognition of the possibilities which jewellery offers as a language of the plastic arts, as well as in the area of study plans.
This celebration is clearly not without its revindication. We are asking that the different educational bodies raise the level of the study of jewellery to a parallel level as that enjoyed in other countries of a similar cultural and economic background as ours. Only thus will our professionals not need to accept inferior conditions within the European market and will we be able to erradicate the evident comparative slur. We have the human resources as well as the programmes. Now we only need the conviction and the political will. We wish to extend this revindication to the other artistic departments of Photography, Applied Arts, and Audiovisual Media. It is incomprehensible that in 2012 these fields still have not received this level of study and preparation.
For all these reasons we wish to invite you to come and acquaint yourselves with the work of so many international jewellers of both sexes who will be meeting in vlc over these days; to discover the techniques and the expressive potential of contemporary jewellery; in short, to enjoy its multiple languages. And above all, we wish to share the experience with you.
VALENCIA ... MELTING POINT - SCHMUCK 2012 in Valencia (Spain) but not only... - 4 avril-7 mai 2012 dans Anne WIEDAU (DE) 1334830224831
* 4 abril/27 mayo : Schmuck 2012
Inauguración: 4 abril, 20.00 h. Reinauguración: 5 mayo, 18 h.
MuVIM - Sala Baixa
calle Quevedo 10 – Valencia
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 20.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
* 3 mayo/30 mayo : 10 Anys de Joieria en l’EASD de València
Amparo de Ramón – Ana TorresAnabell BravoÁngela BermúdezAnia GubanovaAnna Maria StaianoAzahara SantoroBatiste MateuBelén BledaBelén CarrataláCelia GilConcha CarpioCristina AristoyDavid GregoriDavid MárquezDiana GarcíaEduardo TarínElena GinerEliana ArceElisa PerisElvira H. MateuElvira MelladoEsperanza PascualEsther IbáñezEva CabedoIgnacio BeldaJaime VerdésJanire RománJavier RubioJosé Luis CastañJosé MarínLaura MorenoLaura ZamoraLolo DíazLourdes BainesMaite LlopisMaría AlandesMizuho KobayashiMónica ArceNatalia SaldíasNùria BrionesRodrigo AcostaRosa María BorredáSilvia GarcíaSonia DespujolVicent GuarnerVicente LaraYolanda Ibáñez
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 20.00 h.
EASD València - Sala de Exposiciones Velluters
Pintor Domingo 20
Lunes a viernes 09.00 a 21.00 h.
* 30 marzo/15 mayo Set de València:
Comisarios: Xavier MonclùsHeidi Schechinger – -
Ángela Bermudez – Eva CabedoJosé CastanElvira H. MateuEsperanza PascualElisa PerisNeus PlaEdu Tarín
Inauguración: 30 marzo, 19.00 h. Reinauguración: 3 mayo, 17.00 h.
Centre d’Artesania Comunitat Valenciana
Hospital 7.
Lunes a viernes de 10.00 a 14.00 h y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. (31 de marzo y 1 de abril abierto).
* 3 mayo/30 mayo Projecte Sal : Hangzhou-Barcelona
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Coordinadora: Sandra Yelo
Adriana Díaz – Gina ContelMireia CruzLaura PaglieriJuliana MónacoJoana JarqueAlaitz Martínez-MarañónGloria GómezPilar RamónLaura FernándezSalima SaidSara IvorraNora CastañoBárbara RodríguezIsabel AlejoPatricia PortocarreroLaura MartínMeritxell CuevasEdwin PáezAriadna GaitánJordi AparicioSelma LealMaría NinotPatrick ÁlvarezLaura SabatésAnna MasóSònia SerranoOrtrun MeinhardMaria Josep ForcadellSandra Yelo
EASD València - Sala de Exposiciones Velluters
Pintor Domingo 20
Lunes a viernes 09.00 a 21.00 h.


* 3 mayo/3 junio Con-decorados
Comisarios: Xavier Monclùs – Heidi Schechinger
Alexander FriedrichCarlos PastorChristine GrafEdu TarínElvira H. MateuGemma DraperGisbert StachGrego GarcíaJorge ManillaKepa KarmonaKerstin ÖstbergLisa JuenMarie PendarièsMariona PirisMauricio LavayénMirei TakeuchiPeter BauhuisRamon Puig CuyàsRodrigo AcostaSarah O’HanaSylvia WalzSungho ChoTabea ReuleckeVolker Atrops
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.


