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AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucarest (Romania) – 16-17 April 2016

AUTOR 2016   International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – the 15 edition – will be held during the weekend 16 – 17 April in Bucharest, Romania.

Throughout the last 7 years, AUTOR has grown bigger, wider, better. It turned into the complete and perfect event we wanted, and it has now expanded to the amplitude of an annual event. Starting this spring, AUTOR will happen once a year.

Your only chance to … See the newest contemporary jewelry collections from designers
reaching in form all over the world: more than 150 artists have sent their proposals for the first annual edition of AUTOR Fair !

AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucarest (Romania) – 16-17 April 2016 dans Ana BARBU /UZURA (RO) AUTORFair_poster

 THE « AUTHORS » :  AUTOR 2016 will bring together the Fantastic worlds of 70 artists:

Adriana Díaz Higuera — Aleksandra Atanasovski — Alessandro Morosani — Ana Barbu Uzura — ANA BRAGANÇA — Ana Marchetanu — Ana Oglejan — Ana Wagner — Andra LupuAndrea Vaggione — Andreia Gabriela Popescu — Atelier Jamais — Christine Jalio — Contemporia — Corina Mardari – Corrina GoutosCleopatra CosuletDoru Dumitrescu Wearable Sculptures — Egle Sitkauskaite — Elina Spyridou For Innocenti — Emma Nacht — Etay MalkaHakan AktugHelmi Lindblom — Ioana Enache — Isabelle Busnel — Isabelle Géréec — Iulia Ivan –  JOC -art en joia (Júlia Ortega Canalda) — Jonathan Hens — Julia Baudler — Katerina Stoyanova — Katherine Dannenberg — Katja Toporski Konstantinos Georgopoulos (Giftforever) — kostadinos jewellery — Krama — Loredana Cleja — Lucienne — Madara Keidza — Malute by Luiza Teodorescu — Mariana Tanasescu — Marilena Karagkiozi Design — Mesteshukar ButiQ — Miriam Mirna Korolkovas — Monotip — Moogu — Noha Nicolescu — Panayiotis Panayi — PÿR — Roxana Davidescu — Ruta Naujalyte — Sara Chyan — Sara Marzialetti — Simeon Shomov – SI Sabato Isabel –  Simona Ghiga – Contemporary Jewelry – snob. (Iza Visoianu) — SunYoung Kim — Sylvie Lissa Alusitz — T–SQUARED Tami Eshed — Thorning Astrup // aarhus — Utopic by Mona Vulpoiu — Vika Mayzel — Vika Tonu –  Ye Seul Seo – Yujin Lee.

 "Recycled Powder" collection - T Squared Tami Eshed - Israel. Selected for AUTOR 2016 ★Tami Eshed – Israel – « Recycled Powder » collection – T Squared – Selected for AUTOR 2016  
« Keep thinking green! » says Tami. « In this specific collection, I have decided to create a limited edition of pieces, which are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. Instead of dying the pins, necklaces and rings with a standard Epoxy paint, I have decided to use the powder of leftover metal paint as the main coloring ingredient. »

"Sponge" by Konstantinos Georgopoulos Giftforever from Greece  « Sponge » by Konstantinos Georgopoulos Giftforever from Greece ★
“I’ve always been fascinated by objects such as wood, rocks or bone carved from the power of nature, or “bizarre” forms and combinations such as a root stuck between two rocks or a garnet crystal as a rough diamond inclusion. The greek sponges that can be found mainly in the sea of Kalymnos Island was -this time – my inspiration.”

Pressure by Panayiotis Panayi from Cyprus★ Pressure by Panayiotis Panayi from Cyprus★
Since the dawn of man, we humans had an intrinsic desire to further evolve our species.This intellectual tendency that leads us to our goals, leaves us oblivious to any negative consequences to our surroundings or ourselves. We will pursue our goals at any cost.
These days we have managed to lose control, we have imprisoned our spirit and we are fed on a daily basis a banquet of stress and pressure to further accommodate our own ambitions or the ones of our peers.
The collection is inspired by that burden; by the pressure that seems to distinguish modern man. This collection is made out of titanium (lightweight elastic, hard metal). As it wraps around the finger it applies a small amount of pressure.

