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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Viktoria Münzker – granules forever !

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Viktoria Münzker

« In the beginning, all is empty and dark. It looks like a never-ending sphere. The darkness is strong and heavy. Only a small grain from the destroyed world remains. It is floating and collecting positive energy from the space. At the right moment, in the proper place, it explodes at the speed of light. From one moment to another, the universe is full. Blending, full of light, waiting for you. Make a wish. Create the new world of light, gravid with possibilities. To give birth to something new, something old must die. By focusing on the essentials, we reach the blurred lines between natural and artificial. These relationships are the jewel in the composition of freedom and individual expression. »

Usually, I love the BLUE(s), so I should show you the new Viktoria Munzker blues, the ones we saw at last JOYA Barcelona 2016, the Crystal Odyssey serie, done with some skeleton fish (see the incredible back of this neckpiece !) …….

Viktoria Munzker -  2016 - Crystal Odyssey - "Hyacinthina" necklace Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, Granulat  2016Viktoria Munzker -  2016 – Crystal Odyssey – « Hyacinthina » necklace Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, Granulat  2016

Viktoria Munzker -  2016 - Crystal Odyssey - "Hyacinthina" necklace (DETAIL) Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, Granulat  2016Viktoria Munzker -  2016 – Crystal Odyssey – « Hyacinthina » necklace (DETAIL) Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, Granulat  2016

Viktoria Munzker -  2016 - Crystal Odyssey - "Hyacinthina" necklace (BACK) Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, GranulatViktoria Munzker -  2016 – Crystal Odyssey – « Hyacinthina » necklace (BACK) Operculum, Bronze, Silber, Glasstein, Granulat

2016 – Crystal Odyssey

Imagine your boat drifting in the winds
towards the stars
nothing is real
everything is fantasy
kaleidoscope skies with your head in the clouds
there\\\’s a place of diamond fields
lonely hearts standing there
where are they coming from
words are sea of green, gold and blue
follow the man next door
the sun will know
all you need is everyone
across the lane we live a life of ease
return to the galaxy of souls
where the crystal odyssey was written
and colored with memories

BUT ……. I’m in a REDDISH mood (Halloween ?????) so HERE we are !!!!

Viktoria Münzker Ferus  Ring: Rose Absolue, 2016  Silver, wood, granules: Viktoria Münzker – Ring: Rose Absolue, 2016  Silver, wood, granules

Viktoria Münzker Ferus  Ring: Violet, 2015  Wood, silver, granules: Viktoria Münzker- Ring: Violet, 2015  Wood, silver, granules

Viktoria Münzker- Brooch: Magenta, 2016  Wood, silver, amazonite: Viktoria Münzker- Brooch: Magenta, 2016  Wood, silver, amazonite

Viktoria Münzker Ferus Brooch Violina, 2016 Silver, wood, granules: Viktoria Münzker - Brooch Violina, 2016 Silver, wood, granules

Viktoria Munzker -  the tear & the pendulum necklace 2016Viktoria Munzker -  the tear & the pendulum necklace 2016 wood, silver, fluorite, glass, granules.



An exhibition with the finalists of the 5th edition of the prestigious Eligius Jewellery Award, which is granted with 7000€ prize money for Austrian jewellery artists. The exhibition includes a retrospective from Anna Heindl and will take place in a second venue in september 2016, at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.  In the artists list, of course, Viktoria Munzker !

Viktoria Münzker - Brooch: Gorgonie, 2016  Wood, onyx, silver, granules: Viktoria Münzker – Brooch: Gorgonie, 2016  Wood, onyx, silver, granules

BLUE or RED, I’m MAD of her granules !!!!!



EXPO ‘La Frontera’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA)– 14 Aout-15 Sept. 2013

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La Frontera opens August 14 at Velvet da Vinci Gallery

expo la frontera - affiche - Velvet da Vinci

Exposición que explora el espacio de la frontera y lo que representa, entablando un diálogo entre diferentes artistas que a través de la joyería expresan cómo entienden esta realidad geográfica de implicaciones económicas, políticas, sociales, culturales e ideológicas.  A través de 150 piezas, diseñadas por  90 creadores provenientes de distintos continente se reflexiona sobre nuestra frontera con Estados Unidos y las implicaciones que ésta tiene para cada uno de nosotros.