* 3 mayo/30 mayo Periferia-Escuelas de Joyería del Sur -
*Ar.Co Centro de Arte, Lisboa  (Portugal) Carlos Silva, Typhaine Le Monnier, Laura Rose, Gabriela Coelho, Maria Emilia Martinho, Joana Taurino, Natalia Olarte
*Escola Arsenal, Vilafranca del Penedès Eva Ortín, Alba Olivella, Dolors Serveto, Jordi Ortín
*Escola d’Art de Menorca, Maò
*Escola d’Art del Treball, Barcelona  10 de 10 Dani Fàbregues, Jordi Aparicio,Eva Moreno, Ingrid Ventura, Patrick Álvarez, María Ninot, Rosa Pascual, Sonia Salguero, Ana Parra, Sandra Yelo
*Escola Llotja, Barcelona Carles Molins, Yolanda Montoya, Sandra Torradas, Silvia Mora, Jorgelina Rodriguez, Davinia Torrija, Cindy Cerrón
*Escola Massana, Barcelona  Eva Girbes, Marta Roca, Laura Gualda, Edu López, Yaiza Alemany
*Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza, Bárbara Chanovas, Lucía Pardos, Marta Borjabad, Laura Allué
*ESD Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca Inés Martorell Medina, Francisca Barceló, Mª Magdalena Garcies Amer, Fiona Marí O’Brien, Ana Sánchez Tortosa, Marta Llorens Tascón, Cristina Bennasar, Myriam Sugasaga,  Mercedes Riquelme Piña, Antonia Arredondo
*ESAD Matosinhos, (Portugal) Liliana Guerreiro, Romeu Bettencourt, Sofía Gomes
*EASD Murcia, Ana Belén Rodríguez Egea, Carmen García Quijada, Gabriel Álvarez Pérez, Mario Ximeno, Zaida Argemí, María Teresa Cano Martínez, Cristobal Hernández Barbero, Yolanda Ros Blaya, Jonna Lindborn
*EAS Palencia, Lara Gallegos Calleja, Cristina Andrés Martín, Cruz García Rodríguez, Caridad León Díez, María Elena Larrén García, Carla Fernández Casado, María García Delgado, Esther Ovalle Oliveira, Yolanda Sierra Montoya
*EADT Tarragona Mireia Bonastre i BovéMireia Calaf, Júlia Comtpe Pàmies, Marta Arrufat, Glòria Gimènez, Imma Batalla
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 20.00 h.
EASD València - Sala de Exposiciones Velluters
Pintor Domingo 20
Lunes a viernes 09.00 a 21.00 h.
couvertureok%2521%2521 dans Espagne (ES) * 4 mayo/31 mayo Oh my!
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 18.00 h.
Institut Français
Moro Zeit 6
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h. Sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.

voir article   VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Oh my!’ – Institut Français, Valencia (SP) – 4-31 Mai 2012


flyer+peso dans Exposition/Exhibition

* 3 mayo/3 junio Instint Col.lectiu. Bórax08001 & Viruthiers
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 19.30 h.
Centre de Cultura Contemporània Octubre (CCC Octubre)
Sant Ferran 12
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h. sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.

* 4 mayo/7 mayo Alchimia : Hazardous Experiments
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 21.00 h.
Marqués de Caro 12
3,4,5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 10.00 a 20.00 h.

* 4 mayo/6 mayo Jewellery Laces :
Katharina Dettar, Barbora Dzuráková y Anne Wiedau
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 21.00 h.
Marqués de Caro 12
3,4,5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 10.00 a 20.00 h.

* 4 mayo/6 mayo Mostra d’Efecte : Batiste Mateu, Esperanza Pascual, Eva Cabedo, Janire Román, Laura Moreno, María AlandesSarah Robinson
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 21.00 h.
Marqués de Caro 3
3,4,5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 10.00 a 20.00 h.
voir article  VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Mostra d’Efecte’ – Valencia (ES) – 4-6 Mai 2012

  Silvia Walz
* 3 mayo /3 junio Silvia Walz: Retrospectiva 1990-2012
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.

Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí

Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
*3 mayo/3 junio Hello: Alexandra Bahlmann
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
Alexandra Bahlmann

* 3 mayo/3 junio Cuenta Común: Kepa Karmona-Marie Pendariès
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.



Joyas sensacionales* 3 mayo/3 junio Joyas sensacionales. Taller PerillCoordinadora: Silvia Walz  –

Alicia Giráldez – Begoña PratsCarme RoherElisa PellacaniEva BurtonEva GirbesFátima TocornalLola GratacósLourdes CarmeloMontse BasoraMontserrat LacombaNicole DeusterNuria AngurenRosa NoguésSilvina RioStéphanie Barbié - Xus Anglès
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
-> voir le « catalogo de Joyas sensacionales »
-> voir article  VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Joyas Sensacionales. Taller Perill′ – Museo Nacional de Cerámica, Valencia (Spain) – 3-27 Mai 2012


EXPO ‘Un peu de terre sur la peau’ – Musée des Arts Deco, Paris (FR) – 15 Mars-19 Aout 2012

Un peu de terre sur la peau

Poursuivant une programmation prospective dans le domaine de la céramique contemporaine, après « Petits bouleversements au centre de la Table » en 2008 et « Circuit Céramique » en 2010, les Arts Décoratifs, en partenariat avec la Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud, ont souhaité s’intéresser à l’utilisation que font certains artistes bijoutiers du matériau céramique. L’exposition « Un peu de terre sur la peau » a été conçue à partir d’œuvres très récentes, qui interrogent les codes ancestraux du bijou pour les projeter dans des perspectives nouvelles. Les 18 jeunes créateurs sélectionnés font souffler un vent de transgression sur ce domaine encore très attaché aux traditions. D’origine française, suisse, allemande, finlandaise, hollandaise, suédoise ou taiwanaise, ils proposent en 140 pièces marquantes leur vision iconoclaste du corps et de la parure.

EXPO 'Un peu de terre sur la peau' - Musée des Arts Deco, Paris (FR) - 15 Mars-19 Aout 2012 dans Andi GUT (CH) fa33b4aaeed4e6f7244c355ee9ec0a6c

Unlike traditional jewellery, the traditional craft of the goldsmith, since the 1970s contemporary jewellery has become a field of experimentation at the frontiers of art, design and the artistic crafts. In this exhibition, eighteen French, Swiss, German, Finnish, Swedish and Taiwanese, artists are proposing a new and personal vision in their work. Although some pieces were conceived in reference to the history of jewellery, they can be made with the most diverse materials, using every possible assemblage process, in function of the techniques, symbols and the culture during a given period. This exhibition, conceived by the Fondation Bernardaud, is being shown in the museum’s Contemporary Space.
The exhibition is curated by Monika Brugger.

