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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Juan HARNIE – Aesthetical Injection(s)

everywhere in december !!! CELEBRITY ???…….

In 2016, he continues his experimentation with a new serie, « Aesthetical Injection » : Designing this collection Juan Harnie used medical materials to create attractive, floral looking jewellery. Juan has always seen beauty in materials that have little to no aesthetical value to others. These materials in particular are usually linked to unpleasant situations like hospitals and doctor visits, but now they are taken out of this context and made into uncanny pieces of jewellery.
Juan got his inspiration from flowers and plants, which always seem to please the eye of the beholder. Even when a plant or flower turns out to be hazardous, poisonous or possibly deadly, at first people will always attribute positive feelings towards seeing them. Contradictory, syringes that are designed to administer medicine and in fact heal people are met with fear, disgust and a general feeling of unease. Using these syringes in colourful, floral pieces of jewellery, mimicking the shape and colour of the ever-so-loved flower, might just make people reconsider their initial feelings towards syringes and see the beauty the designer saw in them.
In addition to the syringes, sterile medical gauze is used either to imprint the silver backs of the pieces or being drenched in coloured polyurethane and moulded into organic sculptured shapes sprouting silverwork and gemstones. This medical gauze once again fulfils its original purpose: being worn on the body and thus soothing an inner ache. »

Materials used for « Aesthetical Injection«  series : syringes, polyurethane, zirconia, brass, silver, gauze, resin

Juan Harnie: Juan Harnie ‘Aesthetical Injection’ -

'Aesthetical Injection' - Brooch/necklace - 2016 - Polyurethane, syringes, brass, medical gauze - Juan Harnie: Juan Harnie - ‘Aesthetical Injection’ – Brooch/necklace – 2016 – Polyurethane, syringes, brass, medical gauze

 Juan Harnie    - Scar(r)ed (2015) -'aesthetical injection' collection. - jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver: Juan Harnie  – Scar(r)ed (2015)  brooch -’aesthetical injection’ collection. – jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver

Juan Harnie - -'aesthetical injection' collection. - jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver: Juan Harnie - -’aesthetical injection’ collection. – jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver

Juan Harnie - -'aesthetical injection' collection. 2016 - jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver: Juan Harnie - -’aesthetical injection’ collection. 2016 – jewels made with medical gauze, syringes, polyurethane and silver

Juan Harnie - 'Still Scar(r)ed?' - Brooch - 2016 - Polyurethane, silver, syringes, zirconia, medical gauze, brassJuan Harnie - ‘Still Scar(r)ed?’ – Brooch – 2016 – Polyurethane, silver, syringes, zirconia, medical gauze, brass


​Juan harnie DECEMBER 2016 exhibitions : 

galerie BEYOND‘Unlikely Beauty’ at galerie BEYOND (Antwerp) : Side expo by Juan Harnie (BE) and Ana Margarida Carvalho (PT)
Nov 6 – Dec 11 2016
Some new pieces of the ‘Aesthetical Injection’ collection exhibited. First tim they are shown in an expo.EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Juan HARNIE - Aesthetical Injection(s) dans Belgique (BE) 1f642 :) The expo is called ‘Unlikely Beauty’.

'Unlikely Beauty' at galerie BEYOND - Juan Harnie pins: ‘Unlikely Beauty’ at galerie BEYOND - Juan Harnie Tiepins – Silver/Syringe/Resin

Juan Harnie - Tiepin - 2015 - Silver/Syringe/Resin Juan Harnie – Tiepin – 2015 – Silver/Syringe/Resin

Juan Harnie: Juan Harnie - Tiepin (worn) – 2015 – Silver/Syringe/Resin


« 12th Jewelry Award Expo » :
* Diamond Museum, 18/11/2016-05/01/2017, Bruges (BE)