Martacarmela Sotelo, Visiones de la frontera, Martacarmela Sotelo, Visiones de la frontera


Artists:  Rameen Ahmed — Mayte Amezcua — Eliana Arenas — William Austin III — Iacov Azubel — Maria Fernanda Barba — Brooke Battles — Ela Bauer — Victor Beckmann — Kristin BeelerAline Berdichevsky — Jesse Bert — Elvira Bessudo Raquel Bessudo — Linnèa Blakèus & David Alexander Calder — Arturo Borrego — Sandra Bostock — Alejandra Bremer — Gabriela Campo — Jorge Castañon — Cristina Celis — Celeste Christie — Thea Clark — Kate Connell & Oscar Melara — Bruno Cuervo Aceves — Jessica Davies — Alberto Dávila — Clementine Edwards — Beate EismannDanielle EmbryNicolas Estrada — Brenda Ligia —  Sol Flores — Andrés Fonseca — Christine Forni — Monica Guerra — Elisa Gulminelli — Pierce HealyHeidemarie Herb — Thomas Hill — Holland Houdek — Marta HrycKevin Hughes — Mary Frisbee Johnson — Tammy Young — Eun Kim — Barbara Knuth — Alejandra Koreck — Claire LavendhommeLorena Lazard Ria Lins — Criselda Lopez — María Eugenia López — Jorge ManillaAlix Manon — Carmen Marcos Martínez — Gigi Mariani — Wendy Maruyama — Judy McCaig — Edward Lane McCartney — Emma Messer — Molly Mitchell — Katharina Moch — Nancy Moyer with Mark Clark — Dawn E. Nakanishi — Alja Neuner — Brigid O´Hanrahan — Mabel Pena — Chiara Pignotti — Ramón Puig CuyàsKerianne Quick — Alexander Romero Reyes — Poleta Rodete — Jacqueline Roffe — Zinna Rudman — Elizabeth Rustrian — Carmen Lucia Sandoval — Chiara Scarpitti — Agnes Seebass — Marina SheetikoffAlejandra SolarMaria SolórzanoMartacarmela Sotelo — Olga Starostina — Rachelle Thiewes — Demitra Thomloudis — Sabina Tiemroth — Julia Turner — Martha Vargas — Elizabeth Wilson –  Jette Zirpins


Julia Turner Brooch: Three Days Walking (Mourning Brooch) 2013 Steel pins, vitreous enamel, steel, wood 5 x 5 x 0.7 cm

Julia Turner  Three Days Walking (Mourning Brooch)

« Borders separate but also unite » (Octavio Paz)
Historically the relationship between Mexico and the United States has been complicated, deep, and conflicted. Due to geography, this relationship is unavoidable and comprised of many underlying currents: economic, political, social, cultural, ecologic and ideological.
La Frontera (The Borderlands) is the physical space where the relationship between Mexico and the U.S is most evident. In recent years, drug trafficking and violence have made it the focus of almost daily news. However, the extremely porous nature of the border allows not only the illegal passage of arms and drugs, but also ideas, money, projects, families, and culture.
The border is an environment of opportunity both legal and not. Nearly 2000 miles long, the U.S. – Mexico border is the most frequently crossed international border in the world. Companies use differences in labor and environmental regulations to their advantage and create discontent on both sides of the border. Since the 1980s economic and political refugees from Central America have swelled populations at the border and migrations across it. The construction of the 700- mile U.S. – Mexico Border Fence of the past several years is the most tangible symbol of failed politics.
The exhibition LA FRONTERA seeks to explore this physical space and what it represents. This is why we want artists either born in either of these countries or who live in either of these countries to express how they understand the border.