Isabelle Busnel  necklaceIsabelle Busnel  necklace  My work explores all the stereotypes of classical jewellery. After a first collection playing with the kitsch imagery of cheap and popular jewellery (owls, skulls, cameos, tigers…), my second body of work focuses on the aesthetics of pearls. In my last new collection I investigate the attraction of stones. I am still using silicone rubber as material but this time I am adding translucent coloured silicone to mimic stones. White is still predominant in my necklaces and magnetic brooches but I give them a new twist with a large range of colours.
For AUTOR 2016, I am planning to show a mix of the “pearls” and the “stones” collections.

 Pink Crush by Andra Lupu, from Romania« Pink Crush » by Andra Lupu, from Romania

Birds by Youjin Lee from South Korea. Selected for AUTOR 2016Birds by Youjin Lee from South Korea. Selected for AUTOR 2016
« My jewelry shows calmness and quietness in a various and showy society using gray metal’s own characteristic. I combined the wood and metal to express heavy hearts and worries because of incompleteness communication between people. »Cleopatra Cosulet -  ·   reCYCLE Collection -   Brooch - Sterling Silver - Recycled Plastic - Miyuki Delica 11/0 (cylindrical glass beads) - Fireline (nylon) Thread.: « reCYCLE Collection » by Cleopatra Cosulet from Romania. Selected for AUTOR 2016 –  reCYCLE Collection -   Brooch – Sterling Silver – Recycled Plastic – Miyuki Delica 11/0 (cylindrical glass beads) – Fireline (nylon) Thread -
« In the physical, concrete level, we are the result of our actions , reactions and interactions. Their amount structurally determine the whole assembly which we are part of. Its isuues are also ours issues. Yet by awarness and appropriate behaviour the equilibrium can be restored.The collection is a honest and transparent statement, revealing the intentions of personal involvement and its purpose. The materials used (recycled plastic, Sterling Silver, patina, glass beads, nylon thread) and the colors chosen reveal the implicit message: « Let’s do something that matters. »

 Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland [Photography by Ninni Vidgren] Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland [Photography by Ninni Vidgren]
« I would like to tell the stressful world, but I can not. Nor do I want to underline the seriousness of
our time and human insecurity. Instead, I want to bring people something to hold on to.
With my current work I try to get the viewer to forget the seriousness so often connected to art. I wish that my pieces will encourage approaching touching and wearing them. I hope that the wearers lose themselves in the repeated movement of their fingers on jewelry’s surface and into the varying fingertip feelings. »

 “Meat Animals In The Grass”, 2016 by Ana Barbu UZURA from Romania  “Meat Animals In The Grass”, 2016 by Ana Barbu /UZURA from Romania ★
« This collection’s theme is the city and its aberrations, the way it makes us live, in small safe antiseptic spaces, the way it makes us eat, packed food of unknown origin, the way it makes us move, traveling in cars and running on treadmills, etc. My choice of expressing this frankensteined urban life is by using the idea of diorama, of architectural small scale models, but not to represent buildings and townscapes, but a traditional, natural, almost idyllic landscape populated with animals that now we usually grow for food in industrialized farms. »

 [Re]Born by Rada Ureche from Romania [Re]Born by Rada Ureche from Romania
« [Re]Born is a collection that emphasises on the recycling of materials, giving us an impulse to reuse or to give another destination to the objects we think we no longer need. It represents an unspoken dialougue between the perfect shapes, texture or finish and the small marks of crafting that remain visible as a humble recognition of our human flaws and imperfections.
By using the keum-boo technique we wanted to highlight the beauty and different shapes of melted silver, showing that we can prevent the waste of potentially usefull materials. As gold fusions with silver, so does every action or innaction we have upon the world we live in.
Materials used: recycled sterling silver, 23.5k gold sheet. »

 "Thinking Building" collection by Etay Malka from Israel « Thinking Building » collection by Etay Malka from Israel
« This project deals with the architecture in Tel Aviv. The differences in the city today are mainly reflected by the character of the buildings and their height. Bauhaus buildings with 2 floors and rounded balconies stand alongside the skyscrapers, offices and cranes. »

  THE UNPREDİCTABLE FORM/FOAM collection by Hakan Aktug from TurkeyTHE UNPREDİCTABLE FORM/FOAM collection by Hakan Aktug from Turkey

By Corrina Goutos - representing Germany, from AmericaBy Corrina Goutos – representing Germany, from America
Based on my exploration of the archetype of The Souvenir, my current collection looks at the things we take, imbue with a memory, place or moment, and the objects and traces that we leave behind in the process. The ephemeral dialogue between man’s rituals and nature’s forces; between environment and inhabitants.
In a culture of convenience, consumption and transience, I seek out the lost and found objects and site installations that have the memory of a person. They are the unfinished stories of affection, and neglect, visible in objects we interact with.