Katelijnestraat 43 8000 Brugge Belgique

12th Jewelry Award Expo: DiamondLand, 21/09-10/10/2016, Antwerp (BE) Tour & Taxis, 17/10-13/11/2016, Brussels (BE) ​Diamond Museum, 18/11/2016-05/01/2017, Bruges (BE)This 12th edition of the Jewelry Award exhibits the 23 best jewels of the graduation students of seven different Jeweler schools . Contest theme is “Geometrical imperfection”


«Triple Parade Exhibitions»  10/11/2016-16/01/2017,
at  Gauguin Gallery, BEIJING
From 17th December to 16th January 2017
(at Shenxi Art Museum Tianjin was from 10th to 27th November 2016)

Triple ParadeThe main exhibition TRIPLE PARADE 2016 - Dialogue Across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer represents 79 designers and artists

the artists and designers will be part of this year’s TRIPLE PARADE Central Exhibitions are:
Karin Johansson, Paul Derrez, Lin Cheung, Dinie Besems, Kim Buck, Lauren Kalman, Ezra Satok-Wolman, Katja Prins, Joo Hyung Park, Sofie Boons, Chiara Scarpitti, Trinidad Contreras Chaparro, Aisegul Telli, Ana Filipa Braganca, Gular Mustafa, Dukno Yoon, Hester Popma-Van De Kolk, Joson Thomson, Juan Harnie, Marie-Louise Kristensen,  Marion Delarue,  Minna Karhu,  Ruta Naujalyte,  Sangji Yun,  Sara Gackowska, Lee Yojae, Lee Myungjoo, Hong Kyunghee, Zixuan Feng, Zheng Yu, Haiming Ren, Dingchen He, Zhicheng  Zhou, Wei Zhou, Jingyao Sun, Ye Zhang, Yiping Zeng, Danyi Zhu, Yuxuan Zhu, Anqi Li, Heng Li, Wenqian Li, Muzi Li, Dongdong Zhuang, Jie Sun, Jing Li, Guangyao Yang, Xiao Liang, Yanli Duan, Hangchen Duan, Jinwei Chi, Zhaokun Wang, Jun Hu, Bai Xie, Yi Zhao, Xinan Yu, Hui Guo, Xiaodai Huang, Zhaodan Zhang, Kui Shu, Shijian Zhao. Peter Rust, Kirsi Manninen, Anne Bader, Shaofei Zhang & Qian Wang, Ying Jiang, Lin Ju, Yin Chang, Wenqi Xu, Hongyu Xu, Yan Li, Wenqian Li, Feiyu Lin, Liyin Wang, Weiming Lu, Ma Lu, Quanxia Chen.

Gauguin Gallery
Wang Jing S O H O Zhong Xin T 2
chaoyang Qu -  Beijing



EXPO ‘RULE THE WORLD’ – Friends of Carlotta, Zurich (CH) – 19 Juin-5 Sept. 2014

RULE THE WORLD, a juried exhibition at Friends of Carlotta in Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Bruna Hauert.

Welcome to our world of lived-out deficiencies and psychopaths!

What are the adornments of dictators, despots, and the plain delusional ? What do they need in order to let their real personalities shine through ? What tools do tyrants have to show that they are in charge ?

Rule the World

Despoten sind – bei aller Einfalt – ein sehr facettenreiches Trüppchen. Sie wollen nicht nur geliebt werden. Nein, sie wollen ehrlich und echt geliebt werden. Notfalls mit Gewalt.
Doch: Womit schmücken sich DiktatorInnen, Grössenwahnsinnige, Möchtegerns und Trauminöds? Womit präsentieren sie sich, damit ihre wahre Persönlichkeit im richtigen Licht erstrahlt? Womit zeigen GrosskotzInnen, TyrannInnen und zu Höherem Berufene, dass die Macht mit ihnen ist? Besitzt der Mächtige Objekte der Macht weil er mächtig ist? Oder ist er mächtig, weil er Objekte von magischer Macht besitzt?
Und: Was gönnt der Despot sich selbst in einer launigen Minute? Welcher Schmuck feiert mit ihm in der Stunde seines Triumphes? Womit verwöhnt er seine Untertanen, damit sie sich ihm leichter unter tun? Und wie kann ich ihm huldigen, damit er meine wahre Liebe und somit seinen wahren Wert erkennt?
Diese und andere Fragen zum Thema RULE THE WORLD beherrschen das Thema der nächsten jurierten Schmuckausstellung bei Friends of Carlotta.
Willkommen in der Welt der gelebten Defizite und der Psychopathen in Bestform!
Ich freue mich auf die Pracht der Macht und darauf, Sie an der Vernissage vom 19. Juni 2014 ab 17h begrüssen zu dürfen. Oder an jedem anderen Tag während der Ausstellung. Herzlich  Bruna Hauert

