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New amazing work by Victoria Ioannidou jewelry-object designer,maker
The time has come to leave behind and part ways with all that is negative and preserve the quality of my life
because I am the one who will choose …to give up….. to live in the past…. to loose my fear…
OR to react… to feel anger… to fight ..and finally to move on.
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West
I had to destroy the path ,leave no trace, so the evil could not follow me


 Victoria IoannidouVictoria Ioannidou  « recycling pain is a way of living? » – Necklace-Object – silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,wood,thread
photo by Aimilia Balaska

Victoria Ioannidou - "may your scream be stronger than your understanding" Necklace silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,cord,thread photo by Aimilia BalaskaVictoria Ioannidou - « may your scream be stronger than your understanding » Necklace silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,cord,thread – photo by Aimilia Balaska

Victoria Ioannidou - "emergent merging or..violent separation"... brooch silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,bronze,thread photo Aimilia BalaskaVictoria Ioannidou - « emergent merging or..violent separation »… brooch silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,bronze,thread – photo by Aimilia Balaska

Victoria Ioannidou - "It is not what it seems" armlet silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,rubber,threads photo Aimilia BalaskaVictoria Ioannidou - « It is not what it seems » armlet silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,rubber,threads - photo by Aimilia Balaska

Victoria Ioannidou - "It is not what it seems" armlet silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,rubber,threads - photo Aimilia BalaskaVictoria Ioannidou - « It is not what it seems » armlet silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,rubber,threads - photo by Aimilia Balaska

Victoria Ioannidou - "wanna go home" Necklace, silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,bronze,thread photo Aimilia BalaskaVictoria Ioannidou - « wanna go home » Necklace, silicone,paper,acrylics,eco glue,soda powder,bronze,thread – photo Aimilia Balaska




#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (58) – « No Expiry » – 3STATIONS, Munich (DE) – 9-12 Mars 2017

(58) No Expiry

Dimitar Stankov &  Jonathan Hens

3STATIONS   Munich


(58) No Expiry

ALAFRANGADimitar Stankov seeks a way to depict the sound images emerging in human mind after its interaction with certain sound or traditional Bulgarian folklore music combining craftsmanship and innovative technology. The music represents the traditional manners and it can be used to chase away evil spirits or to bring happiness and joy. This duality inspires him to materialize the sound that can be heard but cannot be felt by touch.NIGHTLIGHT SKIN: Jonathan Hens’ work speaks of recent developments in today’s world, which has seen a fusion between the banal and the subcultures and becomes a place where men and women have merged into androgynous beings. His designs are the result of an intense search for an alternative identity. Rather than a classic example of beauty, the viewer gets to see Hens’ interpretation of it.

No Expiry by Dimitar Stankov and Jonathan Hens


"Alafranga" by Dimitar Stankov« Alafranga » by Dimitar Stankov

Jonathan HENS - At "No Expiry", with Dimitar Stankov and Jonathan Hens! 3STATIONS, STUDIO LOFTS Munich Jewelry Week 2017: Jonathan HENS



3STATIONS Studio Lofts,
Welserstrasse 15,
81373 Munich
Thu 15:00-19:00, Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-14:00
(3Stations = 81373 München, Welserstr. 11 / 15 / 23 / 29-31)
 Dimitar Stankov Tel. +32 495327052 / Jonathan Hens Tel. +32 483362484





EXPO ‘(Lost) Paradise’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 10 Dec.2016 –21 Janv.2017

an exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics proposed by Alliages from Dec. 10th 2016 to Jan. 21st 2017.

Artificial, inanimate, painful, lost … Where is your paradise ?

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 9th, 2019 at 6 PM

Alliages - (Lost) paradise - dec 2016:


Showing works of   Ana Garcia MoyaAnke HuybenCaterina ZancaChing-Ting YangClaudia Steiner Xenia Deimezi – Eero Hintsanen — Eleanor Symms — Emmanuelle Durand — Fabienne Christyn — Gabriela Secarea — Hebe ArgentieriHeidemarie HerbHelmi Lindblom Isabelle BusnelIzabella Petrut Juan Riusech Kristin Beeler — Lucy Morrow — Ludmilla Buga — Mabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita AlonsoMartina Dempf Michelle Kraemer — Nadine Smith — Nanna MellandNicole SchusterPhilip Sajet Rodrigo AcostaRosa BorredáSébastien CarréSelma LealSergio e Stefano Spivach – Sònia Serrano — Victoria IoannidouViktoria Münzker Wiebke Pandikow – Ying Chen.