Jorge Castañón - "Hacia dónde va tu Sangre ? " -   'LA FRONTERA' exhibition -   Algunas veces queremos cruzarlas, otras , necesitamos cruzarlas, buscando recomenzar, renacer, una segunda oportunidad posiblemente.  Tal vez nuestros cuerpos puedan lograrlo, pero … qué será de nuestro corazón, nos acompañará?  Qué buscamos y qué dejamos, dos ideas de signos opuestos que nunca se igualan.  Nace una herida, que eternamente intentaremos que cicatrice.Jorge Castañón – « Hacia dónde va tu Sangre ?  » Iacov Azubel bracelet, "¿Son necesarias las fronteras?" Iacov Azubel bracelet, « ¿Son necesarias las fronteras? »
Judy McCaig Brooch: No-Man’s Land 2013 Steel, silver, tombac, perspex, paint, Herkimer diamond, taramita 8.8 x 12.6 x 1.5 cm Photo: Eduard Bonnin
Judy McCaig Brooch: No-Man’s Land 2013 – Steel, silver, tombac, perspex, paint, Herkimer diamond, taramita 8.8 x 12.6 x 1.5 cm - Photo: Eduard Bonnin
Nicolas Estrada - brooch Suffering 2013 Silver, quartz, wood, iron 8 x 8 x 2.7 cm Photo: Manuel Ocaña Mascaro
Nicolas Estrada – brooch Suffering 2013 Silver, quartz, wood, iron 8 x 8 x 2.7 cm Photo: Manuel Ocaña Mascaro


Velvet da Vinci
2015 Polk Street
CA 94109 – San Francisco
United States
Telephone: 415.441.0109
Fax: 415.386.2492


EXPO ‘Bequeath’ – e.g.etal, Melbourne (AU) – 22 Oct.-3 Nov. 2012

Bequeath – Julia de Ville – at e.g.etal

Rings are a deeply personal form of adornment. Jewellery from the Victorian era, known for its carefully considered embellishment and bold use of gemstones, typifies the potential for beautiful objects to take on significant personal meaning. This is jewellery that traces romantic love and loss, climbing to the heights of devotion and flirting poetically with the depths of despair. …….

Julia deVille: Bequeath - Melbourne Australia exhibitions at e.g.etal... Exhibition dates: Monday 22 October – Saturday 3 November« Julia’s work is characterised by the use of symbols and motifs from past eras. Her precious rings combine found settings from antique jewellery. Over several years, Julia has sourced antique jewellery and gemstones—their original owners long since deceased—waiting patiently for the right combination to form a new creation in her mind and then at her workbench. Through conceptual consideration and traditional and contemporary techniques she appropriates and reconfigures older pieces to form a new design.
Rings are a deeply personal form of adornment. Jewellery from the Victorian era, known for its carefully considered embellishment and bold use of gemstones, typifies the potential for beautiful objects to take on significant personal meaning. This is jewellery that traces romantic love and loss, climbing to the heights of devotion and flirting poetically with the depths of despair. The symmetry and order of the Victorian aesthetic is here transcended in the form of jewellery that combines settings and gems to create something that feels familiar but is post modern and intuitive in its approach to form and colour.
As the title of the exhibition implies, this work is about the potential for life to continue, even as we don’t. Each ring has the appearance of a collection of family heirlooms that have been melted gracefully into one piece. Julia herself says, “I’m constantly in awe of jewellery’s capacity to carry meaning beyond our own lives. For example, my mother is going to be turned into a diamond when she dies and I will make her into a ring for myself. Thus her life, in some form, continues…
This will be Julia’s first solo jewellery exhibition in over five years. In the meantime she has been exhibiting her sculptural taxidermy work. This includes having pieces included in the collection at MONA, as well as her most recent solo exhibition, ‘Sarcophagus’, at Sophie Gannon Gallery in August 2012. »

Julia deVille: Bequeath Julia Deville  Rings: Untitled 2012  White gold, sapphires, diamondsJulia Deville  Rings: Untitled 2012  White gold, sapphires, diamonds

bequeath9Julia Deville Bequeath Ring

167 Flinders Lane & 185 Little Collins Street
3000 VIC – Melbourne
Telephone: +61 3 9639 5111


Decouverte : Olga NORONHA

Classé dans : Central Saint Martins (UK),Olga NORONHA (PT),Portugal (PT) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:35

Olga Noronha is currently finalizing her Major in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, London, and will be with us in our first Tea Fashion Point

Olga started with beads and pliers, moving forward to sapphires, rubies, diamonds, steal, plastic, rubber, glass, olive branches, etc. “The word jewellery has always been linked to the idea of noble materials such as gold, silver and gemstones. Gemstones are now replaces by crystals, metals by rubbers, plastics, glass and a huge spectrum of materials that achieve an equal or even greater aesthetic value.” – Olga Noronha, 2008.

