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EXPO ‘Linda Ezerman’ – Galerie conTemporary, Alphen (NL) – 2-30 Mars 2014

This month stands dominated by the particular jewels of Linda Ezerman :
« In my  jewellery I express how I experience the outside world. I am fascinated by the surroundings I find myself in and what these surroundings invoke in me : paradoxical feelings of freedom, security and imminent danger.
A walk in the woods, for example, invokes a feeling of freedom, yet the woods also make me feel slightly ill at ease: there always seems to be lurking something in the shadows.
With the sea I also maintain a paradoxical relationship. There is space and  unfamiliar life, which I find both fascinating and frightening because of its  incomprehensible infinity.
Moreover, the history of my surroundings create meaning. Century-old remnants of industrial life have made this landscape into what it is today and shaped the people who live here into who and what they are.
The materials I work with originate from my surroundings: felt, wood, silver and copper, mixed with polymer clay, silicone and paint. My work is wearable, which allows it to offer security or protection from that which is so intangible and yet so impressive: the surroundings in which you find yourself.«  Linda Ezerman
Linda Ezerman -  Galerie conTemporary Dreespassage 10, Alphen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands(« Algae » brooch -  merino wool felted, rubber, pigments)
Linda Ezerman - "Algae" necklace - coloured silver, pearls, silk thread, recycled fabricLinda Ezerman – « Algae » necklace – coloured silver, pearls, silk thread, recycled fabric
Linda Ezerman - Algae brooch silk, merino wool felted, glassbeads, rubber, pigmentLinda Ezerman – Algae brooch silk, merino wool felted, glassbeads, rubber, pigment
Linda Ezerman - Algae rings - blackened and  coloured silverLinda Ezerman – Algae rings – blackened and  coloured silver
Linda Ezerman - Algae brooch - merino wool felted, rubber, pigmentsLinda Ezerman - Algae brooch – merino wool felted, rubber, pigments
Dreespassage 10,
Alphen, Zuid-Holland,



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« I am a Contemporary Jeweller from New Zealand. My work is dream inspired fantasy with elements taken from nature.
I am in my fourth year of study, I also work part time tutoring jewellery techniques and practical skills »

« My work primarily focuses on form and placement on the body. I enjoy the play on contrasts within my work. By using industrial materials to create an organic flow and femininity of form from a male dominated resource I arouse the curiosities and give my jewellery a touch of playfulness. »
2012 Necklace's -Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland)  - "Chain reaction"Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland)  – 2012 Necklace’s – « Chain reaction »
2012 Necklace's -Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland) - felted balls- "My work primarily focuses on form and placement on the body. I enjoy the play on contrasts within my work. By using industrial materials to create an organic flow and femininity of form from a male dominated resource I arouse the curiosities and give my jewellery a touch of playfulness." Maree Jansen (Auckland) – 2012 Necklace’s – felted balls
2012 Necklace's -Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland) - untitled - rubber ringTineke Maree Jansen (Auckland) – 2012 Necklace’s – untitled – rubber ring
2012 Necklace's -Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland) Maree Jansen (Auckland)   – 2012 Necklace
My Beautiful Nightmare1 -  by Tineke Jansen - 2012Tineke Jansen - « My Beautiful Nightmare 1″ –   2012
« My wok is conceptually focused on the freedom of Surrealism, exploring dreams and awakening the subconscious. ….. For most people fairy stories are a primary-coloured world of beautiful people facing dastardly villains and overcoming insurmountable obstacles on their path to a life full of happiness, a world where good always triumphs…..« 
2012 Necklace's -Tineke Maree Jansen (Auckland)  - "clustered"Tineke Maree Jansen – 2012 Necklace  « clustered »
Tineke Jansen 2012 - chain reactionTineke Jansen 2012 – chain reaction
Tineke Jansen 2012Tineke Jansen 2012 – rubber rings
You can find (buy …) her work here, at the Lopdell House Gallery (NZ)
(in the curiosity-cabinet)


SOME NEWS …….. online SHOPS

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in these times of INTENSIVE SHOPPING …………………. ;-)

added some links to ONLINE SHOPS ….. at the bottom of my blog, on the right column, check for SHOP-online- …

petite nouveauté sur le BLOG ….. en BAS à DROITE : SHOPS on line !



of course, you have more, like ETSY or BOTICCA, or KABIRINotjustalabel, but Etsy is so huge, and can have so many (good & bad) things that I let you have your own choice …. Same thing for Boticca …

on Etsy some of my favourites are : Maria Goti JoyasMardecoLorrosa (Montserrat Lacomba nice jewels)ArteArtesania (Carlos Tellechea, has often the « Joyas Sensacionales » jewels …..),  PaperStatement by Dorisse (paper beads to make your own jewels or paper jewels yet done),  LaChicadelosAnillos (Sarah Robinson, for nice lil’ rings …),  Giardinoblu (Francesca Mancini jewelry),  Kosmimata (Sofia Georgiopoulou jewelry),  GustavoParadiso shop/jewels,  notAjewelry (nice red dot jewels by Petra from Zagreb), byLoumi (nice, delicate, French, porcelain jewelry), Creatiff Bijoux (by Tiffany Rowe),  JiaStyle (jewels by the 2 Parisian jewellers Xiaojia and Jean-marc Waszack) , Nanopod  (Tosca Teran jewelry),  Kjoo (Maria João Ribeiro crocheted jewelry),  Emilie Bliguet shop/jewels,  Kathy Frey (great wire jewelry), Colleen Baran shop/jewels, Cynthia del Giudice shop/jewels,  Sipora Aguia shop/jewels,  GulnurOzdaglar (PET jewelry from Turkey),   ShanShanjewellery (Shan Shan Mok), LaurenMarkley shop/jewels,  Margauxlange (for Barbie addicts ….),  SarahHoodJewelry, Phlaznatch (Jillian Moore jewelry),  LigiaRocha shop/jewels, KateRamseyFelt (gorgeous flower felt brooches from Ireland),  Sassafrasdesignl  (Claudia Burkhardt, felted jewels from Netherlands),  Giia (Milan based felt jewelry), ArtesseraeAshleyJewelry (Ashley Akers jewels),  InbarShalak shop/jewels, and some others (without jewels for the moment) like AmyTavernJewelry , Vina Rust (verust ), Francesca Vitali (FrucciDesign ), HanaKarim , YuPingLin , etc etc ……………….