 Christine Jalio”Loss” by Christine Jalio from Finland –
“The “Loss”- collection is a continuum of my earlier “Past, Loss, Future”- collection which tells a story of aging, personal loss and life before and after big turning points in life. In the new ”Loss”- collection I have been concentrating on personal loss, sadness, and loneliness; on what happens after you loose someone you love. I have gone even deeper into the emotional turmoil of an individual person and tried hard to capture these feelings in my work. The pieces have a sense of comfort and safety to them and look very heavy, but are actually really light. Like a person who carries great sadness within, I wanted my pieces to be very quiet and scream very loud at the same time.”



 Grand Hotel du Boulevard, Bucharest
Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 5, București, Roumanie
Téléphone : +40 21 210 2363



We are also happy to announce the support of our international friends for this edition of the fair: Bijou Contemporain, The Jewellery Activist, Art Jewelry Forum, The Morning Bark, Current Obsession, Mar de Color Rosa, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.













EXPO ‘FINDING – Central St Martins BA Jewellery design’ – The Foundling Museum, London (UK) – 14 Nov. 2014 – 30 Janv. 2015

  FINDING CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS BA JEWELLERY DESIGN Finding is a project by eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins with the aim of explore the archives and the museum’s collections of the Foundling Hospital. With this starting point each artist developed a piece that represents the opposite feelings that the collection awoke
with : Caroline Broadhead, Lin Cheung, Fiona Chong, Gabriella Garnham, Rosie Greener, Haya Luttfullah, Maria Militsi, Wizal Xinyn Wang, Harriet Williams, Pnyuan Yang, Scarlett Zhang
The history of the Foundling Hospital is rich and engaging. It is of especial interest to those eager to explore the power of objects to denote an emotional connection. The main aim of this project was to use the collection to initiate creative responses and through this exhibition to contribute to a growing awareness of the Museum’s significance. Eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins have explored the archives and the museum’s collections to develop ideas for a piece of jewellery. Another aim of this extra curricula project was to have a chance for students and staff to work together as equals. In addition, the project included two ‘Tokens of Identity’ workshops, conceived by the jewellery students and delivered to schoolchildren from Maria Fidelis School and Haverstock School, which allowed them the opportunity to impart their findings and enthusiasms to younger learners.
There are many narratives about the Foundling Hospital’s history that are compelling, strong themes of abandonment, regimented living, the lack of intimacy and affection, loss of identity and systems of renaming. The central part of the museum’s collection are the tokens that were left as a lasting, but largely undisclosed, connection of a parent to a child and these are eloquent mementos of their separation. These range from buttons, coins, keys, snippets of ribbon and textiles and even bits of jewellery, all of which could have served to unite a parent and a child long after babyhood. With such a wealth of stories it is impossible not to compare present day attitudes and circumstances to these histories and our discussions have included changes in attitude towards children then and now and how different countries take care of their abandoned children.
Jewellers have a strong awareness of the ability of small, closely held objects to convey the value of a relationship, a locket containing a portrait or lock of hair, a piece that has been gifted or handed down are classic examples. Each participant has produced a piece that expresses both the positive and the negative feelings the collection elicits – of abandonment and belonging, uniformity and individuality, the loss of identity and the chance for a new life. 
 Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon  .Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon
Inspired by the foundling tokens, I focused on the way marks can express loss and act as distinctive identifiers. I embossed scrap pieces of metal, collected from our school’s jewellery workshop, with quotes from the Foundling Voices interviews with former pupils and made each into an individual piece of jewellery.
 Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass . Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass In the eighteenth century foundlings were unable to discover their real identity. As technology has developed, I imagined how this might change in the future; a child might receive their DNA markers at birth, represented by a unique sequence of Emojicons, which would then be traceable.

 Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Secure but easily undone, the pins that held the textile tokens in the billet books, inspired me to have one tattooed on my body – a permanent attachment that cannot be undone

 Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball I thought the cross that substituted a signature on one of the registry documents summed up the lack of clear identity of a foundling and marked the estrangement from their past. I found objects in the street and reworked them into crosses, this one from a rubber ball.

 Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather.Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather Each foundling left the Foundling Hospital with a small suitcase with few possessions. These were the start of a new life, which may have been difficult without the emotional strength to manage this. To reference this, the suitcase and its handle are separate on my necklace.


40 Brunswick Square
WC1N 1AZ -  London

Admission £7.50 (Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-17:00, Sunday: 11:00-17:00, Mondays: Closed)

Catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.

  catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.


COUP de COEUR : Liisa HASHIMOTO organic creations

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Japon (JP),Liisa HASHIMOTO (JP) — bijoucontemporain @ 16:12


« The motif of my jewelry work is, Beauty of Nature. Their materials are mostly silver, copper, and brass. I always try to work on and jewelry-make these natural treasures affectionately. »
coup de coeur absolu pour ses bagues, présentées en alignements …. m’évoque irrésistiblement le « vase d’avril » des créatrices Tsé-Tsé ….. sa poésie délicate…..
upper left : Dangling Pod Ring #1 – 2004 -Silver, copper, iwaenogu (japanese paint), epoxy resin
bottom left : Red Bud Ring 2003 – Silver, enamel
bottom right : Object: Green Moss 2001 -copper, enamel
upper right : Object: Bubble Tree 2003 – silver, copper
Liisa HASHIMOTO – ring: Green Bud 2004 – Silver, copper, iwaenogu (japanese paint), epoxy resin 10 x 1 cm – INCREDIBLE ! I didn’t think it was a ring, but a fountain-sculpture !

moss ring
Liisa HASHIMOTOMoss Ring 2010

mebae ring series #1~#9
Liisa HASHIMOTOmebae rings

5set ring

garden choker
Liisa HASHIMOTOgarden chocker

leaf garden necklace
Liisa HASHIMOTOleaf garden necklace

moss necklace
Liisa HASHIMOTOSeed Necklace – silver, brass, copper, stainless wire

ring of hope
Liisa HASHIMOTOring for Hope in Japan

COUP de COEUR : Liisa HASHIMOTO organic creations dans COUP DE COEUR 20101107_676406
Liisa HASHIMOTOmoss ring

splash of waves
Liisa HASHIMOTO‘splash of waves’ ring – Silver, copper, steel- 2007

stack stack ring
Liisa HASHIMOTOstack stack ring – 2007


Allez voir son BLOG également !



la ROUILLE en majesté …..

Alexandra Chaney - 'tetanophobia 'Alexandra Chaney - ‘tetanophobia ‘

voir article   « Ode à la ROUILLE …. Marianne Anselin« 

« La matière qu’elle affectionne aujourd’hui, vielles cartouches, ressorts rouillés, la sécurise, même s’ils sont des déchets. Elle y voit de la beauté, voire de la préciosité, quand d’ordinaire il y a rejet. Sa timidité est dans l’air, c’est pourtant l’ambiguïté qu’elle cultive.
Éloignée des valeurs mercantiles de la joaillerie traditionnelle, Marianne place la préciosité et la rareté là où on ne les attend pas : « je les cherche dans la fragilité de la nature, dans l’action du temps en arrêtant la dégradation du fer rouillé, en utilisant des objets rebuts de notre société qui ne sont pas vides de sens mais porteurs de mémoire ». Là où certains voient imperfections, aspérités, couleurs fanées, elle perçoit comment le souffle du vent, le cliquetis de la pluie viennent à bout de l’airain, comment de l’artificiel la nature se réapproprie et fait son oeuvre. La matière est déjà en migration car « tous les éléments sont fluides. C’est une question de temps. C’est la courte durée de notre existence qui fait que nous appelons «dur» ou «mou» tel ou tel matériau. Le temps met à mal ces critères ». En intervenant, elle arrête un processus qui menait le métal à sa fin, fige l’action du temps sous la violence de sa forge et offre à porter une impalpable et pourtant bien réelle effigie du devenir, un souvenir magnifié.  “ » (Marianne ANSELIN)

Marianne Anselin - collier Mecanique 2007 Marianne ANSELIN (FR) – sautoir ‘mécanique’ – fer rouillé, graines guatemaltèque
Christoph Zellweger- Chain (1994) (detail)