Despite their simple-mindedness, despots are a very diverse little group. All they want is
to be loved. Or rather, they want honest and real love. By force, if need be.
However, what do dictators, megalomaniacs, wannabes and the delusioned adorn themselves with? What do they use to cast their personalities in a positive light? What do fat cats, tyrants and those destined for greater things use to demonstrate that the force is with them? Do the powerful own objects of power because they are powerful? Or are they powerful because they own objects with magic powers?
What’s more: What do despots treat themselves to when they’re in a foul mood? Which pieces of jewellery are there to share the hours of victory with them? What do they spoil their subjects with in order to make them more eager to subdue themselves? And how must I worship these despots so that they recognise my pure love and therefore their true value?
These and other questions on how to RULE THE WORLD will be the dictating subject of the
next juried jewellery exhibition at Friends of Carlotta.

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -  Joo Hyung ParkJoo Hyung Park
- Annette Altenburger (DE) — Jessica Andersen (USA) — Christine Annau (DE) — Miriam Arentz & Annika Schindler (DE) — Ela Bauer (NL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Stefan Behnke & Miriam Gradl (DE) — Brigitte Berndt (DE) — Marlene Beyer (DE) — Wolfram Beyer (DE) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (UK) — Rachael Colley (UK) — Jennifer Crupi (USA) — Martina Czunczeleit (DE) — Laura Deakin (DE) — Saskia Derksen (DE) — Saskia Detering (DE) — Sam Tho Duong (DE) — Beate Eismann (DE) — Tanja Emmert (DE) — Ricarda Enderweit (DE) — Katja Fischer (CH) — Su Foster, Patsy Kay Kolesar & Simone Richmond (CA) — Katja Fox (DE) — Andrea Fretz (CH) — Yael Friedman (IL) — Helen Friesacher-Borst (DE) — Claudia Frisch (DE) — Masako Fukuda (JP) — Sam Gassman (USA) — Friederike Glück (DE) — Miriam Gonnissen (DE) — Nicole Grandics (USA) — Bénédicte Gross (CH) — Tamara Grüner (DE) — Christian Guthmann (DE) — Bruna Hauert (CH) – Stephanie Hensle (DE) — Jasmin Hess (CH) — Tomoko Hori (UK) — Mara Induni (CH) — Bettina Jakob (CH) — Florence Jaquet (CH) — Léonie Jeanrenaud (CH) — Edda Andrée Jessel (DE) — Leonore Jock (DE) — Udo Jung (DE) — Masumi Kataoka (USA) — Verena Klette (DE) — Luitgard Korte (DE) — Michelle Kraemer (AT) –  Unk Kraus (DE) — Martina Lang (DE) — Gregory Larin (IL) — Tracy Lee Black (USA) — Alisa Letsius (RU) — Reka Lorincz (HU) — Inés Mantel (CH) — Gigi Mariani (IT) — Laura Martínez (ES) — Susanne Matsché (DE) — Esther Mattille (CH) — Jennifer Merchant (USA) — Katharina Moch (DE) — Jillian Moore (USA) — Julika Müller (DE) — Viktoria Münzker (AT) — Nick Mullins (USA) — Elisabeth Mundwiler (CH) — Deanna Ooley (USA) — Ossi Oswald (DE) — Joo Hyung Park (KT) — Nadine Pawusch (DE) — Lina Peetz (DE) — Izabella Petrut (AT) — Annika Pettersson (SE) — Carmen Pfanner (AT) — Yvonne Raab (DE) — Daniel Ramos (DE) — Sarah Reinhard (CH) — Begoña Rentero (ES) — Claudia Römer (DE) — Sabine Roth (DE) — Vicky Saragouda (UK) — Nils Schmalenbach (DE) — Naoko Iyoda Schneeberger (CH) — Verena Schreppel (DE) — Nicole Schuster (DE) — Anna Silberstein (DE) — Eva Sörensen (DE) — Katrin Spranger (UK) — Johanna Stäss (DE) — Simone Strauss (DE) — Rebecca Strzelec (USA) — Eva Tesarik (AT) — Myung Urso (USA) — Viveka Valentin (DE) — Otto Van Winkle Peterstein (IE) — Barbara Vogl (DE) — Maria Volokhova (DE) — Andrea Wagner (NL) — Heike Walk (DE) — Heike Wanner (AT) — Caro Weiss (DE) — Klaus Weisser (CH) — Angelika Wolpert (DE) — Grandpa Wooley (DE) — Diana Zeiler (DE)