JPEG - 265.7 koPeter Hoogeboom, collier Spanish Collar, 1995 – Porcelaine, argent -© photo : Henni van Beek

A la différence du bijou classique – conçu comme un art appliqué, selon des techniques d’orfèvre et avec des matériaux généralement précieux – un « nouveau bijou » a émergé depuis les années 1970, caractérisé par son hybridité et conçu comme un lieu d’expérimentation, installé aux frontières de l’art et du design. Ce ne sont plus seulement les questions liées au coût des matériaux et au statut social qui sont posées par ces nouveaux artistes bijoutiers, mais plutôt le positionnement culturel du bijou en tant qu’oeuvre d’art, en relation au corps. Le bijou est redéfini par eux comme une pratique pleinement intégrée aux arts plastiques.
Depuis toujours, le bijou a joué un rôle d’indicateur social, traduisant une appartenance à un groupe et intégrant l’homme dans la société, mais pouvant marquer également une volonté de différenciation, de contestation de l’ordre établi. Parure intime donc « singulière », le bijou parle de notre corps, des liens qu’il tisse avec autrui et avec l’environnement. Les bijoux n’ont pas toujours été fabriqués en or, en argent ou en pierres précieuses. Ils peuvent également être conçus avec des matériaux les plus divers et grâce à tous les assemblages possibles, en fonction des techniques, des symboles et de la culture en vigueur à une époque donnée. Depuis la réalisation de bagues sigillaires en faïence dans l’Égypte ancienne, ou d’ersatz en terre cuite dorée imitant l’or dans la Grèce et la Rome antique, la céramique a été abandonnée et oubliée pendant des siècles dans le domaine du bijou. C’est en 1773, en Angleterre, que son emploi resurgit lorsque Joshiah Wedgwood inventa une pâte de grès fin constituée de différentes strates colorées qui imitait parfaitement le jaspe, pour des bijoux aux motifs néoclassiques ou des sujets romantiques en camées. Dans l’époque contemporaine, c’est au créateur hollandais Peter Hoogeboom que l’on doit d’avoir réconcilié de la façon la plus novatrice le grès ou la porcelaine avec le bijou, à partir de 1994. A cette réapparition remarquée, fait suite l’excellente initiative de l’European Keramiek Work Centre (EKWC), situé à ‘s-Hertogenbosch aux Pays-Bas, qui a proposé à de nombreux orfèvres contemporains des résidences de trois mois, leur permettant de travailler toutes les possibilités de mise en forme de la céramique dans le domaine du bijou.
Parmi les différents matériaux céramiques disponibles, c’est la porcelaine qui a le plus souvent aujourd’hui la faveur des artistes du bijou. Qu’elle soit utilisée par modelage ou moulage, seule ou en association avec le métal, le bois ou la pierre, la porcelaine peut changer d’apparence, de couleur et de surface. Lisse et pure, à la fois fragile et de grande résistance, elle épouse toutes les formes recherchées à condition d’en maîtriser les techniques et les contraintes, particulièrement celle liée à sa forte rétraction lors de la cuisson. Encore largement liée dans notre imaginaire aux arts de la table ou à la froideur technologique du matériel scientifique, la porcelaine peut aussi devenir un objet de désir, un déclencheur de sensations visuelles et physiques, lorsqu’elle est transformée en bijoux, en s’adaptant parfaitement aux exigences conceptuelles et poétiques des créateurs d’aujourd’hui. La preuve en est faite avec un peu de terre sur la peau…
Le projet Un peu de terre sur la peau… a été initié par la Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud : l’exposition a été présentée à Limoges du 16 juin au 16 octobre 2010, puis a voyagé au Museum of Arts and Design à New York (USA), du 15 mars au 4 septembre 2011) et au New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum à Taipei (Taïwan), du 30 décembre 2011 au 5 février 2012.
arton2911-5fcb9 dans Carole DELTENRE (FR)
Terhi Tolvanen – collier « zig-zag » 2007

Participating artists:
Yasar Aydin
, Sweden | Carole Deltenre, France | Willemijn de Greef, The Netherlands | Andi Gut, Switzerland | Gésine Hackenberg, Germany | Peter Hoogeboom, The Netherlands | Rian de Jong, The Netherlands | Manon van Kouswijk, The Netherlands | Natalie Luder, Switzerland | Evert Nijland, The Netherlands | Ted Noten, The Netherlands | Marie Pendariès, France | Katja Prins, The Netherlands | Tiina Rajakallio, Finland | Terhi Tolvanen, Finland | Luzia Vogt, Switzerland | Shu-lin Wu, Taïwan | Christoph Zellweger, Switzerland.

arton3002-91f34 dans ceramiqueMarie Pendariès – La Dot – 2008 – porcelaine
JPEG - 185.4 koShu-Lin Wu, boucle d’oreille Girandole-Mokume # 2, 2010 – Porcelaine, argent  -© photo : Hsiao-Yin Chao

7b882bfa55a22e400362d5be234d6d75 dans Christoph ZELLWEGER (CH)Manon van Kouswijk, ensemble de colliers modelés avec les doigts – Perles d’artiste, 2009 – Porcelaine  – © Ute Eiesnreich

e240f5902933e430ab731512379e5f5a dans Evert NIJLAND (NL)Evert Nijland, collier Stucco / Wolkenlucht, 2006-2009 – Porcelaine, bois, or - © Eddo Hartmann



Musée des Arts Décoratifs – galerie d’Actualité
107, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

Tél. : 01 44 55 57 50



 Je passe mon temps à osciller entre « céramique » et « porcelaine » ….. :-( on a beau me le dire et redire ….. alors … merci wikipedia (après Violaine Ulmer et tant d’autres qui me l’ont si bien et si patiemment expliqué ……) : « La porcelaine est une céramique fine et translucide produite à partir du kaolin par cuisson à plus de 1200°. Elle est majoritairement utilisée dans les arts de la table »  ………..
pour plus approfondi que Wikipedia … : on peut aller voir le site de la Société Française de Céramique, Cé, le site de Sèvres Sèvres Cité Céramique, Le Pôle Européen de la Céramique (CeramEurop), le European Ceramic Workcentre (Europees Keramisch werkcentrum- EKWC) (NL), et, en anglais …. get ANSWERS about ceramics here ! :-)