BA Jewellery 2011 degree show – Central Saint Martins, London (UK) – 18-23 Juin 2011

BA Jewellery 2011 degree show at Central Saint Martins

discover Sammie-Jo COXON !!

Saturday 18 June 12.00 – 18.00
Sunday 19 June closed
Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 June 12.00 – 20.00
Thursday 23 June 12.00 – 18.00

HELLO EVERYONE! If your in and around london, interested in jewellery or art in general, please take the time to come along to our degree show! Come and take a look at what the class of 2011 have been working towards for the past 3 years! Meet the designers, have a gander and if you fancy it make an offer on something you like the look of!

This year the exhibition will stay true to the spirit of Central Saint Martins, the work of the 47 graduating students will be unique and remarkable. With pieces varying from one-off haute-jewellery to theatre and performance pieces; from everyday wear items to exquisite gallery installations; from precious metals and stones to plastic, porcelain and moss, this collection presents the students’ responses to a wide range of starting points; the notion of beauty, dreams, architectural styles, and personal histories, and areas of exploration range from 1940s glamour, medical prosthetics, bartered jewellery and the number 1,000.

BA Jewellery 2011 degree show - Central Saint Martins, London (UK) - 18-23 Juin 2011  dans Central Saint Martins (UK) bartonming dans Exposition/Exhibition
Holly Barton      —     Mina Jang

« ‘Tomorrow’s Chip Papers’ was the name of Central St Martin’s Sustainable Catwalk jewellery show held on April Fool’s Day 2011. The creativity of the students blossomed under the challenge to create beautiful, earth-friendly body adornments.
Rubbish bags, twigs and discarded kebab sticks, the detritus of our indulgence, don’t exactly shout ‘glamour’ but in the hands of those inventive students at CSM they became striking, highly original jewels for the catwalk. The BA Jewellery Design 2012 graduates had been set the task of creating sustainable jewels and the result was an explosion of originality that twists our perceptions of what jewellery can be made from.
With a tongue in cheek nod the British throwaway culture, the catalogue was printed on ‘chip’ paper and guests were given origami-folded totes made from the daily London papers, more normally to be found swirling around our ankles.
The students’ work was divided into four themes: Nature, Glamour, Fantasy and Dark. Once the music started, guests were treated an extravaganza of fantastic creations to adorn the body made in a variety of un-loved materials.  Old tights and sponges were transformed into a bulging collar as chic as Parisian couture, woven black bin bags morphed into a glossy, oversized hood and drab old cardboard became an avant-garde face and body shield. Forgotten kebab sticks found glory bristling out from an all-white head piece and collar ensemble and a dead bird looked chirpy nestled amongst a tangle of twigs that enshrouded the model.  Enjoy the show, and remember, what you throw away might well become someone else’s treasure » (thanks to The Jewellery Editor‘s page)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Moonjeong Kwon Material: Sugar (edible). Photo: Sam DaviesMoonjeong Kwon - Material: Sugar (edible)(Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central Saint Martin's BA Jewellery Catwalk Show of sustainable jewellery. Designer: Charlotte Le Hardy, made from knitted wood, wire and a dead bird. Photo: Sam DaviesCharlotte Le Hardy - knitted wood, wire and a dead bird. (Photo: Sam Davies)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Jisun Chae Material: Cardboard Photo: Sam Davies   Jisun Chae -  Cardboard  Material (Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central St Martins BA Jewellery show of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Grace Lepard Material: kebab sticks and white paint. Photo: Sam DaviesGrace Lepard – kebab sticks and white paint (Photo: Sam Davies) 
Grace LepardGrace Lepard – kebab sticks and white paint

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellerys. Designer: Ha Ning Chiang Material: Sponges and tights. Photo: Sam DaviesHa Ning Chiang - Sponges and tights (Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Fern Jelleyman Material: Gas canisters. Photo: Sam DaviesFern Jelleyman – Gas canisters (Photo: Sam Davies)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Vicky Lew Material: Old magazines, felted wool, corn plastic laminating adhesive. Photo: Sam DaviesVicky Lew – Old magazines, felted wool, corn plastic laminating adhesive
Steph Bila – Material: Cane

Sammie-Jo COXON:
Here are a few photographs of my first couple of pieces for my final year degree show at Central Saint Martins. My work will be showcased at Southampton Row on the 17th of June (press invite only), and open to the public on the 18th till the 23rd of June (12-8pm, and until 6pm on the final day).
Artist statement
« For my final year collection I have drawn inspiration from the Surrealist movement. Inspired by the work of Claude Cahun, Joseph Cornell and Hans Bellmer, I am exploring the manipulation of the body through the use of glass, crystals and precious metals. By constructing bold, simplified and skeletal shapes, I aim to contain the body in an unusual and thought provoking way. I encourage the wearer to approach my pieces with a sense of discovery, playfully inviting them to engage with the structure and the negative space that surrounds it on a new and exciting level. The piece becomes a beautifully made puzzle, as apposed to ‘just another bracelet’. »
Sammie-Jo COXON
Sammie-Jo COXON

247279_10150209384094652_503334651_7238610_3618573_n dans FERN Jelleyman (UK)
Sammie-Jo COXON



Central St Martins
Room 109, 1st floor
University of the Arts London
Southampton Row
London (UK)

have a look at this site : AU CONTRAIRE



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Mel MILLER, contemporary jeweller based in Melbourne

« I completed a Master of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia in 2009, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Metalsmithing) at Arizona State University, USA in 2004. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including at the renowned international exhibition of emerging artists ‘Talente’ in Munich, 2011, and in ‘Jewellery Topos’ touring to Galerie Marzee, the Netherlands and Gallery Loupe, USA during 2009-11.