Adrean Bloomard – ‘Amphora’ project/jewels (Alternatives Gallery) – corrosion due à la mer & au temps, comme d’anciennes trouvailles archeologiques ….. Bloomard – amphora brooch – oxidized copper, silver, Bloomardamphora necklace – oxidized copper, silver, enamel Bloomardamphora necklace – oxidized copper,, enamel Bloomardamphora Bracelet, oxidized copper, enamel Bloomardamphora brooch – oxidised copper

bijoux faits par la Galerie SYMBIOSE, Perpignan (Eliane Amalric et Thierry Arabia)* : Amalric et Thierry Arabia – collier rouille, perle tahiti, diamants, or, collier fils argent et or (janv 2010) Arabia- broche/pendentif  et  bague -  rouille, argent, diamants

EXPO Gal Elsa Vanier- Thierry VENDOME- Collier en or jaune, acier rouillé provenant d'un hublot, diamants et péridotsThierry VENDOME- broche 'ikebana' Or jaune. Acier rouillé. Perle de Tahiti
Thierry VENDOME- Collier – or jaune, acier rouillé provenant d’un hublot, diamants, péridots
broche ‘ikebana’ Or jaune. Acier rouillé. Perle de Tahiti

Philip Sajet  Ring: Rust  Iron, gold, niello on sîlverPhilip Sajet  Ring: Rust  Iron, gold, niello on sîlver

foto Luciano Cipullo ---------------------photofoto Luciano Cipullo ---------------------photo
Barbara Uderzocollier & bracelet ‘ruggine’ (rouille) … en chocolat !
Fabrizio Tridenti - bagues / rings
on pense (je pense !) souvent que ses bijoux sont en rouille, mais en fait il s’agit de peinture acrylique …

Stefano PedonesiStefano Pedonesi – Ring: sterling silver, oxidized copper (alors, rouille ou pas rouille ?)
Edgar Mosa - 'Di Indigetes' - rusted steel
Edgar Mosa – ‘Di Indigetes’ – rusted steel

« Relationships with time, space and objects were the focus of my attention during my time in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In an attempt to belong – as a bird makes its nest – I gathered materials that surrounded me; and searched for forms that could convey the struggle within.
Saw blades and rusty steel populated my studio, as vanitas on a still life. From them I created brooches that hung on the body like uncomfortable companions, burdens of a neglected past, that engaged a bittersweet relationship with the wearer. The pieces found their visual strength in the contrast between the delicate organic surfaces versus the sharp industrial edges » (
Edgar Mosa) Di Martino (FR) – « études » sur « l’usure »  (Projet de bijou sur le thème de » l’usure », jeu lancé par le forum « La Manufacture »)….. voilà du cuivre oxydé sans calcul (laissons agir la chimie), quelques gouttes de patine pour expérimenter…

Ingrid Ventura (Escola d'Art del Treball Barcelona)vu à JOYA Barcelona 2010 : Ingrid VENTURA – Escola d´Art del Treball

Montse Basora - (Taller Perill,Montse Basora – (Taller Perill, grupo « Joyas Sensacionales ») ‘lo perdido – lo encontrado‘ – pendant : silver, iron -2010

* galerie SYMBIOSE (Eliane Amalric et Thierry Arabia)
7 pl Gambetta
tél 04 68 34 12 59
fax 04 68 66 56 17


Je vous ECRIS un bijou ….. les bijoux et l’ECRITURE – EXPO ‘LETTERS+WORDS’ – Taboo Studio, San Diego (USA) – 6 Aout-17 Sept 2010

 EXPO  ‘LETTERS + WORDS-  6 Aout-17 Sept 2010

Taboo Studio
1615½ W. Lewis Street
San Diego, CA 92103 (USA)

 New Jewelry by   Boris BallyNancy Bonnema –  Trudee HillClare HillerbyBrittany IsenbergNicole JacquardSisterBlocClara VichiSandra Wrightson

See image caption.
Clare Hillerby (UK)- ‘From a Bookseller’ Brooch – silver, silver, found papers, gold rivets, Perspex, patina. (Photo: Shannon Tofts )
Nicole Jacquard – ‘Letters & Notes’ - Silver, aluminum, nylon cord – 2004-7

Boris Bally, Brooches, Recycled aluminum highway signs
Boris Bally (US)  Brooches  Recycled aluminum highway signs

Trudee Hill, Letters form Words Alphabet Rings, Sterling
Trudee Hill(US) Letters form Words Alphabet Rings Sterling

….et COUP de COEUR pour les bijoux en papier  de  Brittany Isenberg …… !!