* Violaine ULMER (FR) – bijoux de porcelaine
Violaine Ulmer - bagues – porcelaine et « granulations » d’argent
Spécial CERAMIQUE dans Anne PERBET (FR)
Violaine Ulmer - bagues – on a envie de toutes, les douces, les rondes, les lisses, les granuleuses, les blanches, les noires …….. aaahhh!!! 
Alors quand elle est venue me voir, à Collioure, et qu’à une table de café, devant la mer, elle a ouvert une boite avec toutes ses bagues ………… j’étais comme une gosse devant une malle aux trésors !!!!
Violaine Ulmer - bagues « diamants »

 dans Caroline GORE (US)
Violaine Ulmer -bague – ligne « galets »
Violaine Ulmer - collier plastron acier, porcelaine, caoutchouc
Violaine Ulmer -Collier ‘Petit Bruit’ – le bruit de l’absence/présence, capté dans un collier
Violaine Ulmer - collier


* Edith BELLOD (FR)
Edith Bellod – Bagues en porcelaine
Edith Bellod porcelain necklace (born in France, lives and works in Berlin)
Edith Bellod
Edith Bellodcolliers en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope” (en haut)  et “goutelettes” (en bas)


* Trinidad CONTRERAS (ES)’ porcelain and silver jewelry – calm & order….
qui parlait déjà de « Luxe, calme et volupté » ? juste Matisse et Baudelaire ……
« …Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté…
 » (« L’invitation au voyage« , Charles Baudelaire)
Trinidad Contreras Brooch
Trinidad Contreras   tubular brooch
Trinidad Contreras brooch
Trinidad Contreras

« Contreras is drawn to the simple, the familiar, the roundness of things, explaining that it makes her reflect on “what can exist within a sensual and harmonious world. A world where time passes by slowly, but in a vital and ephemeral way, in a constant circular motion of “creation-destruction.”  «

* Pilar COTTER (ES) porcelain jewels – the 2011 collection
Pilar Cotter- Earrings, porcelain, oxidized silver

pendiente dans ceramique
Pilar Cotter-Pendiente (earrings) , porcelana.

anillo+negro dans Claire MARFISI (FR)
Pilar Cotter- ring , porcelana negra.
Pilar Cotter-  collar/necklace – porcelana y plata – 2006

pend010 dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)
Pilar Cotter-Pendientes / earrings – Porcelana-plata.


* Joyas de la colección ‘La hora del té’, de María  Lasarga (ES) - Problema : muy bonito el resultado pero ……………. EXACTAMENTE lo mismo de lo que hace Gesine HACKENBERG !!! :-(

japones1 dans Edith BELLOD (FR)P1020010-r dans European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC)(NL)
María  Lasarga- Plata 925 · Porcelana Japonesa.

P1010550-r dans Evert NIJLAND (NL)P1010741-r dans Fanny ACQUART-GENSOLLEN (FR)
María  Lasarga- « Willow » plate & earrings
Gesine HACKENBERG ceramic jewelry
Gesine HACKENBERG turquoise earrings


* Ceramic Jewelry by Hana KARIM (Slovenia)

 dans Gal. Dterra (ES) dans Gesine HACKENBERG (NL)
 dans Hana KARIM (Sl) dans Hildur YÌR JONSDOTTIR (ICL.)
Hana Karim – turquoise brooches

 dans Jet MOUS (NL)
Hana Karim collier « craquelé »

j’essaye de »résister » à ses « rouges » ‘déjà présentés dans un post (COUP de ROUGE ! Ceramic jewelry by Hana Karim)…) mais impossible  (de résister), trop beaux !

1cb12ef4e1a29c38fbf9c1fd6cbb4af4 dans Manuela GANDINI/Manuganda (IT)
Hana Karim – necklace
Hana Karim-  rings of fire
et allez contempler ces deux-là sur sa page Facebook ! :-)
ceramic brooch in black & yellow on her Etsy shop !


* ceramic jewellery Dora HARALAMBAKI (Greece)
« Earth with water, dry on air and bake with fire !  » ! comme pour une recette de gâteau ….. d’ailleurs, ses bijoux me font penser à des bonbons …..
Dora Haralambaki  « candy » rings

Ring <br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » height= »289″ width= »394″ /><br />
<font size=Dora Haralambaki  Ring Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

 dans Marion DELARUE (FR)
Dora Haralambaki - earthenweare clay rings with colour glazes

Ring<br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » /><br />
</i></font><font size=Dora Haralambaki - Ring – Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

Ring<br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » /><br />
</i></font><font size=Dora HaralambakiRing Earthenware clay with underglaze stains 2009

36372_133554079997760_129993013687200_284590_1354199_n dans Marion VIDAL (FR)
Dora Haralambaki (Greece) – ceramic jewellery
  Dora Haralambaki ceramic jewellery


* Nicole BARTH, qui travaille souvent la porcelaine mêlée au feutre
Nicole Barth – collier « paillettes » porcelaine
Nicole Barth – bagues « design » – faience, porcelaine
Nicole Barth – collier « cercle » en porcelaine 


* MANUGANDA / Manuela GANDINI – GUIDO DE ZAN >>> porcelain experiments
Manuela Gandini – ‘MACCHIE’ collana porcellana bianca e smaltata nera, argento 925, pelle


* Roberta FERREIRA – Dterra Gallery (ES) – Contemporary Ceramics and Art Jewelry
voir aussi leur blog
« dterra was founded in 2001 as a workshop-gallery where Roberta FERREIRA and Laura Jener could develop their artistic careers in the field of jewellery and pottery. Thanks to the collaboration of Cristina Villar, in 2010 dterra was finallly established as a gallery specialized in contemporary jewelry. The gallery also offers courses and artistic events that help to spread artists’ creations and allow the audience to approach the world of contemporary jewelry. »

