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EXPO ‘Parallel Worlds’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 13 Déc. 2014- 17 Janv. 2015

Les Mondes Parallèles
Opening of the exhibition next Friday Dec. 12th, 2014 at 18h PM.
New display with The Parallel Worlds, the new ALLIAGES exhibition showing
the works (for jewelry) of :
Les Mondes Parallèles


The Parallel Worlds, dream or reality, where beauty is everywhere, where wonders begin or end.
Angela Ciobanu - "Piece for the heart" (broche) Angela Ciobanu - « Piece for the heart » (broche) silver, fine gold, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades
Keum boo technique
Rodrigo Acosta - Rito Cardíaco (broche)
Rodrigo Acosta – Rito Cardíaco (broche) 
Isabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnetsIsabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnets
Viktoria MunzkerViktoria Munzker Necklace: Corialias, 2014 – Porcelain, glass, Silver, granules, old plastic pearls
20 x 20 x 3 cm

Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014
Sebastien CarréSebastien CarréCollier, bois, fibres, perles,2014 – Necklace, wood, fibers, beads – photo Lee Makkam
Sébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014 Organic, Necklace  bois, fibres, perles, wood, fibers, beadsSébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014   bois, fibres, perles, porté
Alina Carp - brooch 2014Alina Carp – brooch 2014
Ana Carolina EscobarAna Carolina Escobar - Ring: Memoria-Historia, 2014 – silicon, Blown glass, Gold Plated Brass
Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside --  The Parallel Worlds.Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside
Sangji YUN - broochSangji YUN – brooch
Karen VanmolKaren Vanmol necklace: Cultivate – wood, laminate, plastic vintage, beads, brass, spray paint, silver  Cutting, soldering, gluing, spray , painting
Cai Xuan WuCai Xuan WuBrooch: Under the sea – Acrilic, Plastic – Hand knitting, colour dyening.
Nicole Schuster  Brooch Nicole Schuster  Brooch
Ingeborg VandammeIngeborg Vandamme Necklace: Tear catcher, 2014 – silver, paper, pigment
Aiko Fujita - (AFEDAP - diplomes 2014)Aiko Fujita – (AFEDAP – diplomes 2014)
Karin Roy Andersson Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel - The Parallel Worlds.Karin Roy Andersson  - Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel
Konstantinos KonstantopoulosKonstantinos Konstantopoulos
Liisa Hashimoto.Liisa Hashimoto Pin: Silver chair shadow – silver
Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection,ring, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Ring: Corrosion-Corruption: The Negative of Dreams, 2014 – Sterling Silver, gold plated, pvc, patina – Traditional metal working techniques, hand forming for PVC.
George Giannoutsos brooch 2014George Giannoutsos
Gigi Mariani - bangle 2014Gigi Mariani – Bracelet: Moments « And the clouds were running », 2014 – Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina
Akis Goumas (& sa femme pour le textile)Akis Goumas & Georgia Gremouti (for the textile part)
Teresa FarisTeresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a bird III, 2014 – silver, wood altered by a bird
Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, "red lantern" 2014Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, « red lantern » 2014 – Taiwanese porcelain, silver
  José Marin   José Marin
111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h


EXPO ‘Forming Words’ – Flow Gallery (UK) – 14 Fevr-17 Mai 2013

Forming Words

14 February – 17 May 2013Forming Words - Flow


Text forms part of our daily lives. Road signs, headlines and advertisement communicate with people without making a sound. In perhaps more thoughtful text, words enclosed in novels, type in a newspaper article or the verse of a poem can be a source of deep inspiration.
Flow’s forthcoming exhibition Forming Words is based on how form and structure can be inspired by text. Flow has asked selected artists to create new work based on a piece of writing of their choice, from poetry to a letter to lyrics. Whether it is the shapes, lines and curves which letters create that inspire the work, as in vibrant wall pieces by Debbie Smyth that motivate the work. Or simply the fluidity of the writing, artists exploring this theme express the diverse approaches and outcomes this one theme can manifest. Many of the artists have chosen to utilise the meaning of their selected text or the message that the text communicates to inform their work. Other artists, such as Aino Kajaniemi take a personal approach to using text with particular memories woven in thread.
The work in this exhibition traverses disciplines. Jewellery will be exhibited alongside silver teacups, ceramic vessels and enamel plates. The variety in material has resulted in an exhibition that intends to capture the endless inspiration of the written word.Clare Hillerby - brooch Walthamstow to Birmingham - silver, paper, perspex, gold, blue green mapClare Hillerby – Brooch