I’m interested in the luminosity, colour and texture of materials usually regarded as mundane, and the transformation of materials and the stories they tell. My work explores transformations of landscapes into jewellery with an Impressionist concern for colour and light, as well as the transformative effects of memory and the tradition of storytelling. Background becomes foreground; the recollected story becomes history; the mundane becomes magical!

You can also find my work at Arbor Jewels in Melbourne and Studio 20/17 in Sydney. »*TfetoNH/IMG_7413_1.jpg?width=737&height=491
 ’Fleming Park (autumn, evening)’ – Brooch featured in Talente 2011, Munich -  sterling silver, bouncy balls, Mexican opal, felted wool   – COUP DE COEUR !!*9H*F4L9it8BNRu/MelMillerTheViewfromStPhilip.jpg?width=737&height=491
‘The View from St Philip (summer, sunset)’ – Brooch featured in Talente 2011, Munich -  sterling silver, bouncy balls, felted wool, enamel paint*hItfWFNplyHY9W9P8KJYN/Miller4Foggy_day_in_Parkville_2.jpg?width=737&height=491

‘Foggy Day in Parkville (winter, clearing)’ – Brooch featured in ‘Australian Jewellery TOPOS’ (Gallery Loupe, USA, 2011) – sterling silver, enamel, copper, bouncy balls, labradorite, felted wool

COUP de COEUR :  Mel MILLER dans Australie (AU)
 Bounce ! – new pendants from the Bounce! series, available at Studio 20/17 in Sydney and Arbor Jewels in Melbourne – sterling silver, bouncy balls

mel%20miller dans COUP DE COEUR
(from ‘Metamorphosis’ exhibition)*Gw6GZuws6dUkCqxOYdbiiYsVvxjS2rd73aDpsNH3RVEmVg5eES8oiSkekq7wA/Miller1Our_Lady_Help_1.jpg?width=183&height=183&crop=1%3A1


soon, to SHOP on Etsy !


Gular Mustafa – résidus organiques ….

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Gular Mustafa
« Radars and sensors,
I believe that the climate of the region is almost Felted by radars , watchtowers and sensors which drain the freedom and the movement of the objects and creatures on a small portion of our planet, where the first steps have been started to leave this warm and intimate portion, the birds left the trees, air, and water, and has become the land of no life and without features of civilization which were prevalent in the world of knowledge and art, and two rivers which were the pulse of that civilization.

Gular Mustafa - résidus organiques .... dans COUP DE COEUR front

Comme des restes de corps humain, viscères non identifiés, ou restes de « mère Nature », bouts d’os, restes de coraux usés, cheveux ou poils …. tout cela nous parle de quelque chose qui a ou aurait existé, et parfois le chuchotis se fait pressant/présent avec comme des traces d’écriture, qui insiste et veut nous dire quelque chose …. à ce moment-là le support se fait concave, comme une oreille tendue …. un radar …. pour moi ce sont des signes d’Orient, mystérieux forcément pour moi qui ne les « lit » pas, et donc avec une force magique plus pressante, comme une voix de muezzin transportée par le vent …. magique !
Brooch ‘Radars and Sensors’, 2010. Silver, coral, polymer clay, wood, ink- This piece has been considered for the project ‘I care a lot

Gular Mustafa- object: Heart 2009 -Plastic, polyester, textile, horsehair, coral, wood

Gular Mustafa-Brooch: Heart, 2009. Wood, fimo, copper, coral

ht4 dans Gular MUSTAFA (Iraq)
Gular Mustafa-Brooch: Heart, 2009. Wood, cotton, copper, glass stoon, pigment
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Heart, 2009. Silver, Wood, coral, Rosekwartssn, cotton, fimo, wool
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Heart, 2009. Silver, Wood, coral, Rosekwartssn, cotton, fimo, wool
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Radars and sensors (series,) 2010. Silver, wood, Catton textile, polymer clay, crystal
Gular MustafaNecklace: Save the memory, 2010. Silver, coral, rose kwartaal, textile, polymer clay, copper, ink (« protection sign » serie)

Gular Mustafa- Ring: Someday I will return to you, 2011. Silver, polymer clay, 18gr. gold, paper, ink, wax

Gular Mustafa- Ring: My Library, 2011. Silver, paper, color, ink, ruby



« appel du pied » !        Hey !! ALL of  YOU, JEWELERS !!!
j’ai remarqué que vous aimiez bien prendre … votre PIED !! ;-) ou en tout cas des photos de vos pieds !! je voulais faire un « bobinoscope » des créateurs sur mon blog, je vais faire un « pied-de-nez_OH!_scope » !! ENVOYEZ-MOI vos photos en PIEDS !!!!
I saw that you like to take pictures of your feet … so instead of publishing your faces on my blog, to allow people to know « WHO IS THIS JEWELLER ? », I will publish … your feet ! please SEND ME YOUR FEET’s pictures !! :-)   (cet article reste sur le « pied de guerre » !! tout pied est constamment la bienvenue pour augmenter la galerie de portraits ! all « feet’s portrait is anytime welcomed, to increase this picture’s gallery !!!)(summertime is crazy-time, isnt’it ?)