Dterra ( Roberta FerreiraLaura Jener) bagues « vase »
Roberta Ferreira – bague « vase »
Roberta Ferreira – Aigua: tresor – porcelain brooch


voir aussi expo/articles :

EXPO ‘Wearable Ceramics’ – PEWABIC Pottery, Detroit (USA) – 20 Mai-4 Juill 2011

 (Participating Artists:
Sebastian Buescher,
Peter Hoogeboom, Pilar Cotter Nunez, Jet Mous, Rian de Jong, Evert Nijland, Iris Eichenberg, Karin Seufert, David Elliott, Andrea Wagner, Ford & Forlano, Gaby Wandscher, Caroline Gore, Pauline Wiertz, Maria Hees, Shu-Lin WU)
Peter Hoogeboom ceramic jewelry
Peter Hoogeboom rings
Peter Hoogeboom – broche ‘Peony’
Caroline Gore “cookies from Odet” Porcelain bracelets
Jet Mous (NL) – Porcelain rings
Iris Eichenberg White Brooch
Evert Nijland – Brooch, Rococo, 2010
- porcelain, silver, steel
Evert Nijland -  white porcelain necklace  

Shu-Lin Wu – brooch


5537653130_cfd38c0cc4_b dans Nicole BARTH (FR)
David Elliott (CA) porcelain bead necklace with silver

et celle-ci, que j’ADORE ! :

Marie PENDARIES (FR) 'la dot' - 28 pieces en porcelaine
Marie Pendaries (FR) ‘la dot’ – 28 pieces en porcelaine

(voir l’article/expo  EXPO ‘Un peu de terre sur la peau’ – FONDATION BERNARDAUD, Limoges (FR) – 16 juin-16 oct 2010)


et enfin voir l’article/expo  EXPO ‘Bijoux de Porcelaine, et plus…’ – Galerie Helène Porée, Paris (FR) – 7 mai-5 juin 2010

Marion DELARUE - collier Empreintes
Marion DELARUE - collier Empreintes (mon grand favori !)
Hildur ÝR  (Islande) – ceramic necklace
Terhi Tolvanen


* Marion VIDAL
« Diplômée de l’Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers en Mode, elle crée sa société en mai 2006 et se consacre rapidement aux seuls accessoires. Elle dessine parures, plastrons, encolures, bijoux de corps. Elle conçoit le bijou comme partie intégrante de la silhouette.
La céramique émaillée reste le fil rouge de ses collections, mais elle se passionne avant tout pour les matières nobles, et pour le dialogue entre les matières. »
Marion VIDAL
Marion VIDAL
Marion VIDAL
Fanny Acquart-Gensollen - porcelain necklace
Fanny Acquart-Gensollen
Anne Perbet – porcelain, paper and glass rings
Claire Marfisi – sautoir « boa » en céramique  


EXPO ‘Making Treasure’ – Birmingham City University, Birmingham (UK) – 13-22 Sept 2010

« Making Treasure  »

REALLY, REALLY  …. TREASURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)

« Fantastical edible creations, modern re-interpretations of historical decorative arts, rubber glove garments and wearable drawings, a selection of what will be showcased at Making Treasure, the MA Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products graduate exhibition opening on September 13th.
The exhibition is the culmination of the intensive one-year long course taught at the renowned School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.
The international group of makers join together to present new and original work that pushes conventional boundaries that co-exist within sculpture, fashion and fine art. The work exhibited challenges preconceived ideas of what jewellery and objects can be in form, material, function and scale whilst displaying individual aesthetics, design methodologies and artistic points.  »

EXPO 'Making Treasure' - Birmingham City University, Birmingham (UK) - 13-22 Sept 2010 dans BIAD Birmingham (UK) postcard+for+ma+show

Farrah Al-Dujaili, Laura Brannon (UK), Li-Chu Wu (Taiwan), Miriam Rowe (US), Ningrui Zhou (China), Xiaorui Zhang (China), Yu-Ching Huang (Taiwan), Yuhan Ye, Hsiang-Lin Lu (Taiwan), Natalie Smith (UK), Simon Pattinson, Yi Lei Li, Yi Liu (China), Yu-Ping Lin (Taiwan), Suchanan Chinanuvathana (Thailand).


« Not only is perception of ourselves, of others and the world around us, a source of inspiration, it also invites us into an active and dynamic engagement, which is deeply related to the things we make. Considerations of sculptural form, composition, material, function and aesthetics are enhanced by contemplations of meaning, emotional investments and intellectual content.
The creative work of the makers in this exhibition address aspects of the most vital issues in contemporary applied arts; in their questioning of established ideas of what constitutes adornment, how decoration should be defined and executed, these works engage the eye and the mind simultaneously. They appeal to the intellect, whilst eliciting an instantaneous sensual reaction of pleasure, a desire to touch, hold, use and wear.
MA Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products is the overall title of the course. This is however a very limited and traditional description when one considers the wide variety of products that are within the province of the designer who has knowledge and expertise in the area of personal ornaments, body signification and decorative metal objects. The variety of materials, manufacturing techniques and processes available to an artist or designer in this field is far larger and of much greater potential than is indicated by the term ‘jewellery and silversmithing’ and has some affinities with industrial design, fashion design, fine art and sculpture and is often informed by intellectual engagements like general philosophy, conceptualisation or critical theory.
Our course philosophy addresses the existing and potential relationships within this sector, and educates its students to recognize, identify, understand and operate within this diversity. The philosophy of the course is embodied within a structured project programme that requires students to address vocational and academic research in design by applying their developing abilities and interests to a wide range of issues. Design experiences include ideas generation focused through strategies for concept development, the analysis of design problems and reflection on the relationships between personal objectives, cultural values, market identities, prototyping techniques and new technologies, thus enhancing knowledge and understanding, as well as facilitating the formation of professional studio methodologies. «   (Professor Jivan Astfalck, PhD )