The harmony of movement and the synchronicity and dependence of all the body parts make the expression of the body the most beautiful human act. The jewel becomes a vital detail and Olga does it best. Her immense creativity and restless search for knowledge make her collections a delight pleasure to our eyes and hands.  “My aim, within the jewellery matter is to relentlessly examine the relationship between bodies, attitudes and surroundings, both in the wearer’s and the audience’s points of view and to create art pieces that celebrate the marriage of sturdy mechanics and delicate anatomies, constantly challenging and exploring the relationship of interactivity, and illustrating the connection between ‘to see’ and ‘to be seen’. My wish is for people not to be apathetic towards my work, whatever the reaction – good or bad, welcoming doubts for they may lead to surprise.” – Olga Noronha, 2011.

Having developed a piece called “Avant-Garde” for Swarovski and exhibited at London Swarovski’s headquarters(2008), with a collection entitled “Dirty Tissues”, featuring since 2009 at the Central Saint Martin’s Museum, Olga is currently developing her final year collection,  that could be described as “Surgical Jewels”. This project is focused on the analysis of physicality and intellectuality, and their manipulation, by exploring the merger of anatomy and medicine with the creation of “objects-jewels” intimately related to the human body. For this, Olga is using actual surgery tools and turning them into jewellery pieces by moving them from a scientific context to an artistic point of view, and creating pieces that can be seen as “new- orthosis”. “May the objects be as if in dialogue with its own ambience, meaning the body where it is placed, social or intellectual phenomena and the ambiguity shown in the relationship between the viewer and the object, allowing the first to see the body as its own garment and also to help overcoming eventual traumas and fears related to surgical gadgets” – Olga Noronha, 2011. (fashionthinkers web)
Olga Noronha - incarcerated bodies
Olga Noronha -« Cinco dedos uma mao » – Hand Piece: Five Fingers One Hand 2009
Olga Noronha -incarcerated bodies


‘Conflict’ (18 juin 2011, Central St Martins) is an exploration of a merger between anatomy, medicine and jewel-like objects. The combined use of actual surgery tools and their replicas are transformed into jewellery pieces without being dissociated from their original function. My intention is to turn the distasteful into the desirable, to switch the response from rejection to attraction.’


Prosthetic Cervical Collar & Hand Restriction piece
earrings – Antique syringe needles, Yellow gold and diamonds, Silver, Disposable syringe needles

Earrings: Disposable syringe needle 2011
Disposable syringe needle, silver, Rock crystal briolette


COUP de COEUR ! SOLITAIRE look rings … & jewelry !

« She’s a dimestore diamond
Shines like the real thing…
dimestore diamond«  
(Beth DittoGossip)
(dimestore diamond = diamant « de prisunic » …)

and ….. According to the first lady of glamour, Marilyn Monroe, « You can wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can wear a diamond anywhere. »

Like Diamond or « gem-shaped » rings, or jewelry …..
Emmanuel Lacoste (FR) , bague ’7 péchés capitaux – ORGUEIL’ -le plus gros solitaire de la planète-symbole universel, signe extérieur de richesse par excellence…plus le diamant est gros plus l’ego est développé …

COUP de COEUR ! SOLITAIRE look rings ... & jewelry ! dans Alissia MELKA-TEICHROEW (US) npw dans Anna STEINEROVA (PL)
Marta HRYC (PL) (ex-eleve Jorge Manilla) -  ‘size mattersrings

Sarah-Holden-Ring dans blog TheCarrotBox
Sarah Holden (US), Sterling silver solitaire ring, 2010, sterling silver, brass

Thread Diamond SolitareThread Diamond Solitare
Sarah Holden (US) - Thread Diamond Solitaire  – Machine embroidered, both diamond & band – cotton thread  - 
to SHOP on Etsy

Huge Diamond Neckpiece
Sarah Holden (US) - Huge Diamond Neckpiece – 3D machine embroidered diamonds… truly a girl’s best friend! Takes two weeks to make and can be made in a variety of colors, but the diamonds are fo-eva!