Et voilà, y a qu'à demander! Marrante comme tout cette idée! :-)
Sylvie Jousset … les doigts de pieds en éventail ! – … et un des ses bijoux (bracelet) – c’est ce qui s »appelle « faire des pieds et des mains » ! :-)

26285_1362727102079_1048633979_31075631_317666_n dans ALCHIMIA (IT)Alina Alamorean
Alina Alamoreanc’est le pied (sexy) ! ….. & deux de ses bagues sculpture

c'est le pied !35643_401705511485_696426485_4886541_1385956_n dans Alina ALAMOREAN (FR)
Augousta Themistokleous (CY) – une des ses bagues ….. et rougir de plaisir de la tête aux pieds ! :-)

Alchimia de pied en cap !!ALCHIMIA Jewellery School – là, c’est l’ecole ALCHIMIAde pied … sans cap ! :-) )
mais comment (re)trouver chaussure (créateur)  à son pied ???!!
Sur cette photo : Marianne Casmose Denning (DK)Angela O’Keefe (UK) , Camilla Teglio (IT), Doris Maninger (AT), Eun jea, Marina Elenskaya (RU), Katie Gruber(UK) , Eugenia Ingegno (IT) , Michelle Kraemer (LX)!!!!!!!!!

25568_380327937973_770792973_3683408_7688712_n dans Angela O' KEEFE (UK)
Marianne Casmose Denning (DK)Marina Elenskaya (RU)
Angela O´Keefe (UK) – Rings Untitled 2009 – Diverse materials
Michelle Kraemer (Luxembourg) – brooch
Katie Gruber (UK) – Necklace: Untitled 2009 – Diverse materials

36969_1474431897397_1131675561_1347499_855229_n dans Ara KUO (Taiwan)36969_1474423737193_1131675561_1347396_6627124_n dans Aude MEDORI (FR)
Viktoria Münzker (left), Michelle Kraemer – Viktoria Münzker « C’mon ring » – C’mon !!

jewellers' feet !!UIUC Metals School -  Sur cette photo : Billie Theide (on left) , Kristi Wilson , Eun Yeong Jeong (en bas, celle qui « pointe » tout le monde du pied !), Soyeon Kim (à droite chaussure brune), Keri Kwik (la « nouvelle » à la chaussure rouge !)

39183_1424812053322_1023362072_30927524_3195255_n dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)Sensual Elegance, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Eun Yeong Jeong‘vessels of life – growth
Soyeon Kim- Sensual Elegance, 2009 - fine silver, glass, red and pink coral, traditional chain making technique

Keri Kwik (US) - ring39059_142768602413873_100000422031752_319607_7769410_n dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Keri Kwik (US) – ring – une NOUVELLE découverte ! quel … PIED !! :-)
Billie Theide necklace

hannahedman5 dans Beth LEGG (UK)10 dans Billie THEIDE (US)
avec Hanna Hedman ai perdu (son) pied !! reste plus qu’un doigt …. :-(   - necklace

Mes pieds...35411_133653553331343_100000600979713_258945_4809449_n dans Camilla TEGLIO (IT)
Susanne Klemm (CH) – « Beach’s feet » ! :-)   - … et FABULEUX collier !

 Gary Schott - ‘impatient shoes’, brooch – and IMPATIENT to find a MAN’s foot !!!!!!!!!

34364_112544085461193_100001168061499_79428_8186134_n dans Catalina BRENES (Costa Rica)
Heidemarie Herb - ‘my herbs’ ring

piedsMarta Miguel Martínez-Soria – ‘primeros pasos’ … pour ses chaussettes vertes ou pour son collier ? ;-)

 Image+4 dans Chiara TRENTIN (IT)
Galatée Pestre - ses pieds parlent pour elle ! ;-) -  broches ‘bulles’ de BD

Image+4 dans Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR)
Aude Médori (FR)- De cette nécessité de mouvement et de la liberté qu’elle implique….

35855_1435810868867_1640828533_1096783_6677803_n dans Corrado De MEO (IT)31370_1414620859130_1640828533_1045933_75681_n dans Daniela HEDMAN (SE)
Barbara Paganin – bon… elle est partie en vacances …. – spilla ‘corallo nero’

36715_10150216541610117_836915116_13249299_3820129_n dans Dominika NABOROWSKA (PL)
Catalina BrenesAra Kuo – high heels for graduation day !!

Ting-Chun-Ara-Kuo dans Doris MANINGER (AT)
Ara Kuo. Ring ‘brush’, pearls gold

26221_10150155056535117_836915116_11567890_6211965_n dans Doug BUCCI (US)39665_10150238201155117_836915116_13900739_2704322_n dans Ellen JACOBSEN HOLVIK (SE)
Catalina Brenes – feet’s fan !  « vieni qua » ring – zirconia, plata 925

34136_448091374528_523864528_5864867_3469534_n dans Eugenia INGEGNO (IT)Maru Lopez - "telling stories"
Maru Lopez - pinky feminity ….. « telling stories » (necklace),  silver

8117_157352877565_614452565_2690456_6024856_n dans Eun YEONG JEONG (US)35939_10150263099290585_820840584_14269651_4468333_n dans Federico VIANELLO (IT)
Kathryn Wardill (AU)- 7 Sites, 7 Neckpieces – Studio Ingot6 – 21 Aug 2010 « Stairs of Passion »

well...these are mine!! i couldn't resist......38777_1472392743305_1638259298_1146444_1128108_n dans Frederique TRINCHESE (FR)
Chryssa Damianidou (GR) (c’est ce qu’on appelle le « pied grec » ! ;-)

40601_126299994083540_100001106193640_131607_6325431_n dans Galatee PESTRE (FR)40994_126295107417362_100001106193640_131593_571225_n dans Gary SCHOTT (US)
Federico Vianelloun créateur tout en PIED ! ….. anello ‘piedi’… « hand made » !

