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JOYA Barcelona 2011 – Galleries : DTerra – 15-16-17 Sept 2011

DTerra was founded in 2001 by Roberta Ferreira and Laura Jener as an space to develop their artistic careers in the field of jewellery and ceramics and exhibit their works. In 2010, Cristina Villar became part of the team and dterra was definitely established as a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery gathering the work of more than 30 international artists.

Dterra aims to go far beyond its exhibition space offering exhibitions, courses and artistic events that help to spread artists’ creations and allow the audience to approach the world of contemporary jewelry.


DTerra’s represented artists for JOYA 2011 are: Eugènia Besora (Spain, 1958), Emilie Bliguet (France, 1978), Roberta Ferreira (Argentina, 1969), Ana Heimann (Switzerland, 1954), Olga Hernández (Spain, 1965), Laura Jener (Spain, 1970), Yumi Kato (Japan, 1972), Hiroko Miyamoto (Japan, 1971), Carme Ortiz (Spain, 1961), Liana Pattihis (Cyprus, 1961), Bárbara Sendino (Spain, 1982), Marta Torrent (Spain, 1974) and Tomoko Umemoto (Japan, 1974).

JOYA Barcelona 2011 - Galleries : DTerra - 15-16-17 Sept 2011 dans Ana HEIMANN (CH) aigua_tresor
Roberta Ferreira « Aigua: Tresor »
Tomoko Umemoto - Relax-neckless (silver,coral,freshwater pearl) 2010

Floten dans Barbara SENDINO (ES)
Laura Jener  – « Floten »

Under+the+Ocean dans BARCELONA

Yumi Kato « Under the ocean »

Cascada dans Carme ORTIZ (ES)

Carme Ortiz « Cascada »

Cor+de+mar dans Emilie BLIGUET (FR)

Bárbara Sendino « Cor de mar »



Gallery – Workshop
Anselm Clavé, 9
08172 St Cugat del Vallès
Barcelona, Spain


EXPO ‘AIGUA’ – Dterra Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona (ES) – 11 Juin-30 Sept 2010

Classé dans : BARCELONA,Espagne (ES),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Dterra (ES),GALERIES — bijoucontemporain @ 0:10

This is the second exhibition of the tematic series “The four elements” proposed by Dterra for 2010

Artists Art jewelry :
Eugènia Besora, Emilie Bliguet, Roberta Ferreira, Grego García Tebar, Ana Heimann, Olga Hernández, Laura Jener, Yumi Kato, Carme Ortiz, Gemma Pampalona, Cinta Sala, Marta Sànchez Oms, Bárbara Sendino, Tomoko Umemoto, Ana María Vicens, Renata Wülfinghoff.

Yumi Kato, Necklace, 2010
Yumi Kato – necklace ‘Under the ocean’ 2010 Silk Kimono fabric, polyester, silver wire, leather string


Grego García Tebar, Pin, 2010
Grego García Tebar – pin ‘H2O 7 water molecules’ 2010 Silver oxidized, gold, enamel, pearl and steel Double pin



Dterra Gallery
Anselm Clavé, 9
08172 – Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Telephone: 93 674 78 07


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