Huge Diamond Neckpiece
Sarah Holden (US) - Huge Diamond Neckpiece – 3D machine embroidered diamonds… – detail

« Selda Okutan ‘Like Diamond’ series, which features not just metal gems but also gem-shaped bands » (discovered on the « carrotbox » blog at first)

31167_383462147910_609122910_3932654_897991_n dans COUP DE COEUR31167_383462152910_609122910_3932655_5513949_n dans Ellie MURPHY (UK)
Selda Okutan (TR) 2010 collection rings

framecoklu dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)
Selda Okutan (TR) ‘Sweet Heart Frame Rings’ – to SHOP on her website
Yael FriedmanWhite Elephants, 2008, constructed paper

 dans Jennifer KELLOGG (US)
Violaine ULMER – bague « diamant » porcelaine émaillée


3408876_orig dans K. bo SONNE (DK)
Maricha Genovese (US) – « Diamond Ring » Ring: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver  (discovered on carrotbox) 

Maricha Genovese  « Under Pressure » Necklace: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver

Gut Ring <br /> Sterling Silver, Gut, Steel, Citrine 3.5 x 5 x 5 cm 2008″ width= »262″ height= »249″ /><img src=Katie Rearick (US)- Gut Ring – Sterling Silver, Gut, Steel, Citrine – « Gnaw » series
‘diamond’ ring – Sterling Silver, Steel, Gut – (discovered on « the carrotbox »….. !!!)

Gnaw<br /> Steel, Gut, Silk 120 x 95 x 60 in  2008″ width= »451″ height= »287″ /><br />
<font size=‘Gnaw’ – Steel, Gut, Silk 

photoSOLITAIRE- Stephanie Condes
Anna STEINEROVA (PL) – bague- perspex et ……
Stéfanie Condes  (BE) – ring


 Dal 18 giugno al primo agosto la Triennale di Milano ospita la mostra Juwel Ring vergrößern
Viola Vecchi (IT) - anello in titanio (Fotos : Fondazione Politecnico di Milano) - (EXPO ‘Titani Preziosi »)
Renate Schmid (DE) – ring – (EXPO ‘no gems please’)
Uli Rapp (NL) – ‘diamonds explosion’ – Screenprinted textile necklace

screenprint1 dans Katie REARICK (US)
Uli Rapp – screen printed diamonds necklace

Uli_Rapp_16 dans Kim BUCK (DK)
Uli Rapp Diamondbrooch – textile, rubber, screenprinting
Philip Sajet – Collier Rouge 2 2006 – Gold, glass - diamond structures
« Lors de sa première exposition à la galerie TACTILe, en février 2001, Philip Sajet nous avait fait découvrir ses «répliques uniques», copies de diamants  »

 dans Louise BILLGREN (DK)
Galit Shivek Bar (from the Jewelry Department of Shenkar Academy, Israel, 2008)

Triple%20Gold1 dans Marc MONZO (ES) Royal%20Blue1 dans Maricha GENOVESE (US) White%20Double1 dans Marta HRYC (PL) Single%20Pink1 dans Philip SAJET (NL) Single%20Gold1 dans Renate SCHMID (DE)
Double%20Coral1 dans Sabine LANG (DE) Black%20&%20Gold%20Single1 dans Sarah HOLDEN (US) Double%20Turquoise1 dans Selda OKUTAN (TR) Double%20Black%20&%20Gold1 dans SHOP

Ellie Murphy (UK) -  diamants revisités …..
Sabine Lang (DE) – kindheit (bague en tissu) (Childhood time)
Sabine Lang (DE) ‘Lebensmitte’ ring (Middle age time)
Sabine Lang (DE) diamond skeleton ring (Ageing time)

« The three ages of life were presented by three pieces of jewellery: three different rings with a stone.
Childhood: A huge, oversized ring made of fabric invites the young to touch it. It’s soft and pillowy, something to play with. For an adult the ring is the size of a bangle and could be worn thus.
Middle age: A great rock crystal shows us luxuriance and vitality. This ring stands for prime of life. The zircon below the rock crystal makes the sparkle and glamour more intensive.
Ageing: At the end there is just the frame left. The skeleton of a ring symbolises the momentariness of our lives and all things. » (Sabine Lang (DE)) dans Stefanie CONDES (BE)
Jennifer Kellogg (US) – ‘Diamond’ white gold ring
Jennifer Kellogg – ’26 Diamond Necklace’
‘Ufo Products’ (Yuho Fukuhara, JP)  Acrylic Cube Diamond Rings
Ufo Products’ (Yuho Fukuhara, JP) ‘diamond’ rings
Marc MONZO (ES) – brooch ‘Big Solitaire’ silver, circonia, steel. 2005-2006