*3408876_orig dans Genne LAAKSO (US)
Maricha Genovese (US) – “Diamond Ring” Ring: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver  

*Image6 dans Hanna HEDMAN (SE)
Beth Legg (Scotland) -  larkspur and rosewood brooches

voila eheheehMirla+Fernandes2 dans Hanna LILJENBERG (SE)
Mirla Fernandes – ….. ou faire des pieds et des mains ! ;-)

45210_147176248645592_100000596541182_325893_2682840_n dans Heidemarie HERB (DE)36958_139431526086731_100000596541182_282682_7203008_n dans Karin Roy ANDERSSON (SE)
Rachel Timmins – tired feet… after a Ruudt Peters’ workshop ! ;-) -silicon rubber bracelets

40296_1441499315261_1166423138_31060025_5602936_n dans Kathryn WARDILL (AU)18369_1252208623112_1166423138_30625001_7484395_n dans Katie GRUBER (UK)
Corrado de MEO – qualè il gioiello ??? ;-)

montserrat lacomba - Too often we are late dans Keri KWIK (US)
Montserrat Lacomba – ‘Too often we are late’… with our feet …- ‘Far away’ brooch – silver, copper, garnets (for me, Montserrat Lacomba is « Mrs mar de Color Rosa » !! :-) )

ss6 dans Kristi WILSON (US)
une découverte !! (aujourd’hui 21 aout 2010, grâce à Montserrat Lacomba : tout ça pour vous dire que NON, je n’ai pas copié l’idée !) ! lesecond blog deDominika Naborowska : promenades vue(s) des pieds  !!! ;-)

Genne Laakso2009-07b dans Liz HAMMAN (UK)
Genne Laakso« au pied levé ….  » neoprene ‘O’ rings, sterling silver, fishing line, latex, fish hooks, copper, steel, 2009. NJB Photography

40250_415477693061_633898061_4977454_8347381_n dans Malin LOVGREN (SE)Silvina Rio  - lo invisible
Silvina Rio – broche ‘lo invisible’
Daniela Hedman

*Agnes Figueres
Agnes Figueres   (du groupe « Bijou5″)- en vert et contre tout ! ;-) bague en matériaux de récupération, ligne ‘pétillante’

h dans Gal. Articula (PT)
Tiina Rajakallio – « mini vacations » for feet ! -  necklace 

47717_1267958437585_1788546471_491343_2905118_n dans Manolya KONUK (FR)Patricia Lemaire - Grand Jardin 2- 1998 défilé Lapidus
Patricia Lemaire …qui m’a fait « faire le pied de grue« … pendant qu’elle était « au vert… :-) - ‘Grand Jardin’ maillechort et … (Hte couture – 1998 - pièces conçues et réalisées pour Olivier Lapidus)

40422_427109003669_683768669_4563294_5472972_n dans Marianne CASMOSE DENNING (DK)37972_421552433669_683768669_4427070_5018876_n dans Maricha GENOVESE (US)
Manolya Konuk- comment, au pied levé, faire « pieds » ET « mains » ! bracelet ‘semainier’

16847_100589216637140_100000581855166_12944_5598318_n dans Marina ELENSKAYA (RU)59882_154371501258911_100000581855166_378901_3771363_n dans Marta Miguel MARTINEZ-SORIA (ES)
Chiara Trentin – piedi « Romani » ! è collana ecobottoni

34709_1499231893568_1617292000_1184003_4051910_n dans Maru LOPEZ (P.Rico)Frédérique Trinchese - bijoux couture - Bague/pendentif Cannette
Frédérique Trinchese – pieds …. cousu(s) main ! Bague/pendentif Cannette

*35813_1463615946953_1130128048_1352527_1269817_n dans Massimo Ottavio PAVAN (IT)
Poly Nikolopoulou

40196_423367861605_541946605_5433721_794771_n dans Michelle KRAEMER (Lx)45039_420159186980_651021980_5201053_2327412_n dans Mirla FERNANDES (BR)
Discrets, les pieds des « FOUR » ! – « FOUR » are the jewelry artists: Hanna Liljenberg, Karin Roy Andersson, Malin Lövgren, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik, from Sweden

45083_420417881980_651021980_5206421_6605596_n dans Montserrat LACOMBA (ES)40475_419571051980_651021980_5189695_4801349_n dans Nadine ABDALLAH (Liban)
46576_419862681980_651021980_5195351_5011936_n dans Patricia LEMAIRE (FR)

61520_1448663976943_1243502537_31146087_4555522_n dans Poly NIKOLOPOULOU (GR)5534_1135554269396_1243502537_30416245_3034482_n dans Rachel TIMMINS (US)
Nadine Abdallah – son pied … et ses « poissons-bijoux » en galets

156496_1538240170108_1058002920_31205198_7047158_n dans Rossana RO/NIIRO JewelryEntangled wire necklace - by NIIRO jewelry ( Rosanna RO) - 747$ (583€)
Rosanna RO (« Niiro Jewelry« ) -  pieds d’hiver & Entangled wire necklace

63002_1575466275474_1500099122_1426046_4142116_n dans Sebastian BUESCHER (DE)n1500099122_174175_7977 dans Silvina RIO (RA)
et … TA-DAAM ! mon pied ! ;-) et un des bracelets de « charms » que je fais & qui racontent chacun une histoire. Ici « La vie en rouge », excessive ….