Artists include:  Jonathan Boyd — Gary Breeze — Tabea Dürr — Clare Goddard — Clare Hillerby — Mimi Joung — Alyssa Dee Krauss — Aino Kajaniemi — Hanne Mannheimer — Susanne Matsché — Enya Moore — Cecilia Levy — Bethan Lloyd Worthington — Matthew Raw — Debbie Smyth — Jessica Turrell Ingeborg Vandamme — Sophie Wiltshire — Buddug Wyn Humphreys

Ingeborg Vandamme - memoriesIngeborg Vandamme memories

Jonathan Mathew Boyd | Gallery 2Jonathan Boyd

Susanne Matsché - snake of thoughts: leather, textile Susanne Matsché snake of thoughts: leather, textile

Collage brooch ~ Italy oval -  Clare Hillerby - - at "Forming Words" Flow galleryClare Hillerby – Collage brooch ~ Italy oval

Jessica Turrell - pieces from the 'medal' seriesJessica Turrellnew group of ‘medal’ brooches

Jessica Turrell "Rememberings" PanelJessica Turrell « Rememberings » Panel


Flow Gallery
1-5 Needham Road 
London   W11 2RP   UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7243 0782


EXPO ‘Paper Jewellery – objects’ – CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL) – 14 Juill.-23 Sept. 2012

Paper Jewellery & objects in CODA Museum

Luis Acosta — Jeong Suk Kim — Eva Kipp — Elise Kloppers — Bert Loman — Carina Mathot — José Middelhuis — Petra Poolen — Nel Prins — Marion Westerman — Riet van Schie — Marijke Schurink — Riëtte Senff — Riny SmitsHelene TschacherIngeborg VanDamme — Mieke Veerkamp — Riks Vos — Nynke van Amersfoort — Imke Beek — Elske Brehler — Colette Bloos — Sybrecht Bosker — Mieke Diekmann — Claudia Eikendal — Marianne van der Ent — Renate Fischer — Ingrid Golz — Petra Hartman — Sandy Heemskerk — Truus van den Heuvel — Susanne HolzingerMartine Horstman — Wianda Keizer — De Papiertuin (Betty Disco/Miriam van der Linden)

 Luis Acosta - 2012Luis Acosta – paper thread necklace, serie ‘Quipus’ – 2012

Luis Acosta brooch Acosta brooch

EXPO 'Paper Jewellery - objects' - CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL) - 14 Juill.-23 Sept. 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition f886f7b773Luis Acosta necklace – (detail)

a9574dfc32 dans Hollande (NL) Susanne Holzinger paper bracelet cf09362926 dans Ingeborg VANDAMME (NL)

e4a5fc671e dans Luis ACOSTA (RA)
Riny Smits bangle 31c0ce4510 dans Martine HORSTMAN (NL)

Martine Horstman  coll-08pic01-xl dans MUSEE

Ingeborg VanDamme ‘plant necklace’ plant, paper – in collection of Coda Museum, Apeldoorn (2008)


Coda Museum
Vosselmanstraat 299,
7311 CL Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés …..

Le premier bijou dans ce sens -où « l’essentiel » était caché- qui m’ait « interpellée était le bijou  d’ Otto Kunzli, ce bracelet en gomme où  une boule d’or était cachée …. ça m’a longtemps épaté, émerveillé, fait fantasmer ….

Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés ..... dans BOOKS / BIBLIO 1997_6_30Otto Künzli – Gold Makes You Blind – gold, rubber, 1980 – Photo Credit: Eva Heyd (MAD Museum collection)
bracelet, rubber in which a golden ball, design 1980, execution ca.1998, Switzerland

Puis, il y a eu le bracelet de Tina Chow qui m’a longtemps fait rêver …  ce « tressage » qui cache des pierres précieuses non taillées, à l’état brut, doublement mystérieuses ….

Tina Chow designed bracelet - woven basketry with, inside, "free" rough stones ....Tina Chow designed bracelet – woven basketry with, inside, « free » rough stones ….