(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen
« As a jewellery artist, I believe my work is the bridge connecting myself with the outside world, which shows my thoughts, inner feeling and philosophy. What reflect on me from outside? How do I reply to it? I address my answers by making the questions tangible and personal. Fortress Besieged is one of my projects. The whole project is about my thought and feeling of the renovation in my city. “Shikumen”, the typical kind of buildings in Shanghai which I used to live, has been replaced by high-rises. I can not help but doubt, whether the demolition of Shikumen is necessary. Shikumen is like a paradise of all the memories from dwellers who have spent most of their time in Shikumen. However, their opinion was neglected. My work shows my inner struggle and sadness in the journey of finding the right answer. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal  (Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal 
« The piece ‘Danger… woodworm!’ it is part of the exhibition ‘Life in the Urban Paradise’ , which was born from a previous collection, ‘Cities’. Nowadays, urban parks and public gardens are a safe haven. They are green areas where we can relax and recover the energy we nees for life. This piece is a subtle critique our society, because I think the man is the woodworm of the planet. Love the planet is to love ourselves. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou (Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou.
« Ominus, Pesimistic,Disapointing, contradicting,negative messages deprive the oxygene from our little but important beings.. However there is a small spark of hope far away that fills our dull lifes with color and light. My own paradise is my concern to strengthen the spark ,prevent and restrain the evil.. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker
« Breathless attention fills two parts of a complex called life. Tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, birth and death, heaven and hell. The emotional side of my work is based on my personal experiences. Suggestions for the creation of Paradise were my emotional forces, experiences and mental images. Paradise – Garden of Eden from that we were expelled forever, and what we must now create alone. This term, in old Sumerian « Adina » – Garden means a place that seemed to be fruitful… Did we lost it? This land is real, it is an another dimension in this world, the real paradise can’t be lost. It is inside of us. If we believe that we are a part of it, there will always be a place that we call paradise. Jewellery is my art to show the world my own inner self, the inner world where I feel safe and beautiful. It’s the inner paradise that survives only with our power. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca
« My paradise is a small space rediscovered in the middle of a chaotic reality, tended to the geometric and formal. A non-enclosed space, but yet communicative with new points of view from different perspectives. Apparently aseptic but a generator of light, ideas, energy, thus of a new life! Il mio paradiso è un piccolo spazio ritrovato fra una caotica realtà, teso alla pulizia geometrica e formale. Uno spazio non chiuso, ma comunicativo di nuovi punti di vista, di diverse prospettive. Apparentemente asettico ma generatore di luce, idee, energia, dunque di nuova vita! »
(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach
« The Archangel into pieces / THE BODY, THE HEART, THE WING The falling Archangel, crashing into pieces, is the metaphor of man who is walking on a road paved of self-destruction. Falling on lost paradise, The Archangel crashes into pieces: his heart moves from the body in order to survive – aware that his own wing will lead himself safe. On the contrary, the body will wear down gradually. The stone we have used for creating the three parts of The Archangel testifies, with its color and its porosities, the consequences of its own closeness with the human being. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna Melland(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna MellandLost Paradises. In 1977 Bob Marley sang; “Exodus, movement of Jah people!” His words could not fit better for the situation of refugees today. Masses of people in a seemingly endless flow, leaving their home country in search of a better future somewhere else. Paradise lost. Paradise search. I chose to work with the suitcase as an object of our time. A time of flux, of movement, of wanted and unwanted journeys. It can be disturbingly absent or disturbingly present. For the exhibition Lost Paradises, I present a serie of rings called Suitcaserings. Cast in bronze in the lost wax technique, coloured afterwards. You need strength to wear and balance these heavy skin coloured Suitcaserings on your hand, A strong grip to get by in this world of suffering. Of Lost Paradises. »

Sebastien Carré - Lost Paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Sébastien Carré
« Just imagine… Living in a world in which we would not have destroyed our relationship to nature. In which, the society, the moral, the value or our belief would not have put us in a virtual cell. A world of difference, of similarity, of ambiguity but after all isn’t it what is making a more interesting world. Vegetation, Animal, and Mineral are all combined in objects reminiscent of organic forms, the shape of the central figure in all form of shamanism around the world, the Tree that connects us all together. Mixing materials in order to create a symbolic life in an object by using interactive mediums allows me to wake up a body which tends to be more insensitive due to an over-communicativity of society. Let’s hope for a world with more shamanism, more bound between all living forms. Let’s Cherish the diversity in our small world, being together is already a treasure. »