BON ! Maintenant, vous savez à quoi ressemblent « vos » créateurs ??!!?? ;-)
Now you KNOW what your favourite jewellers look like !! emoticone



EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  TEXTILE  section dans Colleen BARAN (CA) enter

n1260346271_30199513_728 dans Exposition/Exhibitionn1260346271_30199543_8926 dans feutre / felt
Silvina Romero (Arg.)- necklace ‘Abajo del mar’ textile, fabric, cotton & silk thread

8532_1271238743865_1316778870_797693_6670529_n dans fibres / thread
Paulie Schwartzorganza de soie

16456_1191427138777_1021340133_30489297_676614_n dans Kate CUSACK (US)n791629493_957179_1385 dans Paulie SCHWARTZ (DE)
Sabrina Bottura – ‘black’ ring 2009 – felt, pearl black, silver
Karin Carmeliet

26844_412424436258_644906258_5561743_352253_n dans Ruth MOORE (UK)
Colleen Baran – Felted Saucer Rings – 2007 – Felt, sterling silver

24400_101126396589329_100000759086458_31481_4522616_n dans Sabrina BOTTURA (IT)
Elena Lorenzi   – Necklace in twine, coloured metal wire and braid of different colours

21974_482801860143_638895143_10956301_6710955_n dans Silvina ROMERO (RA)
Federica Fabiano « Gradient » – necklace made by copper yarn coated with cotton yarn

26080_329449913595_709643595_3628310_6879695_n dans Susanna MATSCHE (DE)
Cristina Tajè  ‘Rosa, Rosae’ – necklace in felt with applications of copper, tin, iron and brass

22074_320368926893_739666893_4588202_3578163_n dans techniques textiles
Ruth Moore – sealife inspired neckpiece – 2009 – Heat formed synethetic fabrics, plastic beads, cotton thread

13051_1289991371110_1270006655_842991_7965855_n dans textile
Kate CUSACK zipper necklace

EXPO JewelleryScape- TEXTILE Susanna Matsche (DE) - Breast pins - leather, silver, fur
Susanna Matsche (DE) – Breast pins – leather, silver, fur

EXPO JewelleryScape- TEXTILES  - Thomas de Falco (IT) - cotton, wool, silk, leather iron necklace
Thomas de Falco (IT) – cotton, wool, silk, leather iron necklace


FELT FELT FELT… jewelry – upcoming book ’500 Felt Objects’

« Trumpet sound ! Some time ago, the call for entries went out for 500 Felt Objects, a book slated for fall 2011 release*. After seeing Fashioning Felt, the terrific show she curated, I enlisted Susan Brown of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to serve as the juror for this book. We’ve been reviewing the images to include in the book, and I’ve come across some really exciting jewelry made with this extraordinary material!
Now, please don’t think the decisions have been made for the book–we’ve still got a loooong way to go before selections are finalized. Just wanted to share the fascinating things some talented artists from around the globe are making. » (Larkcrafts)

* parution prévue pour l’automne 2011

FELT FELT FELT... jewelry - upcoming book '500 Felt Objects' dans Amy KLAINER (US) Maria-Eife-300x231
Maria EIFE, a resident of the City of Brotherly Love, necklace

Justyna-Truchanowska-226x300 dans Anat GELBARD (IL)
Justyna Truchanowska (Dublin) – necklace

Eun-Yeong-Jeong1-190x300 dans Anna HINKES (US)Jennifer-Moss-230x300 dans Anna WALES (UK)
Eun Yeong Jeong-  ring           –                Jennifer Moss (of Kalamazoo)

Chien-Ching-Liao-213x300 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Chien-Ching Liao (Taiwan) – this piece incorporates felt so airy that light filters through

EucalyptusOctopus' Garden
Lynda Watson (US) neckpieces : Eucalyptus’ & ‘Octopus Garden’

Kristen-Mitsu-Shiga-272x300 dans Brigit DAAMEN (NL)
Kristin Mitsu Shiga

Maricha Genovese  « Under Pressure » Necklace: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver

7460584_orig dans Cath DEARSLEY (NZ)
Maricha GENOVESE (US) – ‘Felted Balls’ Neckpiece – needle felted and dyed wool 

Jens-A.-Clausen4-300x164 dans Catherine SVENSSON (SE)Jens-A.-Clausen23-300x199 dans Celio BRAGA (BR)
Jens A. Larsen (Norway) - necklace




Wool Necklace Set - by "C'est la Chine"Wool Necklace Set - by "C'est la Chine"

Wool Necklace Set – by « C’est la Chine«  (from JIA SUO Collection)(to shop on Etsy)

32_annie2_v2 dans Chien-Ching LIAO (Taiwan)Anna Hinkes -Wood and Felt Bracelets – 2010

felted flowers neckpiece adornement blue - by Kate Ramsey on Etsy - 39€Kate Ramsey – felted flowers neckpiece adornement blue – (you can buy it on Etsy at « FeltFieltroFilc« )

bracelets 'dans mon corbillon' - blue serie felted bangles by "Dans mon Corbillon" at  "A little Market" by ‘dans mon corbillon‘ (Nadine Raymond) – blue serie felted bangles by « Dans mon Corbillon » (to shop at  « A little Market« )

163103_178795955493803_112397672133632_427652_1185885_n dans Colleen BARAN (CA)Hanan Kedmi (design graduate of Shenkar college, tel aviv) has created a series of jewelry made from heat sink devices that are attached to computer parts which tend to get overheated

149776_1631320190249_1453953476_1640836_6767013_n dans COUP DE COEURDora Haralambaki : « my participation to the <> »

mr+mouse dans Cynthia TOOPS (US)
Cath Dearsley (NZ) – felt mouse pendant & jewelry

« Inspired by my furry friend Mr Nibbles, these pieces are made by needle felting wool into objects and jewellery, referencing my attraction to toy animals and childrens book illustration.
Metalwork embellishes the pieces to create the attachments for wearing on the body.  Additionally I created a series of holders for these pieces to sit on, hang or interact with, adding to their playfulness and fun. » (Cath Dearsley)

 dans Dana BLOOM (IL)
Sophie Taylor-Brockie (NZ)- necklace- Amethyst, Felt, Embroidery Cotton, Curtain Weight (on kit & caboodle)

Cèlio Braga gives form to his relections through hand-made felt, silk, cotton fabric and glass beads…

Anat%20Gelbard dans Danielle GORI-MONTANELLI (IT)
Anat Gelbard (IL) has developed her jewellery through an exhaustive exploration of felt making techniques and created beautiful understated organic pieces.