ring6 dans Thomas FEICHTNER (AT)SOLITAIRE-  'diamond ring' acrylic rings by alissia melka teichroew (usa)
Alissia Melka Teichroew (AMT Jewelry)(NL/US)- silver & acrylic « diamond » rings - a playful twist on the classic Tiffany setting


Alissia Melka-Teichroew  (NL/US) – References from iconic jewellery, including luxury brands such as Bulgari and Cartier, can be found in the forms of the Jointed Jewels

ddc_dbr_jew_1_large dans Uli RAPP (NL)NaokoFukuoka_03 dans Viola VECCHI (IT)
« Jewelgraphy card » You can never have enough bling!  designed by Naoko Fukuoka for D-BROS, a graphic design studio based in Tokyo (à « shopper » sur «« 

20769_1321408910273_1082334338_1018813_5223980_n dans Violaine ULMER (FR)
Louise Billgren (DK) -  Neckpiece « Go For The Power OF The Big Rocks » – Soap (!!!), rope
Kim Buck (DK) – diamond ring (2005) - unfolding solitaire ….


last1 dans Yael FRIEDMAN (IL)last4 dans Yuho FUKUHARA (JP)last3
Thomas Feichtner (AT) – ‘filio’ ring – silver – the ring is a one off piece that uses the same geometry of a cut gemstone.

K. bo SONNE – “diamond #1″ ring – lion yarn (??), silver 

K. bo SONNE – “diamond #2″ ring – textiles, silver


EXPO ‘SODAmore Summer 2010 : Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition’ – Nisantasi, Istanbul (Turkey) – 16 Juil.-28 Aout 2010

  SODA, presents 10 contemporary jewellery artists


SODAmore Summer 2010: Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition consists of an extra-ordinary collection of approximately 60 pieces made of various materials such as glass, metal, silicon, plexiglas, wood, acrylic, plastic and ceramic.

 The works of the internationally acclaimed artists Nevin Arığ, Jahyun Rita Baek, Ela Bauer, Ela Cindoruk, Sina Emrich, Doerthe Fuchs, Peter Hoogeboom, Ted Noten, Anat Sapir and Barbara Stutman present pieces that push the limits of imagination; ceramic teeth aligned on the wrist, vein-like necklaces placed upon the heart and intriguing pendants such as a fly and diamond frozen in acrylic, all gather in Istanbul for the first time.

 The exhibition presents an extensive selection of Contemporary Art Jewellery, which is an internationally rising trend offering art hung not on walls but on the skin.
Participating artists:

Nevin Arığ (TR/BE)

Born in 1961, Nevin Arığ, graduated from Graphic Design, Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul. Between the years 1995-1998 she studied Contemporary Jewellery at Institut des Arts et Métiers in Brussels. She continued her studies in Silversmithing at IKA, Mechelen and for three years studied Fine Jewellery at Institut des Arts et Métiera. Arığ attended several international exhibitions and was chosen for the “Shoonhaven Silver Award” in 2009.
Nevin Arığ (BE) ‘no clouds’ brooch

Jahyun Rita Baek
Jahyun Rita Baek is a Korean artist, based in London. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S.A. after which she did her MA at the Royal College of Art in the U.K. She has attended several exhibitions in cities such as New York, London, Hamburg and Florence and has received the Craftmanship and Design Award Gold prize in 2008.
Jahyun Rita Baek jewelry

Ela Bauer
After studying literature and then jewellery design in Jerusalem, Ela Bauer, went to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1995. Bauer took master classes at the European Ceramic Centre with Daniel Kruger and Den Bosch. Since 1993 she has participated in several exhibitions at countries such as Japan, Holland, U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Portugal. She also attended significant fairs such as SOFA New York and her works are included in the Museum of Art & Design MAD (New York), Pinakothek der Moderne, Danner Collection (München), Grassi Museum (Leipzig), Textile Museum (Tilburg) and Hiko Mizuno Collection (Tokyo).
Ela BauerCollier, silicone, pigments, quartz