Rosa Borredá -  Lost paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Rosa Borredá
« LOST CIVILIZATIONS Accumulation of different objects left over the centuries that are worn, eroded by time. Ancient architectures with traces of gold leaf and polychromy. Lush vegetation but withered at the same time. Paradise and decay, everything has a place in the lost and imaginary paradises. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner
« The earth as the ideal for a happy and content existence, with indescribable natural beauty. Is this still true? This is not the case anywhere in the world. It is precisely our time that makes us doubt whether or not this is indeed true. Everyone has their own ideas of paradise and can explore it in a variety of ways. Sometimes with the look at hidden details sometimes viewed at large. The contrasts of geometric lines and round forms, the uneven surface, reflect the contrasting variety of our earth. The way to the personal paradise in life is different and sometimes requires detours, means unevenness in the life cycle – one up and down – in order to somehow have found his personal ideal of a happy and content life. Not everything is at first sight recognizable as such, some « paradise » requires a longer confrontation with it and will only be discovered in small. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta
« Deconstruct to build again. Giving a new shape to the existent object. Building your space, your place, your habitat, your paradise. Find back your lost paradise. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi
“The youth love, Pure and unconditional, almost dreamy, full of emotions and passion but also temporary. Now kept as a memory, idealized and distant. My beautiful secret (lost) paradise.”

(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer
« Up and above in a far away land exploring an unreachable world dreaming of landscapes and possibilities… unreachable but with imagination so close yet so far that’s where I want to go… to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities to touch them, to make them mine to materialize them into my own imagined reality »

(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet
« paradise is nothing other than time passing sense that we realize that as time passes »

(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb
« Since some years I’m working on the collection « time ». Keys are like magic tools, they open and close doors,diaries, treasures….they preserve secrets, memories and thoughts. You can meet positive or negative feelings…once again this opposites are attractions in my work. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn
« I’ll go sleep in the white paradise Where the nights are so long that we forget the time All alone with the wind As in my childhood dreams I will go running in the white paradise Far from the looks of hatred And fighting blood Find whales Talking to silverfish Like, like, like before M.Berger »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith
« I live in Wellington and work part time as an artist and nurse. Caring for others has developed my fundamentally humanist philosophy. Fueled by this and the fragility of life, pieces often reference the relationship we have with the developing technological world and how this creates possibilities for enhancement or re-creation of our environment, our lives, even ourselves. Being an avid recycler with magpie tendencies and an active imagination lends itself to a diverse range of work. Medical and other recycled paraphernalia when used out of context can create a tension between the familiar and the unknown. The works aim to intrigue, inviting the audience to reflect and make connections from their own life experiences. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms
« Demolition Neckpiece This piece is made using found electrical components gathered at the beach beside Cockenzie coal-fired power station, along the coast from my home. The power station, which dominated the coastline since the 1960s, was demolished in 2015. It was the cause of much pollution, changing the nature of the coastline, creating miles of new land with infill of the spoil it generated and leaving huge ‘lagoons’ of fly ash, some of which are now reserves for birds and wildlife. The power station destroyed a wild, natural coastal habitat, but nature is slowly reclaiming the site. In using found plastic components from the site, which have been sea and weather-worn in combination with silver and opals, I aim to question notions of preciousness and disposability. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez 2016(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez
« Return to origin. We yearn for happiness, seek peace, love. And, generally, we seek outside ourselves. I suspect none of this depends on external circumstances. My heart tells me that the lost paradise is inside me, waiting to be found. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow
« Without the ubiquitous plastic our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is a burden on the environment with far-reaching consequences. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for me to work with, to create from them, with the help of a clothes iron and a soldering iron, textures and structures that recall forms of the natural world which we have set ourselves apart from. Hand-formed leaves form lush necklaces, but they can only ever be pale images of the real thing. We feel safe with plastics, at home and comfortable in our modern paradise of artificiality. But it is the natural world around us which is the real paradise, in danger of becoming a paradise lost. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena
« My natural paradise, my oasis, flows the meandering waters of the Parana River Delta. I find no better place to muse about life and to relax than when I am rowing my boat in this maze of water and rainforest. Every concern or fear seems to vanish while I row my way through this cluster of islands. Nature in all its glory to admire: golden water, green trees and vines and colorful birds. This brooch illustrates the landscape of this Delta, its colors and textures, and the feelings it arises in me. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel   (Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel
« Black jewellery is often associated with mourning jewellery. This collection is inspired by Victorian jewellery and relates to any loss in life, or in Paradise… »

(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom
« Fruitfully Yours, extinction With this work I focus on today’s paradox: simultaneous population growth and entering the sixth mass extinction. Jewelry from Extinction are silent in comparison to their colorful opposites (Fertility) like extinction is silent in comparison to birth. With color contrast from black balloons I want to put forth the feel of fading away. « 