Brittany Isenberg, Reinvention Pearl Necklace, Sterling, vintage papers, cultured pearls
Brittany Isenberg (US)-’Reinvention’ Pearl Necklace - Sterling, vintage papers, cultured pearls

Brittany Isenberg, Reinvention Bracelet, Vintage papers, elasticBrittany Isenberg ‘Reinvention’ Bracelet ‘Tessuto di Firenze’- Vintage papers, elastic 2008

Brittany Isenberg, Reinvention Bracelet, Sterling, vintage papers, 14k, cultured pearls, citrine
Brittany Isenberg Reinvention Bracelet Sterling, vintage papers, 14k, cultured pearls, citrine

Clara Vichi, CrOreO Calligraphic Brooch, Silver, patinaSandra Wrightson, Romeo and Juliet Earrings (large beads), Porcelain beads, sterling
Clara Vichi (UK ?)  ‘CrOreO’ Calligraphic BroochSilver, patina
Sandra Wrightson (AU ?) Romeo and Juliet Earrings (large beads) Porcelain beads, sterling



et puis, et puis ………….. (tout à fait en dehors de l’exposition précédemment citée, mais sur le même thème, que j’affectionne particulièrement ….)

PEGAH ASHRAFI _ poesia iraniana (Ecole Poli.Design bijou MILAN)
Pegah ASHRAFI -  poesia iraniana (Ecole Poli.Design bijou MILAN)- paper neckpiece (MERVEILLE !)

Manolya Konuk : The jewels/ Les bijouxManolya Konuk - ‘Les bijoux/ jewels’ – As an integral part to the design of the object , the pattern is not merely decoration of the structure but constitutes the structure of the jewel.
Using «les bijoux» from Baudelaire the text becomes a material, a substance, an object, and each strophe became a jewel to adorn clothes. // Les lettres même forment les motifs, la structure. Le texte devient objet pouvant se disposer comme ornement sur le vêtement, où chaque sphère représente une strophe des « bijoux » de Baudelaire.
Manolya Konuk :  The jewels/ Les bijoux - detailManolya Konuk :  The jewels/ Les bijoux – detail

GENIAL ! :-)
et je ne peux, comme Manolya Konuk, que citer le poème de BAUDELAIRE !
Les Bijoux

La très chère était nue, et, connaissant mon coeur,
Elle n’avait gardé que ses bijoux sonores,
Dont le riche attirail lui donnait l’air vainqueur
Qu’ont dans leurs jours heureux les esclaves des Mores.
Quand il jette en dansant son bruit vif et moqueur,
Ce monde rayonnant de métal et de pierre
Me ravit en extase, et j’aime à la fureur
Les choses où le son se mêle à la lumière.
Elle était donc couchée et se laissait aimer,
Et du haut du divan elle souriait d’aise
À mon amour profond et doux comme la mer,
Qui vers elle montait comme vers sa falaise.
Les yeux fixés sur moi, comme un tigre dompté,
D’un air vague et rêveur elle essayait des poses,
Et la candeur unie à la lubricité
Donnait un charme neuf à ses métamorphoses;
Et son bras et sa jambe, et sa cuisse et ses reins,
Polis comme de l’huile, onduleux comme un cygne,
Passaient devant mes yeux clairvoyants et sereins;
Et son ventre et ses seins, ces grappes de ma vigne,
S’avançaient, plus câlins que les Anges du mal,
Pour troubler le repos où mon âme était mise,
Et pour la déranger du rocher de cristal
Où, calme et solitaire, elle s’était assise.
Je croyais voir unis par un nouveau dessin
Les hanches de l’Antiope au buste d’un imberbe,
Tant sa taille faisait ressortir son bassin.
Sur ce teint fauve et brun, le fard était superbe!
— Et la lampe s’étant résignée à mourir,
Comme le foyer seul illuminait la chambre
Chaque fois qu’il poussait un flamboyant soupir,
Il inondait de sang cette peau couleur d’ambre!

 Manolya Konuk : Parade - Confrontant la forme et le fond,  les cocardes sont un symbole patriotique.  Dentelles de textes d’auteurs français.  Portées comme décoration de parade,  d’une mégalomanie grandissante,  le texte devient décoration d’une décoration.Manolya Konuk : Parade – Confrontant la forme et le fond,  les cocardes sont un symbole patriotique.  Dentelles de textes d’auteurs français.  Portées comme décoration de parade,  d’une mégalomanie grandissante,  le texte devient décoration d’une décoration.