EXPO virtuelle / virtual exhibition here

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_  Jennifer CRUPI power gestureJennifer CRUPI power gesture

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Luitgard Korte - ringLuitgard Korte - ring

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gregory Larin  'Nice to meat you'Gregory Larin  ‘Nice to meat you’ necklace – brass, textile, polymer

Andrea Wagner "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaAndrea Wagner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_Florence JaQUETFlorence Jaquet

Jasmin Hess jewels Jasmin Hess brooches « Love is what you PUT IN my heart » Brosche Holz, Textil, Garn, Silber

Tamara GrünerTamara Grüner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - FOC - Brigitte BerndtBrigitte Berndt – « man Eater »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD- Tanja EmmertTanja Emmert

Jillian Moore - at Friends of carlottaJillian Moore   « PHASELOS »
The obscenely over sized piece did not hang like a pendant. It framed her face and seemed to cradle her body. It required a formal posture and bearing that teased out an air of decorum she was not always prone to pulling off. A hybridization of legume, embryo, and organ, the piece could not be more ripe. It‘s glossy surface, and speckled edges felt less like a thing made than a thing born. To the starving masses it was a promise of fertility, but to her enemies it was a reminder that she might gut them at amoment‘s notice

 Johanna Stäß  Johanna Stäß

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ Yael FriedmanYael Friedman

 EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani
« I wanted to think of a jewel that affirm strength and power. in which the tyrant will exhibit their achievements represented by balls enclosed between cubes, like columns that recall the force of power.
A potential rosary made to be shown to confirm the ego and emphasize his power.
Object to show, but that becomes amulet and creates safety to the wearer »

Nick MullinsNick Mullins

Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Izabella Petrut Izabella Petrut
« Jewelry to live every deficiency to the fullest extent. I choose to use a female and a male despot, creating two characters and two scenarios. They both compete for power, adoration, attention and they use the same weapons: the Penis, a symbol of power and dominance. My characters have a lot of insecurities for which they have to overcompensate with decoration and dubious behavior. The Penis becomes a symbol of desire and the despots see it as the object of their desire. The Penis becomes a cult object. Queen of all queens carries around a small wooden Penis pendant as a symbol of her dominance over men. It looks modest, unimportant and not too cared for. It is a trophy.
King of all kings carries around a wooden Penis to show he is the biggest, strongest and most precious of all. The piece is carved out of balsa wood and carefully finished. The piece is really easily imprinted if one doesn’t handle it with care, just like the King’s ego. The way it is worn, as a brooch on the shoulder, is disturbing for the wearer as well as for the viewer. »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -Katharina MochKatharina Moch

Sam Tho Duong for "Rule the World", Friends of Carlotta, ZürichSam Tho Duong neckpiece

Jennifer Merchant, "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaJennifer Merchant

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - Begoña RenteroBegoña Rentero


Friends of Carlotta Bruna Hauert,
Neumarkt 22
8001 Zurich
Tel +41 44 261 87 07


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