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PAPER Jewelry : Sarah-Louise Kelly « Saloukee »

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SALOUKEE ?  comes from my name,  Sarah Louise Kelly

Mon amour du papier date d’il y a longtemps … Quand on m’a dit que le père Noël n’existait pas, décontenancée, j’ai « commandé » du papier, plein de papiers différents, « pour faire des choses » …..

« Expand and contract. It’s what we do. Just as we know the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, we also know that as we move through this life our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our worlds will continue to expand and contract. 25 year old Sarah Kelly’s debut collection of paper jewelry was designed “to expand and contract so that its movement is synchronized with that of the wearer.

 bracelet by Saloukee (a laser-cut paper jewelry brand)

« Influenced by the Victorian corset, Kelly (Saloukee) explores the concept of restriction with each piece. Look carefully and you see that she combines cutting and folding, negative space and solid form, impermanence of material and permanence of memory – the combination makes her work sing. »

Saloukee- Nexus braceletSALOUKEE 'observe duo' braceletSALOUKEE- jewellery made in paper
Saloukee- Nexus bracelet –  ‘observe duo’ bracelet  ‘tied adjoining’ bracelet

SALOUKEE- sarah louise kelly_saloukee - paper jewelry

SALOUKEE- sarah louise kelly_saloukee – paper jewelry

* Saloukee Jewellery is exhibiting in East Sussex (UK) at The Rye Art Gallery on 22nd May with paper artists, Oona Patterson, Sher Christopher, Richard Sweeney, Lorna Crabbe, Eleanor Cardwell and Serena Partridge…

* Saloukee Jewellery is taking part in « paperficial« , an exhibition in Hamburg of paper designers from all over Europe, 10.03.2010- 08.05.2010


Rye Art Gallery
Main Entrance for contemporary art :
107 High Street,
Easton Rooms
East Sussex TN31 7JE  (UK)

Tel : 01797 222433


video Sarah-Louise Kelly / SaloukeeImage de prévisualisation YouTube


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