Pour sa broche "cocarde" en feuilles d'argent et or (?) ondulées, percées en mille endroits et superposées les unes sur les autres fabriquant visuellement l'effet d'une dentelle, Manolya Konuk, étudiante de 4e année de l'atelier Bijou de l'Ecole des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg, a reçu le 1er prix de la part de la société HafnerManolya Konuk ‘Parade’ is a succession of 9 rosettes in which the patterns are made out of famous French writings about the nation ( like Voltaire and Rimbaud, Céline). Using the letters as a repetitive pattern, the text becomes a decoration to show off with to all.

Valentine Herrenschmidt : bijoux poèmes, inspirés par ses années de théatre et par « le gout immodéré pour les textes, poésies, refrains, et paroles de vie » (Valentine Herrenschmidt) :

Valentine Herrenschmidt (FR) - 'La vie est belle'  argent 925/1000
Valentine Herrenschmidt – ‘La vie est belle’  argent 925/1000
Valentine Herrenschmidt (FR) -  Collier ‘songe’ argent 925/1000

'ninadinoff'- ring composed of the entirety of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech from August 28, 1963 -Nina Dinoff ( ring_a_day challenge)  ring composed of the entirety of Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech from August 28, 1963

Stefano Pedonesi - Anello «Contenitore di Pensieri»: argento, materiale scrivibile - like a tiny "memo" board, you can write/erase on it !!Stefano Pedonesi - Anello « Contenitore di Pensieri »: argento, materiale scrivibile

Serge THORAVAL -  bracelet poeme  peut-être un des 1ers bijoux que j'aie acheté ...  ce que j'aime c'est qu'à chaque fois on crée sa propre poésie .... 1 vers sur chaque anneau ... ça dépend dans quel ordre on les enfile ! :-))  --  one verse on each bracelet - create your own poesie each time you put the lot of bracelets on your wrist !Serge THORAVAL – bracelet poeme – à chaque fois on crée sa propre poésie …. 1 vers sur chaque anneau … ça dépend dans quel ordre on les enfile ! :-) )


« Secrets de bijoux » – Line Vautrin et onze créateurs d’aujourd’hui (expostion mars-aout 1999) -Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

Line Vautrin

Une sélection de bijoux de Line Vautrin des années 50 rend hommage à cette artiste créatrice de bijoux, de boîtes en bronze doré et de miroirs en résine ; messages chiffrés, rébus, symboles jalonnent ces œuvres à déchiffrer et mettent en lumière toute la malice ludique de Line Vautrin.«Poète du métal», «experte des petits riens», Line Vautrin possédait l’art de faire surgir des matières dites pauvres du bronze, du laiton, de la résine , des merveilles d’invention destinées à embellir les élégantes de l’après-guerre. Lorsque Line Vautrin, née en 1913, crée ses premiers bijoux elle possède quelques notions de ciselure et de dorure acquises dans l’atelier de fonderie de son père. Mais c’est à l’Exposition internationale de 1937 qu’elle se fait véritablement connaître. Elle ouvre une première boutique rue de Berri, qu’elle transfère en 1943 au 63, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré ; plus tard elle restaure un hôtel particulier de la rue Vieille-du-Temple afin d’y installer ses ateliers et son domicile.

La guerre crée une atmosphère propice au développement de la «bijouterie d’art» ou «bijouterie fantaisie», la pénurie de moyens constituant une dynamique par la contrainte.

Jusqu’en 1950, Line Vautrin utilise le bronze doré pour des bijoux et des accessoires conçus dans un genre très personnel souvent allégorique, s’appuyant sur les thèmes de l’amour et de l’amitié, interprétés avec poésie et humour.
Line Vautrinbracelet en bronze doré, « Dante » ou « Composé des neuf cercles de l’enfer », d’après la Divine Comédie (vers 1302) de Dante Aligheri

Au début des années soixante, Line Vautrin s’installe rue de l’Université et abandonne la création de bijoux pour la décoration, créant miroirs et cadres en résine incrustée de petits miroirs colorés, procédé inventé et breveté par elle à la fin des années cinquante. Line Vautrin disparaît en 1996, laissant derrière elle une œuvre riche et élégante, témoignage d’un art où décoration, parure, sculpture et mode se confondent.