INSIDE DIMOND RING. By tmh at gallery Deux Poissons.INSIDE DIMOND RING. By TMH at gallery Deux Poissons

NiessingNiessing ring

Nick Dong Ring - vivre caché .....Nick Dong Ring

Lia Di GregorioLia Di Gregorio bracelet

Sam Tho Duong - brooch from "ginger" collectionSam Tho Duong – brooch from « ginger » collection

Kathy Frey - Floating Pearl Riverstone Bangle - 525 $Kathy Frey – Floating Pearl Riverstone Bangle

The Rattle ring. Clever design with inside compartments for eight diamonds that will rattle inside the ring when worn.John Reinhold  – The Rattle ring. Clever design with inside compartments for eight diamonds that will rattle inside the ring when worn
Alan Revere - "implosion" ring - gold, diamondsAlan Revere – « implosion » ring – gold, diamonds
Ball Track bangle - Sean O'Connell -    Stainless steel, ruby ball bearings Sean O’Connell -   ball Track bangle – Stainless steel, ruby ball bearings
coll-09pic05-xl dans COUP DE COEURcoll-09pic04-xl dans Kathy FREY (US)
Ingeborg Vandamme ‘diary ring II’ – closed & open -  silver, paper –
caché- Katja Prins -rubber & pearl rings - 1997-98Katja Prins -rubber & pearl rings – 1997-98
Merci au livre de Nicolas Estrada « New Rings » qui a apporté de l’eau à mon moulin
New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World  – by Nicolas Estrada – June 2011 – Thames & Hudson – 272 pp


EXPO ‘Just Rings’ – Galerie Violaine Ulmer, Toulouse (FR) – 5 Juin-5 Juill. 2012


217 bagues – 41 artistes – 10 pays

La bague : objet intemporel

La bague existe depuis la nuit des temps : témoignage d’une époque et d’une certaine façon d’être au monde, c’est le bijou le plus prisé.
Pièces uniques ou de très petites séries, les 217 bagues sélectionnées pour « Just rings, #1 » sont fabriquées à l’unité par les artistes-artisans-designers eux-mêmes. De factures diverses, constituées de différentes matières (argent massif, résine, céramique, caoutchouc, acier, fer…), les 217 bagues exposées témoignent toutes d’une grande qualité de réalisation.

Les artistes :

Marianne Anselin (France) – Jean-Philippe Barriere (France) – Anne Becker (Allemagne) – Sadie Blythin (Angleterre) – Elena Lara Bonanomi (Italie) – Sara Bran (France) – Isabelle Carpentier (Belgique) – Pauline Ciocca (France) – Marine Dagorne (France) – Anastasia Dedonaki (Grèce) – Suzanne Esser (Pays-Bas) – Anna Fatovich (Grèce) – Deborah Forest (Angleterre) – Marie-Pierre Ginestet (France) – Andréas Grau (France) – Dora Haralambaki (Grece) – Heidemarie Herb (Allemagne) – Peter Hoogeboom (Pays-Bas) – Maja Houtman (Pays-Bas) – Aline Kokinopoulos (France) – Iris Kuhn (France) – Birgit Laken (Pays Bas) – Thierry Latt (France) – Krista Lehari (Estonie) – Eleni Malliotaki (Grèce) – Luigi Mariani (Italie) – Jade Mellor (Angleterre) – Sabrina Meyns (Irlande) – Fanny Morlon (France) – Chloé Noyon (Belgique) – Laurence Opperman (France) – Stéphane Pedonesi (Italie) – Marie Philis (France) – Andrea Pineros (France) – Camilla Pistolesi (Italie) – Karin Roy Andersson (Suède) – Yvonne Savelkoul (Pays-Bas) – Sanna Svedestedt (Suède) – Ingeborg Vandamme (Pays-Bas) – Claire Wolfstirn (France) – Yasmin Yahya (France)

 Amazing ring by Gigi Mariani. Stunning work from ItalyLuigi Mariani
Dora Haralambaki - Ring  Mixed mediaDora Haralambaki

Heidemarie Herb - collection herb's garden - organic fragment, resin, Ag, 2012Heidemarie Herb – Rings: Collerction herb’s garden 2012 – Organic fragment, 925 ag

Pinned ImagePeter Hoogeboom rings ‘Tears’ ring/container – ceramic, cork – different sizes & colors – serie ‘Earthen adornments’ 2011
Andrea Pineros - "destins croises" - silver, coton, nylon wireAndrea Piñeros  Rings « destins croisés » – silver, coton, nylon wire

 Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather  Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather

Claire Wolfstirn. Consider breaking up the solid metal in some way. 2 lines of wire running around perimeter with drilled holes/pierced in the center.Claire Wolfstirn

