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EXPO ‘Allegro Moderato ‘ – Galeria Reverso (PT) – 1er Dec 2012 – 27 Janv. 2013

Galeria Reverso  Próxima exposição : Allegro Moderato : 1 Dez. 17h00-20h00

Artists: Ana Albuquerque – Ana Margarida Carvalho — Andrea Wagner — Barbara Paganin — Beate Leonards — Birgit Laken — Castello Hansen — Claude Schmitz — Claudia Hoppe — Dimitar Delchev — Dulce FerrazEla Bauer — Gabriela Coelho — Herman Hermsen — Ilona Scwimpel — Inês Nunes — Joana Mota Capitão — Kamilla Ruberg — Kaori JuzuDanni Schwaag — Kayo Saito — Laura Rose — Leonor Hipólito — Luzia Vögt — Madalena Rosalis — Marc Monzó — Margarida Valente — Mecky van den Brink — Mirjam Hiller -- Nikolay Sardamov — Paula CrespoPaula Madeira Rodrigues — Paula Rousseau — Pedro Calapez — Per Suntum — Raquel Soares — Salima Thakker — Sónia Brum — Sónia Morel — Suzanne Esser — Floor Mommersteeg — Sylvia Blickman — Uli Rapp — Valéria Fazekas — Young-I Kim — Zwetelina Alexieva.
EXPO 'Allegro Moderato ' - Galeria Reverso (PT) - 1er Dec 2012 - 27 Janv. 2013 dans Danni SCHWAAG (DE) 2012_allegro_02
Floor MommersteegBrooches « Snow »  nylon, steel
2012_allegro_03 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Floor Mommersteeg – Colar / Necklace
2012_allegro_27 dans Floor MOMMERSTEEG (NL)
Paula Crespo necklace
2012_allegro_11a dans Gal. Reverso (PT)
Danni SchwaagBrooch: Blu men VIIII 2011Enamel on copper, ebony, reconstructed coral, broken tile, bead cord, gold
2012_allegro_06 dans Portugal (PT)
Mecky van den Brink- Necklace
Danni Schwaag – Necklace
Danni Schwaag – Ring
Ana Margarida Carvalho – Pendents
Dulce Ferraz – Bracelets
Laura Rose Pendent
Laura RoseRing | Pendent
Galeria Reverso
Rua da Esperança, nº 59 / 61
1200 – 655 Lisboa
tel. / fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ‘SODAmore summer 2011′ – SODA, Istanbul (TR) – 24 Juin-26 Aout 2011

SODAmore Summer 2011 : Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition

SODAmore YAZ 2011 : Çağdaş Mücevher Sanatı Sergisi

Once more SODA brings together a group of contemporary artists who use different colours, materials and themes to exhibit their work for the SODAmore exhibition this summer.

“SODAmore Summer 2011: Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition,” which was also organized last year, will host many new international artists. This show will challenge you to forget the old contours and styles you were once used to, to be swiftly replaced by deserving contemporary art.

Including approximately 70 pieces, the exhibition will present prominent artists of Contemporary Art Jewellery which has become an acclaimed area of interest for international art collectors who use various materials like glass, metal, rubber, plexiglass, wood, paper, plastic and ceramic.

The exhibition hosts artists Zwetelina Alexieva, Ara Kuo, Ritsuko Ogura, Selen Özus, Lina Peterson, Nikolay Sardamov, Michihiro Sato, Salima Thakker, Flora Vagi and Tanel Veenre. Some rings are made from hairbrushes while some bracelets are carved out of cardboard; ultimately the exhibit will surprise you and make you question the definition of “precious” jewellery.
Michihiro Sato

EXPO 'SODAmore summer 2011' - SODA, Istanbul (TR) - 24 Juin-26 Aout 2011 dans Ara KUO (Taiwan) 269952_220998064599170_100000669351542_738911_2052587_n
Selen Özus
Selen Özus – thoughtful
Flora Vagi
Zwetelina Alexieva – black plastic brooch
Zwetelina Alexievanecklace « twin pollens », detail – silver, hematite
Lina Peterson
Ritsuko Ogura
Tanel Veenre
Nikolay Sardamov