Farrah Al-Dujaili
My design methodology revolves around the act of drawing
as an intuitive and subconscious process; geometric and organic components ‘grow’ alongside each other to create visual contrasts. Through a palette of feminine and masculine symbols, heavily detailed flowers and geometric shapes and crosshatched lines hybrid forms are created; not overtly floral, but organic and playful.
My making is immersed in metalwork because of the material’s ability to be visually delicate but physically strong. Fragments are created and later constructed to create the idiosyncratic detailing that appears in my drawings. I work within an intuitive mix of drawing and making that crosses over and intertwines.
I apply drawing materials of pencil, crayons and watercolours to a surface of enamel paint. This gives an interesting material link to my design methodology, enforcing the dialogue between drawing and making.
Farrah Al-Dujaili- Untitled 3,neckpiece, 2010. Copper, spray paint, acrylic paint, pastels, watercolour pencils, paper

Farrah Al-DujailiUntitled 2, Neckpiece, 2010. Copper, spray paint, thread.


Hsiang-Lin Lu
Rice is cheap, small, but vital
. I like the taste of rice, and the form of rice. I enjoy playing with the rice grains and placing them into different shapes. They are like bricks creating lush texture and speckled pattern.
In contrast, lace, delicate embroideries, and ribbons present the opulence and craftsmanship of aristocratic fashion. For some people, food is the only object they desire, unlike the ladies of the court who are chasing adorned shoes and beautiful garment or jewellery, the vast number of people need bread and water.
Rice is the food that most of the people in my country rely on. It is the symbol of living, a symbol that is cheap but essential, which is like potato or corn to others. The definition of ‘ordinary’ and ‘luxury’ at different levels of social status is contradictory and interesting. I use this ‘ordinary’ material to describe opulence, and also explore the meaning of value and preciousness in different contexts. The richness and tactile abundance in the texture of rice delivers a deluxe beauty in place of the lace and jewels. I use this cheap material to produce enchanting and original works.

Hsiang-Lin Lu- I’ve been doing my final project of MA degree recently. I try to use rice and other combinations to explore the potential of this material. Here is one of them


Laura Brannon
I create Jewellery that is grotesque yet intriguing by using rubber, plastics and found objects. Symbols from our collective subconscious, weird imagery of clowns, costumes, monsters and madness have fuelled this idiosyncratic collection.
The objects show elements of play amongst those of fear- this ambiguity can give the viewer an uncomfortable feeling as it requires to engage with two contradictory ideas at the same time. This I find fascinating!
My making process is spontaneous but controlled. I use a wide range of materials including rubber, plastics, foam and found objects. These contrasting textures and clashing colours are amalgamated, allowing the pieces to develop sculpturally. The use of ready-mades gives structure to the work and increases uncanny feelings. We know these ready-mades but when they are positioned within this madness, they offer new perspectives- we have to take a second look.

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Laura Brannon - furry brooch


Li-Chu Wu
Paper has, without doubt, many varied uses. However, multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qualities. I aim to recreate the link between the material and its original source in the natural environment. Pure and organic elements reveal a delicate and subtle visual language. The pieces function both as wearable pieces of body adornment and as sculptural objects off the body. The soft and subdued tones of colour that I choose give a quiet, calm and contemplative quality to the pieces.
Time is an essential element through the making progress; time, nature and I form my works, meticulous working processes enable me to develop a range of elements, which create the compositions.
Li-Chu Wu- Brooch -paper, copper, paint and stain steel pin
Li-Chu Wu- Necklace -paper, ceramic and wire


Miriam Rowe
I am interested in the dialogue created when recognisable forms from the history of European fashion and the decorative arts are combined, changed, and reinterpreted in a modern material.
For this project I chose to focus on material research and development, exploring plaster as a primary material in jewellery. Plaster has long been used in architectural decoration, but the plaster I use has been chemically changed with modern products to create an altered material that is waterproof and suited for use in jewellery production. I explored surface enhancement and advanced construction techniques to further develop the jewellery. I developed my construction methods based on historical plasterwork, adapting these techniques to fit my personal design agenda.
The images and forms I use come directly from my photos and drawings, based on objects seen on my visits to museums and stately homes. My interest in the forms, patterns, and images from the rich history of European design inspires this collection of contemporary jewellery.
Miriam RoweGrey Ironwork Brooch – Pin detail &  Side


Natalie Smith
My work explores the ideas of growth, transformation and disintegration. I find inspiration in surrealist science fiction, which is rich in atmosphere and imagery. Many of the books describe apocalyptic landscapes and alternate worlds that are on the brink of geographical catastrophes. In these dramatic dreamscapes there are no utopias, emphasis is placed on mental explorations and evocative journeys of the isolated humans.
I create my pieces by combining permanent and temporary materials such as textiles and sugar. I like the pieces to have a constantly changing structure and once completed, begin their transient lives. Depending on how they are cared for they may dissolve in humid conditions, change colour or melt like an ice-lolly on a hot day revealing the materials underneath. The evolution of the work is something that interests me greatly. I do not attempt to try and control what happens to the pieces after they are finished. I like an element of surprise.
Natalie Smith – Marvellous Medicine 1 -Brooch – 2010
Natalie Smith -‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ Brooch, 2010


Ningrui Zhou
The theme behind my work is to create a “city in the sky”. My inspiration initially came from a plastic bag flying in the air which I saw when I looked up into the sky .This evoked a good feeling and I began to consider the concept and question of flying; why should jewellery not fly? My work evolved from this to become sculptural objects. I create objects from bamboo and Chinese rice paper, exploring form, shape and structure. The visual use of lines in the pieces, in the installation and images of my work build together an alternative city skyline. I hope people can find a feeling of freedom and escapism in my work. I express this idea by taking photographic views of the city and making short films to tell stories about my flying pieces.