Laurence Oppermann - Bague Mine d'or. En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d'or à l'intérieur de la coque. Années 2000Laurence Oppermann – Bague « Mine d’or ». En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d’or à l’intérieur de la coque Marianne Anselin - bagues feuilles - 2010 - fer rouillé et argentMarianne Anselin – bagues feuilles – 2010 – fer rouillé et argent
paper flower jewelry by sabrina meynsSabrina Meyns – paper & silver flower ringJade MellorJade Mellor
Ring by French jewelry artist Violaine Ulmer - collectionsViolaine Ulmer
 Maja Houtman


la Galerie Violaine Ulmer
33, rue Bouquière
31000 Toulouse
téléphone :
e-mail :
facebook :


EXPO ‘True Colors’ – Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (NL) – 20 Fevr.-29 Mai 2011

True colours. New Traditional Jewellery

All over the world, jewellery is worn to decorate the body, to indicate status and identity, or for its religious significance. The biannual international design competition New Traditional Jewellery challenges contemporary jewellers from all over the world to use these emblems of historical or ethnographic significance as a starting point for new designs. In addition to this general concept, each year concentrates on a specific theme.
This year the theme is True Colours. In the most literal sense, it is about the history, meanings, value, magic, and power of colour. For example, the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia believed that the colour blue would protect them from evil, while 35,000 years ago primitive man used pink fibres to decorate clothing.
True Colours can also be interpreted literally as revealing one’s colours or one’s true nature. For example, the red and black pompons on the hats worn by women from Germany’s Black Forest indicate whether or not the person wearing the hat is married, and women decorate their clothing with traditional buttons.
Both meanings of True Colours appear again in again in over three hundred submissions from thirty-four countries. The exhibition presents a selection of these submissions demonstrating the great variation of colour in contemporary jewellery.

Winners NTJ 2010:
*Student winners:
Serin Oh
Penka Arabova
*Established jewellery artists and silverdesigners:
Amanda Caines
Tove Rygg
Auk Russchen


Young Joo Lee
Young-Joo LEE

The theme for the biennial international design contest New Traditional Jewellery is True Colours. This is the fourth edition of the contest and may said to have been very successful, with more than 300 entries of jewellery designers from 33 countries. The pieces submitted were judged by a technical jury of six persons, each with their own background – teacher, jewellery designer, academic, curator and fashion designer.
An important aspect of New Traditional Jewellery is that the participants should find their inspiration in historical and/or ethnographic jewellery. The theme selected this year has a double meaning. It is about colour, literally, but also means ‘showing your colours’ or ‘showing your true nature’. The entries were representative of this dichotomy with pieces showing an outspoken use of colour, but also with an enormous ethnic variety. It gave the jury a splendid opportunity to get an idea of what is happening at an international level in the field of contemporary jewellery design, with jewellers coming from countries like Finland, Iraq, Australia and Chile.
After some elaborate discussions the jury has selected the five winners listed below, among whom two students. While making the selection the jury aimed at diversity in order to show the various aspects within the theme of True Colours.

Het juryrapport is te lezen op

EXPO 'True Colors' - Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (NL) - 20 Fevr.-29 Mai 2011 dans Amanda CAINES (UK) 083caines-LRG
Amanda Caines (1961) multi-coloured Urban Tribal Necklace 

The multi-coloured Urban Tribal Necklace of Amanda Caines (1961) from Great Britain fits the theme of the contest perfectly. She has taken a good look at the necklaces of coloured beads worn by the Zulus where the necklace is a means of communication and the colours stand for a code that tells something about the age group and social status of the wearer. To make her contemporary version Caines uses rejected telephone and computer wires made of plastic in bright colours – she winds wool around them, fastens vintage fabrics to them and subsequently decorates them with beads.


The jury was pleasantly impressed by this year’s powerful entries of the students, with surprising and original designs. The prizes for the students were awarded to Penka Arabova (1980) from Bulgaria and Serin Oh from Korea.