Thea Clark (US) – necklace - felted wool oxdized silver, and citrine

Class photo
Cynthia Toops, felt bracelet

vacide erda zimic
Vacide Erda Zimic (Perou)

amy klainer Amy Klainer (US) -Laser cut 100% wool industrial felt, earth magnets

Hisano Takei - 'linked' 2006Hisano Takai
Hisano Takei (JP) – ‘linked’ 2006 - feutre/felt chain
Hisano Takei - felt neckpiece

GIIA graphic coll
GIIA (Italy) felt neckpieces (to SHOP on Etsy)

Brigit Daamen (NL) felt ringpinky- Brigit Daamen
Brigit DAAMEN (NL) felt ring & necklace – she was recently featured in the exhibition “Fashioning Felt”, at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Brigit felts plastic costume jewelry with merino wool and transforms them into precious edgy neck pieces.

 Karin WAGNER - collier fleurs PKarin Wagner -'bolitas' P
Karin Wagner (CH) bien sûr ! (collier ‘fleurs’ et collier ‘bolitas’)
Anna Wales (UK)‘Blooming Boa’ Necklace, oxidized silver and red felt

felt-5 dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)spi-7 dans Ellen WEISKE (US)
Meiri ISHIDA (JP) layered felt jewelry
« inner voices » Brooch, 2005 felt, silver ‘spiral city’ Necklace, 2006 – felt,plastic glass,silver Necklace in Blue Wool
Catherine Svensson (SE) « OlliesWoollies » – Woolly Bobble Punk Bracelet  & leaf necklace in blue
(to SHOP on Etsy)

hanneke-paumen-3 dans
 Hanneke Paumen (NL) – felt discs necklaces

hanneke-paumen-1 dans Eun YEONG JEONG (US)
Hanneke Paumen (NL) -  felt Collar

FREE SHIPPING Brown-Blue Multi Strand Felt NecklaceManic Organic (Felt Necklace or/and Bracelet)

Zorica Djukic (‘3FUN’ shop on Etsy) – Brown-Blue Multi Strand Felt Necklace – ‘Manic Organic’ (Felt Necklace or/and Bracelet)

FeltjewelryColleen Baran (CA) Felt Rings

Daily Recycled Rings - Colleen Baran Makes a Ring a Day - knot felt ringColleen Baran – Daily Recycled Rings (Ring a Day) – knot felt ring

Sabrina Bottura - Anello ‘Explosion’ – argento, feltro lavorato a manoSabrina Bottura (IT) -  Anello/ring  ‘Explosion’ – argento, feltro lavorato a mano

Marchi Wierson (to shop on Etsy at « Marchi made it »!)

 dans feutre / felt
Marchi WiersonBig Blob Bracelet – wool felted blobs, shaped & sewn together with inner cotton liner & cuff
WOW ! more to discover on her « kit&caboodle » page

gcm_purple_felt dans Gail CROSMAN MOORE (US)gcm_pointy dans GIIA (IT)
Gail Crosman Moore (US)

A Day in the Life..... dans Hanan KEDMI (IL)

Lily Yung -  felt ‘boa’ (‘Die cut‘ serie)

 dans Hanneke PAUMEN (NL)photo
 Janine Berben (NL) – felt Rings with coral beads — ‘Coral’ set
HAVE A LOOK at her « new work » on Flickr !!!!

Red Loopy Collar by Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – large ‘red loopy collar’ felt necklace

Licorice Brooch by Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – felt  ‘licorice’ brooch (j’adore !) (to SHOP here ! :-) )

slide0Ellen Weiske (US) – multi-layered use of color in this necklace

DSC08688 dans Hisano TAKEI (JP)
Michaela Binder (DE) 


some nice FELT shops on Etsy :




Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Fashioning felt exhibition



519ETACsa2L._SS500_ dans Janine BERBEN (NL)

Felt Fashion: Couture Projects from Garments to Accessories  - Jenne Giles – Quarry Books (oct 2010) – 128pp

pinkrose2web dans Jenne GILES (US)
rose scarve (!!) from ‘harlequinfeltworks‘ on Etsy ! (Jenne GILES)


COUP de COEUR ! SOLITAIRE look rings … & jewelry !

« She’s a dimestore diamond
Shines like the real thing…
dimestore diamond«  
(Beth DittoGossip)
(dimestore diamond = diamant « de prisunic » …)

and ….. According to the first lady of glamour, Marilyn Monroe, « You can wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can wear a diamond anywhere. »

Like Diamond or « gem-shaped » rings, or jewelry …..
Emmanuel Lacoste (FR) , bague ’7 péchés capitaux – ORGUEIL’ -le plus gros solitaire de la planète-symbole universel, signe extérieur de richesse par excellence…plus le diamant est gros plus l’ego est développé …

COUP de COEUR ! SOLITAIRE look rings ... & jewelry ! dans Alissia MELKA-TEICHROEW (US) npw dans Anna STEINEROVA (PL)
Marta HRYC (PL) (ex-eleve Jorge Manilla) -  ‘size mattersrings

Sarah-Holden-Ring dans blog TheCarrotBox
Sarah Holden (US), Sterling silver solitaire ring, 2010, sterling silver, brass

Thread Diamond SolitareThread Diamond Solitare
Sarah Holden (US) - Thread Diamond Solitaire  – Machine embroidered, both diamond & band – cotton thread  - 
to SHOP on Etsy

Huge Diamond Neckpiece
Sarah Holden (US) - Huge Diamond Neckpiece – 3D machine embroidered diamonds… truly a girl’s best friend! Takes two weeks to make and can be made in a variety of colors, but the diamonds are fo-eva!