Simon Pattinson
My work derives from an exploration of the relationship between form and function. I look to create functional objects for the home which challenge and excite the user with designs which are serious yet play on their relationships. I have explored possibilities in form to create objects which invite interaction and arouse interest beyond mere function. Through these ideas I have created families of objects which communicate with one another and belong.
I look for relationships between materials, processes, colours and finishes, in different mediums including ceramics, metal and wood. I have used industrial processes to create some of the objects, whilst others have been developed using paper and card. When people interact with my work I want them to smile, to have fun with the objects, bringing joy to the relationship between object and user.


Suchanan Chinanuvathana
“Line is a basic element that exists in nature as a structural feature such as branches of a tree, or as surface design, such as striping on a tiger or a seashell. It can also exist by implication, as the edge of forms or its silhouette”. (Joseph A. Gatto 1987)I am interested in linear form and structure; the way in which a simple component can be combined and connected to create complex patterns and forms. All of my pieces are created from only one element “line”. I use a combination of curved lines to create my own three-dimensional forms with my textured wire technique. I use my traditional fine jewellery skills to make sculptural and wearable jewellery by using precious metals with simple colour range to show the purity of the line and the structure. I aim to make each piece appear beautiful from all angles.
Suchanan Chinanuvathana - bracelet 2010 – Mixed media


Xiaorui Zhang
My work explores exagerated form and flexible wearability. I am interested in the idea that clothes are usually dominant and jewellery secondary, worn as an accessory to add decoration. My enquiry reverses this concept. To show this emphasis I create large scale jewellery that attracts people’s attention and functions like an item of clothing.
I choose rubber gloves as my material, aiming to transform a mundane everyday item into beautiful and original objects. I explore special dyeing techniques on the rubber gloves. I aim to create a unique aesthetic combination of sculptural construction, dramatic colour and texture. I see my work as visually interesting pieces for every-day wearing.
Xiaorui Zhang- Dyed rubber gloves, 14ct plated gold. (showed by flexible wearability)
Xiaorui Zhang- Dyed rubber gloves jewelry

Yi Liu
My jewellery investigates notions of mourning and memorial jewellery, souvenirs that remember a loved one and which are a reminder to the living of the inevitability of death. I work predominately in plaster, which communicates a feeling of fragility related to our weak and transitory life.
Life is precious! I chose to work with tones of black, white and gray. These three tones are the background in my work and are combined with the highlights of copper and gold to form a contrast between preciousness and emptiness. I created images on plaster with symbols of death once used in Victorian mourning jewellery such as skulls, skeletons, and human hair, Memento Mori that are a warning against vanity.
Yi Liufound objects, transfer, plaster, electroforming


Yi Lei Li
My inspiration comes from nature; the linear structure of plants is fascinating to me. I refine these natural shapes from my photographs of plants by overlaying line drawings. By using metal wire and crochet techniques I transfer graphic shapes into interesting and original three-dimensional structures to make wearable pieces of jewellery.
My collection is like a ‘garden’, every piece is unique with different colour, structure and other contrasts. They express feelings in the same way like in a real garden, where each kind of flower has its own beauty and character though they are different, they can enrich each other and be in harmony. In the process of exploring the linear structures and the balance between each piece and the whole group, I am trying to express the beauty I have found in nature.
Yi Lei Li- copper wire, spray paint


Yu-Ching Huang
My designs mirror myself and how I have been shaped by the people I have met.
I am looking for an answer to what might be a gentle and considerate.
Could silence be heard, even without talking?
Could virtue be seen, even without showing?
Could people not hurt each other, even though we all flawed?
Sometimes flowers and plants give me part of reply in the symbiotic relationships they have with other plants and organisms. Plants always have their individual characteristics but don’t interfere with each other. Maybe this is the reason I am fascinated by them.
I chose to use zips in my work to show the connections between people, events, things or places. People all want to connect and have graceful relationships like flowers in a garden. dans Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK)
Yu-Ching Huang- Autumn 2 – & ‘Plant our dream’ necklace


Yuhan Ye
My work combines popular fashion elements and bold colour which relate to Pop Art. I organise these elements as collage and stylised images of fashion and beauty. I create my own images from these fashion elements using computer software. The colour range within the images helps me to bring my work together as a collection.
Together with the illustrations and bold colours, I have also designed electronic circuits to extend my jewellery into the realms of light and sound. Adding the electronics makes my work more playful and gives an added function which encourages interaction. My illustrations can be illuminated by the light when worn in a dark place. I have also added sound sensors to my work, so that my work can be changed by the volume of the speed of speech and music.
Yuhan Ye- Light up ring 1

Yu- Ping Lin
My work is process-based and structurally complex. I am never without a sketchbook where my ideas evolve so I am constantly drawing with brush strokes. The inks sometimes bleed into the Chinese rice paper and at other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.
I did not set out to be a fashion designer or to create artwork relating to environmental issues but as my portfolio developed and I became interested in both style and ecology. My work tends to focus on inspiration from nature, the notion of folding and pleating, architectural structures, interaction with people and seduction of pattern and colour; the original pleasure captured by the structure of organisms and forms inherent in nature.