203arabova-LRG dans Auk RUSSCHEN (NL)
Penka Arabova green brooch

Penka Arabova’s green brooch was inspired by an old Bulgarian tradition where red and white cotton threads tied together are worn as pendants, brooches or bracelets. The colour red of these so-called Martenizas is symbolic of youth and the colour white for age, and wearing them brings health and happiness. For her brooch Arabova has used different colours and materials which she associates with the old tradition in her native country and in doing so created her own modern guardian against illness and misfortune.

oh dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)
Serin OH – ring

At first sight Serin OH’s ring looks like a bronze nugget, coloured black, mounted on a classic ring. But upon closer inspection all kinds of jewellery and parts thereof can be distinguished, among which precious stones and a small angel, which have fused together. It is a reference to the costume jewellery that is sold in the shopping centres of Korea, mass-produced and no longer bearing any relationship to the history of Korea. Serin Oh pictures the confusion and identity crisis of modern Korea by fusing these trinkets to a whole.

russchen dans Exposition/Exhibition
Auk Russchen (1971) brooch ‘Ode’

The brooch Ode by Auk Russchen (1971) was discussed extensively by the jury and became the surprising winner. To Russchen True Colours means who you are deep inside. Showing your inside to the world. Her unusual choice of material agrees with this. Using thinly cut strips of goatskin she crochets an organic form reminiscent of intestines. The tips are of pink yarn and resemble socks. The raw, almost grubby colour of the goatskin makes the small pink details stand out. She arrived at the colour pink after reading an article about primordial man using pink coloured fibres to decorate clothing as long as 35,000 years ago. Her brooch is an ode to her and our distant ancestors. 

rygg dans Hollande (NL)
 Tove Rygg (1963) necklace Link

The necklace Link by Tove Rygg (1963) from Norway does not catch the eye because of its distinct, but rather its very subtle use of colour. During a labour-intensive process she crochets long cords of gold, silver and high-grade steel. She adds small precious stones and plaits the cords into one long chain, based on old chains of the Vikings. The various stones, haematite, smoky quartz, agate and peridote, are symbolic of the various aspects of the Norwegian landscape, such as lakes, fjords and forests. The blood agate is a personal reference to her own blood and her personal relationship with her native country Norway. 

knuts_1 dans MUSEE
Tove Knuts


Carolina Gimeno
Carolina Gimeno - brooch


 Nominees NTJ 2010:

Alejandra Solar Mexico Amanda Caines UK
Anabelle Royo Spain Annette Duburg Netherlands
Annika Pettersson Sweden Atty Tantivit Thailand
Auk Russchen Netherlands Ayala Raz Israel
Barbora Dzurakova Slovakia Belinda Koopman Australia
Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary Germany Carolina Gimeno Chile
Cattherine Buman Australia Daniel Michel Germany
Denise Julia Reytan Germany Dora Haralambaki Greece
Esther Liebhold Germany Fabrizio Tridenti Italy
Floor Mommersteeg Netherlands Francisca Bauza Germany
Giovanni Sicuro Italy Gular Mustafa Iraq
Hartog & Henneman Netherlands Heejoo Kim Korea
Ingeborg Vandamme Netherlands Iris Goldman Germany
Isabell Schaupp Germany Jessica Turrell UK
Joao Vaz Portugal Judith Bloedjes Netherlands
Judith MacCaig UK Karen Vanmol Belgium
Katharina Tannous Germany Kirsi Johanna Kaasinen Finland
Kirsten Spuijbroek Netherlands Lien Hereijgers Belgium
Maryvonne Wellen Germany Melissa Miller Australia
Michaela Donsbach Germany Mirjam Frankle Germany
Mirjam Geiss Germany Nicolas Cheng  
Ou Jiun You Taiwan Penka Arabova Bulgaria
Pia Sommerlad Germany Serin Oh Korea
Simone Brewster UK Siv Jager Jansson Sweden
Stephanie Hensle Germany Sylvia Potente Australia
Tamara Grüner Germany Thahoura Mona Hadinejad Iran
Thea Clark US Tove Knuts Sweden
Tove Rygg Norway Vivi Touloumidi Greece
Willemijn de Greef Netherlands Young-joo Lee Korea


Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem
Utrechtseweg 87,
Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Tel.+31( 0)26 3775300.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.



EXPO ‘Mediterraneo’ – Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno (IT) – 12-19 Avril 2011



la Provincia di Livorno con il Museo di Storia Naturale in collaborazione con il Gruppo Toscano dell’AGC (Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo) e il Garden Club sezione Livorno, hanno organizzato un nuovo capito legato ai gioielli contemporanei sul tema del Mediterraneo.