Şakayık SOkak No: 37/1 34365 Nişantaşı
Istanbul, Turkey


EXPO ‘SCHMUCKE ZAUBER KRAFT’, Galerie Slavik, Vienne (AT) – 2 mars-3 avril 2010

Classé dans : Autriche (AT),Gal. Slavik (AT),Isabell SCHAUPP (DE),Stefano MARCHETTI (IT) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:37

Lucia Massei, Letizia Plankensteiner, Isabell Schaupp, Salima Thakker

« …. spring is coming – in the midst of magic, enchanting and powerful visions. »

« The Austrian jewellery artist Letizia PLANKENSTEINER seduces with fantastic forms in exciting compositions. Wave-like matt-finished gold straps intertwine to a miniature wearable ring sculpture.
Lucia MASSEI enchants with imaginative creations for the neck and the hand.
Isabell SCHAUPP, bearer of Galerie Slavik’s 2008 Grassi Award, presents powerful and imaginative creations in her special enamel technique. The red pistils in the « Small red flower » brooch made of silver, copper, enamel and sponge coral radiate in welcome of spring.

Isabell SCHAUPP-brooch 'Kopfrad II'-silver copper, enamel, photo, coralIsabell SCHAUPP-brooch 'great mouth'-silver copper, enamel, photo, wood, acryl
Isabell SCHAUPP - brooch ‘Kopfrad II’, 2008 – silver copper, enamel, photo, coral
Isabell SCHAUPP - brooch ‘great mouth’ 2009 – silver copper, enamel, photo, wood, acryl

Open-work surfaces – interspersed with shiny brilliants, diamonds and colourful gems – imbue the enchanting gold and silver rings created by Salima THAKKER with life.
Stefano MARCHETTI fascinates with …  his works reminiscent of fairly lands. »


expo SLAVIK -Letizia Plankensteiner ring sculpture 'waves' goldexpo SLAVIK - Lucia Massei -ring blackened silverSalima Thakker bracelet black silver, goldStefano Marchetti - ring gold, silver, epoxy
Letizia Plankensteiner – ring sculpture ‘waves’ gold
Lucia Massei -ring blackened silver
Salima Thakker – bracelet black silver, gold
Stefano Marchetti – ring gold, silver, epoxy

Himmelpfortgasse 17
1010 Wien  (Vienne, Autriche)
Tel +43-1-513 48 12 Fax +43-1-513 48 12
E-mail :
Internet :


EXPO ‘Schmuckkunst und Papageno Art’ / ‘JEWELLERY AND PAPAGENO ART’ – 2-27 FEV 2010 bijoux de plume


2 Fevrier au 27 fevrier 2010
Quand on vous dit « Papageno » vous pensez à ??? …… moi, en tout cas, qui ne parle hélas pas l’allemand ou l’autrichien (s’il y a une différence… honte à moi de mon ignorance en ce domaine!), je pense immédiatement à l’opéra de Mozart ! :-)

Ici, point d’aria, ni même d’ara, mais des bijoux et parures en plumes,  de Gudrun Arp, Maria Baumschlager-Dünser, Jo van Norden, Birgit Sophie Metzger

« Dancing through the night on Vienna’s grand balls as light as a feather and perfectly adorned for the great occasion with Galerie Slavik’s extravagant and sensuous feather jewellery creations by international artists.
… make your dreams take wings : Gudrun Arp’s neckwear combining peacock and guinea fowl feathers touches the wearer with a bird’s lightness,  extravagant “headpieces” by Birgit Sophie Metzger or Jo van Norden’s scintillating blue peacock feather collar … Pearl drops pendant by Anna Heindl  ….  will make you float through the night…. »
(un GRAND MERCI à cette galerie pour son texte en anglais ! :-) )

papageno 1papageno 2
Maria Baumschlager-Dünser                 Birgit Sophie Metzger – headpiece


Himmelpfortgasse 17
1010 Wien  (Vienne, Autriche)
Tel +43-1-513 48 12 Fax +43-1-513 48 12
E-mail :
Internet :

Next exhibition :  2.3. – 3.4. 2010
Letizia Plankensteiner,  Salima Thakker,  Isabell Schaupp,  Lucia Massei


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