Line Vautrin - bracelet rébus 'la parole est d'argent et le silence est d'or'
Line Vautrinbracelet rébus ‘la parole est d’argent et le silence est d’or’ (LA-PAS-RO-L’HAIE-d’(argent)-M’HAIE-le-SI-LANCE-HAIE-d’(or)

Line Vautrin - bracelet 'c'est la vie' - bronze
Line Vautrin - bracelet ‘c’est la vie’ – bronze
… et onze créateurs d’aujourd’hui
Parallèlement à l’exposition de Line Vautrin, une sélection d’œuvres contemporaines révèle le travail de onze créateurs français et étrangers ; tous s’expriment à partir d’une mise en scène d’images et de signes indéchiffrables dont ils donnent et refusent à la fois les clefs. Ils établissent par là une relation particulière entre le bijou et celui qui le porte, ayant moins le souci de l’effet produit que celui d’intriguer, voire de mystifier le spectateur, laissant ainsi au seul propriétaire la véritable connaissance du bijou.

Pour cette raison, ils créent des bagues dont une partie reste cachée dans le creux de la main, des pendentifs dont le décor est enfermé à l’intérieur, des colliers construits à partir d’un texte en fil d’or, des broches anamorphoses dont le motif n’est révélé que par la lumière.

Alyssa Dee Cross, Manfred Bischoff, Patrick Muff, Torben Hardenberg, Johanna Dahm, Ruudt Peters, Christer G. Jonsson, Gilles Jonemann, Florence Lehmann, Brune Boyer et Jacomijn van der Donk participent à cette exposition collective.


 » Secrets de bijoux : Line Vautrin et créateurs d’aujourd’hui », Catalogue d’exposition, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 10 mars-30 mai 1999, p. 57-58



Ces bijoux, inspirés par les mots et l’écriture, me font penser à d’autres bijoux, eux aussi des « mots contre les maux ». Ces bijoux visualisent les mots/maux, cela ne veut pas dire que les bijoux où l’on ne voit aucun mot n’aient rien à dire ! Au contraire ! tout bijou est un message …. tout bijou « parle » à celui qui le porte, qui l’a choisi, qu’il a touché ….

Akiko KURIHARA  "1000 G" necklaceAkiko KURIHARA  « 1000 G » necklace« necklace consists in 1000 similar characters, the ‘G’- each ‘G’ weights exactly one gram (1g) and the total wight of the necklace is thus 1kg.«
Victoria CONTRERAS Romantic, poetical typographic jewels- each piece featuring a quote by a famous author…
Eun YEONG JEONG – ‘Those sweet words’ 2007 – Silver, Letters from DY (paper), Wool, Nylon Thread

Ela CINDORUK  - let my words be.. earrings
Ela CINDORUK  – let my words be….. earrings

Colleen Baran - translation series -Love and Lust Bracelet (2003)-polyester resin, ink, Mylar, acrylic
Colleen BARAN – translation series -’Love and Lust’ Bracelet (2003)-polyester resin, ink, Mylar, acrylic -Varied conotations of the words love and lust translated into 26 global languages

Fatima Tocornal - el corazon inspira la palabraFatima Tocornal – TEMA: LO SECRETO – el corazon inspira la palabra

michaela_niegemann necklace - 2
Michaela NIEGEMANN necklace – copper & rubber- words, words, words ….
« Michaela Niegemann chooses forgiveness, understanding, love and hurt as the focus for her jewellery of copper and rubber, and uses silhouettes of people who have hurt her and those that she loves as nail-clad pendants.  » (mocoloco)

« This is my jewellery about love and pain. But most of all about forgiveness and understanding. Words that say forgive me.  Wine labels shaped as tears and together they create a mess.  Silhouettes of a secure love. The wine bottles on a fragile string. The nails against my body.« (Michaela NIEGEMANN)

Michaela NIEGEMANN necklace – rubber & steel – 2009- ( year at Ädellab/Metal Design)
Michaela NIEGEMANN necklace – copper & rubber

 Kat Cole - 'Can't Find the Words' Brooch  Brooch in steel, tin and brass. 2.5 x 1.5 x .25".  Exhibit: Women Working WordsKat Cole – ‘Can’t Find the Words‘ Brooch  Brooch in steel, tin and brass. 2.5 x 1.5 x .25″.  (Exhibit: « Women Working Words » at Facere Gallery)

Galatée Pestre - Une histoire qui n'en finit pas... Never ending story..Galatée Pestre – Une histoire qui n’en finit pas… Never ending story..