EXPO 'Mediterraneo' - Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno (IT) - 12-19 Avril 2011   dans AGC Italia copertina1_2_2

Per questa occasione sessanta artisti (designer del gioiello contemporaneo) di tredici paesi differenti, dall’ Italia a Singapore, dalla Russia a Gerusalemme si confrontano con il Mediterraneo, il “Mare Nostrum” da sempre punto ideale di incontro, contaminazione di idee, culture, linguaggi e tradizione, un luogo dove le differenze hanno sempre rappresentato la sua ricchezza e l’ essenza stessa della sua civiltà. Cultura ed arte affinchè il “Mediterraneo” continui a rappresentare attraverso un autentico dialogo ed una convinta accettazione della convivenza, tra la compresenza e interazione degli opposti, un bacino di crescita per la società contemporanea. Gli artisti, partecipando a questa manifestazione, arrivano alle sponde del “ pensiero mediterraneo” e attraverso le loro identità, con la luce,i colori, i miti, i segni della storia e delle tradizioni, elaborano un linguaggio condiviso ed aperto alle diversità accrescendo, così, la consapevolezza della necessità di una coerenza propositiva nell’ambito della cultura del gioiello contemporaneo che ne garantisca una propria funzionalità storica.

E’ previsto un premio di 1000 euro rivolto agli artisti fino ai 35 anni di età che sarà aggiudicato dall’ opera più rappresentativa della tematica legata al Mediterraneo.

 (GRAZIE al web « seroxcult-oggi in italia« per l’informazione e la LISTA degli artisti !)
Farrah Al Dujaili — Susanna Baldacci — Graziano BarzettiFrancisca BauzaDoris Betz — Elena Bonanomi — Narciso Bresciani — Luciano Capossela — Valentina Caprini — Dania Chelminsky — Andrea Codervalor — Coral CohenTrinidad ContrerasFabio Corsini – Frances d’Antree — Corrado De Meo — Laura De Tanti — Valentina Della Rosa — Anja Eichler – Michela Silvana Farano — Nicoletta FrigerioFrancesca Gabrielli – Carlotta Gambineri — Amira GattasTamara GrunerHeidemarie Herb — Serena Holm — Younghee Hong Annamaria IodiceAnastasia KandarakiRallou KatsariAline KokinopoulosClaire LavendhommeEuik yung Lee — Ina Lee — Ji Liu — Angelo Lomuscio — Leonora Laura Lucani — Gerti Machacek — Maria Mamkaeva Cristina Marti MatòJudy Mc CaigKatharina MochViktoria MunzkerGular Mustafa — Alja Neuner — Ariel Matias OrtegaStefano PalestiniLiana Patthis – Barbara Pepe — Marco Picciali — Christine Richard – Walter Romani — Marco Sardi — Giulia Savino — Chiara Scarpitti — Xinzi Song — Sonia Spano — Maurizio Stagni Chiara Trentin — Jessica Turrell — Anna Van de Pol — Ingeborg Vandamme — Karen Vanmol — Gabi Veit — Federico Vianello — Lada Vosejpkova
l’articolo di Giulia Mantelli in « Arte e Arti Magazine » , anche se MOLTO interessante, non dice di chi è questo gioiello ! :-( se qualcuno mi lo sa dire ……

Euik Yung Lee

(Ma menomale che Valeria Accornero dil web « gioiellocontemporaneo » è la !!! fotografie E di chi sonno ! LUSSO !! GRAZIE Valeria ! :-) )

Francesca Gabrielli 

 dans Amira GATTAS (FR)
Trinidad Contreras
Francisca Bauza


Museo di Storia Naturale
Livorno (IT)


EXPO ‘Cominelli Foundation Award’ – Fondazione Cominelli (Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy) – 12 Sept.–3 Oct. 2010

The Fondazione Cominelli, in carrying out its cultural activities has now come up with an articulated project where it becomes a reference point for the applied arts, not only for exhibitions, but also as a place where applied art “is done”; it does this by organising workshops and conferences on the subject; of this complex panorama it has chosen to present and delve into some sectors only: photography, ceramics and jewellery.