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Yu- Ping Lin - Inherence in nature 5 – ‘mushroom’
Yu- Ping Lin - ‘bloom’


Birmingham City University
Vittoria Street
B1 3PA – Birmingham
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 121 331 5940


CONCOURS – « Image & Form » – deadline : 25 Sept 2010

The 9th International Competition of Young Jewellery Designers : Image & Form

The Russian Museum of Ethnography – (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
Management: Maria Ishchuk, Alexandra Veselova
25.Sep.2010 – 02.Oct.2010
deadline: 25.Sep.2010





subject of the competition :  “Interplay of Volume and Space”
Your main task is to follow the games of volume with ambient space. Dialogue with space emerges at any disconnected form decision. Often contemporary works of art represent three-dimensional structures filled with air. You can get inspired in your constructions with nature, architecture, fashion… You can use combinations of various materials such as metal, plastics, fabric, cardboard, etc., creating your own fantasy spaces, playing over there with ideas, volumes and materials.

 dans Concours / Competition
Irina Gress (Buryatia Republic)- set of 3 brooches, 3 rings “Don’t get involved with the hard industry” - precious metals, enamel- GRAND PRIZE “IMAGE and FORM” 2008


Competition is open for artists of two age groups:
I. – from 15 till 23 years;
II. – from 24 till 45 years .

I Nomination
A – finished piece of jewelry
B – model of piece of jewelry (plastic, paper, skin, etc.)
C – draft of a piece executed in digital equipment (appearance and 3 dimensions)
D – draft of a piece on paper (appearance and 3 dimensions, A4)

II Nomination
A – finished piece of jewelry
B – model of piece of jewelry (plastic, paper, skin, etc.)
C – draft of a piece executed in digital equipment (appearance and 3 dimensions)
D – draft of a piece on paper (appearance and 3 dimensions, A4)

Works of the C category are accepted by E-mail or on CD (TIFF, JPG). The image size is 42×30 in vector program (300 ppi). It is in addition possible to send work in that program in which it has been developed.

Laureate diplomas, winners and semifinal participant diplomas.
12 prizes: I, II, and III place in each category.
Prize winners receive valuable gifts and money prizes from organizers, sponsors of competition and leading museums of Russia and Germany.
For categories C (3D projects) and D (draft of a piece on paper) prizes-orders for realizing a collection of jewels. Orders are given by the jewelry companies.
Prizes from firms: unique stones, annual subscriptions to profile magazines.


The participation in the competition costs 120 euro. The cost includes all events of the Forum “IMAGE AND FORM”:
1. International Symposium «Jewelry art and jewelry business».
2. Round tables with participation of leading Russian and foreign artists, critics and teachers.
3. International сcompetition of young jewelry designers “IMAGE AND FORM”.
4.Author’s jewelry exhibition (winners and semifinal works).
5.Cultural program. Visiting of Saint-Petersburg sights.


Competition schedule:
September 25 – reception of participants works (14.00 – 19.00).
September 27, 28 – work of the jury.
September 27 , 28, 29,30 – events of the Forum.
October 1 – award presentation, opening of the exhibition in The Russian Museum of Ethnography.
October 2– the return of works (from 17.00 till 18.00, The Russian Museum of Ethnography).

 dans Eugenia ZABOEVA (RU)
Anna Deryabina (RU) -  brooch « El’  » – plastic, silver -
2008- Nomination “Fantasy” – category «Â – model of the jewellery piece »PARTICIPANTS FROM 15 TILL 23 YEARS -1st place


The Jury:
Nikolay Balabin – jewelry designer (Finland), Jury Baskakov – the head of the Department “Jeweller’s art” VShNI (Saint-Petersburg), Galina Gabriel – art historian, member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Saint-Petersburg), Patimat Gamzatova – art historian (Moscow), Nataliia Korovina – art historian (Moscow), Olga Kostuk – head curator of jewelry collection, the State Hermitage (Saint-Petersburg), Charon Kransen, Gennady Lentsov – artist-jeweler, member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Moscow), Marina Lopato – manageress of the branch of the department West-European Art, the State Hermitage (Saint-Petersburg), Monique Manoha – artistic director Le Porte Objet (France), Diego Percossi Papi – member of Italian Association of Artists-jewelers (Italy), Irina Perfileva – art historian, member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Moscow), Irina Ptakhova – member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Saint-Petersburg), Anna Ratnikova- chief researcher of the State Ethnographical Museum, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Larisa Tkachenko – board member of the Union of Artists, pattern designer (Saint-Petersburg), Leonard Urso – professor of the Academy of Art Rochester (USA), Fritz Falk, Kornelie Holzach – director of the Pforzheim Museum of Jewelry (Germany), Vera Chernova – artist-jeweler of “Kast” JSC, member of the Union of Artists (Saint-Petersburg), Andrzej Szadkowski – professor of Lodz Academy of Arts (Poland), Inna Shatalova – art historian, member of the International Association of Art Historians (Saint-Petersburg), Gedemin Yablonski – professor of the Design Academy, Gdansk (Poland), Barbara Heinrich – artist-jeweler (USA), Stefano Ricci – artist-jeweler (Italy), Joanna Mirecka Szuleta – artist-jeweler, Gdansk (Poland)


Catalogue “IMAGE AND FORM”:
Winners works are published in the catalogue free of charge.
Semifinal works are published in the catalogue on a paid basis

 dans Eugeniy SNESAR (RU)
Yurij Bylkov – rings: ‘Stones’ – 2008 – Rubber, paper

 dans Irina GRESS (RU)
Soslan Gabaraev- ‘Waiting for the tide’

 dans Russie (RU)
Eugeniy Snesar (RU) – Set of male rings “De-Form” – silver, ceramics, plastic, acrylicNomination “Fantasy” – Category «À – jewellery piece»PARTICIPANTS FROM 15 TILL 23 YEARS – 3rd place

 dans Soslan GABARAEV (RU)
Eugenia Zaboeva -  Red Rings – 2008


The Russian Museum of Ethnography
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Telephone: +7(812)235-05-09
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