Ela Cindoruk
Born in 1963, Ankara, Turkey, lives and works in Istanbul. Having received a Bachelor of Arts Industrial Design degree at Middle East Technical University, she later studied Jewellery and Metals at Parsons’ School of Design in New York. Ela Cindoruk is current partner of ‘elacindoruknazanpak’ jewelry studio and gallery in Istanbul, which she co-founded in 1993. Alongside her work as a jewellery maker, she has designed products and lecturing at Istanbul Bilgi University and Istanbul Technical University. As a jewellery maker and designer Ela Cindoruk, participates both national and international exhibitions and her work is showcased at galleries throughout the world. Exhibition highlights include “Turkish Delight” Exhibition in Pergamon Museum in 2008 Berlin, the V & V Gallery “orna-mental” Exhibition in 2007 Vienna, Wallpaper* GlobalEdit06 in Milan, participated fashion shows/exhibitions “Garde-robes” and “Gooood Food” both at the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial 2006.
Ela Cindoruk – paper brooch

Sina Emrich (DE)
Sina Emrich was born in Frankfurt/Main in Germany in the year 1977. She graduated from the School for Goldsmiths and Watchmakers, Pforzheim in 2001. She continued her studies in Germany and the UK. Since 2008 she is working on the project “Schmucknomadin/Jewellery Nomad-weltlernen/worldlearning”. She has attended several international exhibitions and received awards such as the Honorable Mention at the 6th Chenongşu, International Craft Competition in 2009 and First Prize at the “Ambertrip Art Jewellery Contest” in 2008.
blog :

EXPO 'SODAmore Summer 2010 : Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition' - Nisantasi, Istanbul (Turkey) - 16 Juil.-28 Aout 2010 dans Anat SAPIR (IL) 6131_1138295452340_1075994113_30436835_2831544_n
Sina Emrich- three dimensional wood elements

Doerthe Fuchs
Doerthe Fuchs was born in Tübingen, Germany. In 1986 she graduated from the Painting Academy and specialized in Goldsmiths. She continued her studies in Munich till 1986. Between the years 2002 and 2004 she studied Art Therapy. Since 1989 she works in her own studio in Munich.
Doerthe Fuchs

Peter Hoogeboom (NL)
Dutch designer Peter Hoogeboom, graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1992. Since 1989 he has had several exhibitions in European and Asian countries, also in Australia and New Zealand, in the U.S.A. and Canada. He has had publications in many magazines and books over the years. His work is included in private and public collections such as Museum of Ceramic Art Het Princessehof (Leeuwarden) and Museum of Modern Art (Amhem).
Peter Hoogeboom ceramic jewelry

Ted Noten (NL)
After graduating from the Rietveld Academy in 1990, Ted Noten began producing his first pieces of contemporary jewellery. From 2001 onwards he attended several solo and group exhibitions and has work in numerous private collections. Apart from his group exhibitions in Tokyo at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Collect Art Fair at London, he had solo exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum at Amsterdam and SOFA New York. His designs are included in collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Droog Design (Amsterdam), Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Roterdam) and Musée des Arts Decorative (Montreal). Ted Noten has received awards such as Harrie-Tillie and Françoise van den Bosch.,590,350
Ted Noten – Ice necklace

Anat Sapir
Anat Sapir was born in 1961. In 1988 she graduated from the Bezalel Art and Design Academy. She continued her education on goldsmithing techniques at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Department of Jewelry and Fashion. In 2000 she did pottery studies with Shulamit Miller. In 2005 she specialized in glass bead making at the Wertzberger Art College.

378_9efb9484e971d3103f42fbc00350d482 dans Barbara STUTMAN (CA)
Anat Sapir“Turquoise Links” necklace – glass, gold-plated spacers

Barbara Stutman (CA)
Born in Montreal, Barbara Stutman studied Fine Arts and Art History at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Saidye Bronfman Center and Concordia University. Stutman’s jewellery has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia and has been written about in newspapers, professional journals, catalogues and books. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in Quebec City, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Koch Ring Collection in Switzerland and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

Barbara Stutman jewelry - 



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