The Fondazione Cominelli is sided by AGC which organises and promotes the event. Agc has already promoted other projects on the national territory.
Agc, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (Contemporary Jewellery Association) founded in June 2004, has, among its statutory objectives, that of drawing attention to the value of the contemporary jewellery culture and spreading it.
Contemporary jewellery today represents a sector of advanced research and experimentation of new expressive languages as well as exploiting the personal ornament concept.
In close contact with the international community, the association follows up a series of initiatives aimed at promoting a constructive and synergistic confrontation with other artistic and productive realities.
Here, for the first time, the “Premio Fondazione Cominelli” will be founded, this year referred to an international award for jewellery artists and designers and next year to the gold and jewellery areas of the Art Institutes and schools of contemporary jewellery. The first prize will be awarded to one of the participants selected for the “Premio Fondazione Cominelli” exhibition on contemporaneity in the jewellery research world.
Within this project it is important to point out the Foundation’s intention to set up a permanent collection of contemporary jewellery, following the events that will be organised there.

EXPO 'Cominelli Foundation Award' - Fondazione Cominelli (Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy) - 12 Sept.–3 Oct. 2010 dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) IRIS_BODEMER
Iris Bodemer - Primo premio 

Fabrizio-Tridenti dans AGC Italia
Fabrizio Tridenti  (Secondo Premio)


Selected artists:
Ulla Ahola, Karin Roy Andersson, Adrean Bloomard, Iris Bodemer, Patrizia Bonati, Sungho Cho, Alexa Maria Clark, Diana Dudek, Elisabetta Dupré, Beate Eismann, Flavia Fenaroli, Arata Fuchi, Joanne Grimonprez, Lisa Grassivaro, SeulGi Kwon, Iris Goldmann, Makoto Hieda, Lidia Hirte, Minna Karhu, Peter Hoogeboom, Marta Hric, Eugenia Ingegno, Marco Minelli, Marina Massone, Judy Mc Cayg, Jane Millard, Floor Mommersteg, Heiko Nakahara, Claire O’hallorane, Alessandra Pizzini, Chiara Scarpitti, Bettina Speckner, Maurizio Stagni, Silke Trekel, Fabrizio Tridenti, Jessica Turrell, Barbara Uderzo, Gabi Veit, Ingeborg Vandamme, Stefano Zanini, Giancarlo Montebello, Alba Lisca, Graziano Visintin.


Forte contributo e perfetta rappresentazione della Gioielleria Contemporanea del nostro tempo.
E` un gioiello indossabile che gioca con le tradizioni, indicando nuove possibilità nell`uso dei materiali e il loro accostamento , così carta, oro, perle e spago diventano i protagonisti della collana « INGREDIENTS » . Crea nuove proporzioni e raggiunge un alto valore estetico.
Gli anelli di Fabrizio Tridenti sono simili a piccole sculture che includono con grande sensibilità le forme geometriche in un sistema logico.
Piccole architetture in cui si fondono ombre e proporzioni, in particolare l`anello color arancio che evoca un ambiente industriale.
l`anello contiene la delicatezza nel movimento di un essere marino, e la poetica della cultura giapponese.
vi è nelle sue opere una contrapposizione di tecnologia determinata dal disegno nelle superfici e musicalità nel disegno che lei compone .
forma e superfici interessanti per l`utilizzo della tecnica dello smalto sul ferro.

Opera di Arata Fuchi
Arata Fuchi

Beate EISMANN spille del 2008/2009 Sono composti di carta fatta a mano nella quale furono incorporati pezzettini di metallo e pietre preziose



Karin-Roy-Michelle-Andersson dans Beate EISMANN (DE)
Karin Roy  Andersson

Jane-Millard dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE)
 Jane Millard


ULLA_AHOLA dans Elisabetta DUPRE (IT)

Bettina-Speckner dans Eugenia INGEGNO (IT)
Bettina Speckner

Eugenia-Ingegno dans Exposition/Exhibition
Eugenia Ingegno

Alessandra PIZZINI

Alexa Maria KLAHR

Barbara%20Uderzo dans Gabi VEIT (IT)
Barbara UDERZO




ELISABETTA_DUPRE%27 dans Italie (IT)
Elisabetta DUPRE’




Judy Mc Cayg


Makoto HIEDA


Marta HRYC

Maurizio STAGNI

MINNA_KARU dans Maurizio STAGNI (IT)
Minna KARU

Patrizia BONATI



Stefano ZANINI

Jessica Turrell

Sungho CHO

Gabi Veit


Fondazione Cominelli
Cominelli Foundation Award
Palazzo Cominelli -
Cisano di San Felice del Benaco (Lake of Garda) Italy
deadline: 30.Apr.2010


voir article : CONCOURS “Cominelli Foundation Award” (Italie) – deadline : 30 avril 2010