Huge Diamond Neckpiece
Sarah Holden (US) - Huge Diamond Neckpiece – 3D machine embroidered diamonds… – detail

« Selda Okutan ‘Like Diamond’ series, which features not just metal gems but also gem-shaped bands » (discovered on the « carrotbox » blog at first)

31167_383462147910_609122910_3932654_897991_n dans COUP DE COEUR31167_383462152910_609122910_3932655_5513949_n dans Ellie MURPHY (UK)
Selda Okutan (TR) 2010 collection rings

framecoklu dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)
Selda Okutan (TR) ‘Sweet Heart Frame Rings’ – to SHOP on her website
Yael FriedmanWhite Elephants, 2008, constructed paper

 dans Jennifer KELLOGG (US)
Violaine ULMER – bague « diamant » porcelaine émaillée


3408876_orig dans K. bo SONNE (DK)
Maricha Genovese (US) – « Diamond Ring » Ring: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver  (discovered on carrotbox) 

Maricha Genovese  « Under Pressure » Necklace: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver

Gut Ring <br /> Sterling Silver, Gut, Steel, Citrine 3.5 x 5 x 5 cm 2008″ width= »262″ height= »249″ /><img src=Katie Rearick (US)- Gut Ring – Sterling Silver, Gut, Steel, Citrine – « Gnaw » series
‘diamond’ ring – Sterling Silver, Steel, Gut – (discovered on « the carrotbox »….. !!!)

Gnaw<br /> Steel, Gut, Silk 120 x 95 x 60 in  2008″ width= »451″ height= »287″ /><br />
<font size=‘Gnaw’ – Steel, Gut, Silk 

photoSOLITAIRE- Stephanie Condes
Anna STEINEROVA (PL) – bague- perspex et ……
Stéfanie Condes  (BE) – ring


 Dal 18 giugno al primo agosto la Triennale di Milano ospita la mostra Juwel Ring vergrößern
Viola Vecchi (IT) - anello in titanio (Fotos : Fondazione Politecnico di Milano) - (EXPO ‘Titani Preziosi »)
Renate Schmid (DE) – ring – (EXPO ‘no gems please’)
Uli Rapp (NL) – ‘diamonds explosion’ – Screenprinted textile necklace

screenprint1 dans Katie REARICK (US)
Uli Rapp – screen printed diamonds necklace

Uli_Rapp_16 dans Kim BUCK (DK)
Uli Rapp Diamondbrooch – textile, rubber, screenprinting
Philip Sajet – Collier Rouge 2 2006 – Gold, glass - diamond structures
« Lors de sa première exposition à la galerie TACTILe, en février 2001, Philip Sajet nous avait fait découvrir ses «répliques uniques», copies de diamants  »

 dans Louise BILLGREN (DK)
Galit Shivek Bar (from the Jewelry Department of Shenkar Academy, Israel, 2008)

Triple%20Gold1 dans Marc MONZO (ES) Royal%20Blue1 dans Maricha GENOVESE (US) White%20Double1 dans Marta HRYC (PL) Single%20Pink1 dans Philip SAJET (NL) Single%20Gold1 dans Renate SCHMID (DE)
Double%20Coral1 dans Sabine LANG (DE) Black%20&%20Gold%20Single1 dans Sarah HOLDEN (US) Double%20Turquoise1 dans Selda OKUTAN (TR) Double%20Black%20&%20Gold1 dans SHOP

Ellie Murphy (UK) -  diamants revisités …..
Sabine Lang (DE) – kindheit (bague en tissu) (Childhood time)
Sabine Lang (DE) ‘Lebensmitte’ ring (Middle age time)
Sabine Lang (DE) diamond skeleton ring (Ageing time)

« The three ages of life were presented by three pieces of jewellery: three different rings with a stone.
Childhood: A huge, oversized ring made of fabric invites the young to touch it. It’s soft and pillowy, something to play with. For an adult the ring is the size of a bangle and could be worn thus.
Middle age: A great rock crystal shows us luxuriance and vitality. This ring stands for prime of life. The zircon below the rock crystal makes the sparkle and glamour more intensive.
Ageing: At the end there is just the frame left. The skeleton of a ring symbolises the momentariness of our lives and all things. » (Sabine Lang (DE)) dans Stefanie CONDES (BE)
Jennifer Kellogg (US) – ‘Diamond’ white gold ring
Jennifer Kellogg – ’26 Diamond Necklace’
‘Ufo Products’ (Yuho Fukuhara, JP)  Acrylic Cube Diamond Rings
Ufo Products’ (Yuho Fukuhara, JP) ‘diamond’ rings
Marc MONZO (ES) – brooch ‘Big Solitaire’ silver, circonia, steel. 2005-2006

ring6 dans Thomas FEICHTNER (AT)SOLITAIRE-  'diamond ring' acrylic rings by alissia melka teichroew (usa)
Alissia Melka Teichroew (AMT Jewelry)(NL/US)- silver & acrylic « diamond » rings - a playful twist on the classic Tiffany setting


Alissia Melka-Teichroew  (NL/US) – References from iconic jewellery, including luxury brands such as Bulgari and Cartier, can be found in the forms of the Jointed Jewels

ddc_dbr_jew_1_large dans Uli RAPP (NL)NaokoFukuoka_03 dans Viola VECCHI (IT)
« Jewelgraphy card » You can never have enough bling!  designed by Naoko Fukuoka for D-BROS, a graphic design studio based in Tokyo (à « shopper » sur «« 

20769_1321408910273_1082334338_1018813_5223980_n dans Violaine ULMER (FR)
Louise Billgren (DK) -  Neckpiece « Go For The Power OF The Big Rocks » – Soap (!!!), rope
Kim Buck (DK) – diamond ring (2005) - unfolding solitaire ….


last1 dans Yael FRIEDMAN (IL)last4 dans Yuho FUKUHARA (JP)last3
Thomas Feichtner (AT) – ‘filio’ ring – silver – the ring is a one off piece that uses the same geometry of a cut gemstone.

K. bo SONNE – “diamond #1″ ring – lion yarn (??), silver 

K. bo SONNE – “diamond #2″ ring – textiles, silver