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Mo/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h – Sa : 10-12h & 12h30-16h30






EXPO ‘Omnia Vanitas’ – Wcc-bf Mons, Anciens Abattoirs de Mons (BE) – 24 Oct. 2015-10 Janv. 2016

Omnia Vanitas By Wcc-bf Mons

Exposition du 24/10/15 au 10/01/16 aux Anciens Abattoirs de Mons

puis/et à la Galerie Koma, Mons  du 24 octobre 2015 au 20 décembre 2015



Résultat de l’appel à candidature aux créateurs des pays de l’Union européenne. Toutes disciplines des arts appliqués, ainsi que design, photo,…
Resultat of the call to the artists from the European Union countries. Each discipline within the applied arts, as well as design, photography,…

Vanity is a theme as old as the existence of Art itself. “Remember you will die” whispered the slave to the Roman General during the triumphs. Nowadays, this superstition which became obsession cannot be hidden. Her rebirth in the Contemporary Art is such that Vanity has become true fashion or a lifestyle. “Vanitas vanitatum, omnia vanitas”. How better than the current age of technology and overconsumption to update this adage? In this month of the dead, Omnia Vanitas proposes a stop in space-time, a time for reflexion to ask themselves the right questions once again.
On this occasion, the WCC-BF and the Koma Gallery exposed 62 artists from Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Finland and Estonia. In their own way, each of them present their personal interpretation of death and Vanity. As in the exhibition of the European Price for Applied Arts, the artworks will be seen with all the contemplation and the reflexion it requires. In its own way, Omnia will propose to visitors a more intimate perspective on our relationship with life and death.


Faezeh AFCHARY-KORD — Nathalie AMAND — Tanneke BARENDREGT — Alice BERTRAND  — Philippa BEVERIDGE  — Frédéric BRAHAM — Philippe BRODZKI  — Isabelle CARPENTIER   — Sébastien CARRE  — Anne-Sophie COSTENOBLE — Rose-Marie CRESPIN — Betty CUYKX  — Emmanuelle DARNAULT — Estefania DE ALMEIDA — Anke DE KORT — Trees DEMITS  — Nathalie DESMEDT  — Nicolas DESTINO — Camille DUPUIS — Emelyne DUVAL  — Ana ESCOBAR  — Hilde FOKS — Trini GAINZA  — Adinda GODDYN — Elodie GONZALVEZ  — Sabine HERMAN — Peter HOOGEBOOM –  Irving S.T. Garp (Bernard CAELEN) – Delphine JOLY — Christer JONSSON — Arthur KEMPENAAR — Désirée KERKLAAN — Anke LAND — Nathalie LATOUR — Claire LAVENDHOMME  — Thérèse LEBRUN — Antoine LEPERLIER — Geraldine LUTTENBACHERJan MACHATOVAKadri MAELKJorge MANILLA — François MARCADON — Helena MARK — Olga MATHEY — Laurence MEYER — Julika MÜLLER — Rosa NOGUESBarbara PAGANIN Renzo PASQUALE — PATBOUN — Monika PATUSZYNSKA  — Nathalie PERRET Ruudt PETERS — Alet PILON — Olivier REMAN — Hélène RIVIERE — Sophie SCHRAEN — Johanna SCHWEIZER — Carolein SMIT  — Alejandra SOLAR  — Olivier SONCK  — Luus URMAS  — Dorothée VAN BIESENMonique VOZ  — Annamaria ZANELLA .

OMNIA VANITAS - Frédéric Braham Installation: Agape, 2006 Lackered wood, glass, metronome, fabric, plastic, insects, iron and Buchenwald stones jewellery, candlelight, pure pigment obtained by the calcination of bones, oxidized silver, chrome-plaited and painted metal, leather 290 x 95 x 200 cm Photo by: Paul Duvochel: Frédéric Braham Installation: Agape, 2006 Lackered wood, glass, metronome, fabric, plastic, insects, iron and Buchenwald stones jewellery, candlelight, pure pigment obtained by the calcination of bones, oxidized silver, chrome-plaited and painted metal, leather 290 x 95 x 200 cm Photo by: Paul Duvochel

Sebastien Carré - My Sweet Disease, 2014 - harnaisSébastien Carré - My Sweet Disease, 2014 – harnais
Structure en cotte de maille acier inoxydable et papier japonais crocheté ; Brodé avec des perles (Rocaille, plastiques, métalliques et pierres semi précieuse) ; coton, soie, fibre bi-composée (60%soie 40% algue), laine et nylon crochetés et graines d’arbres.
Harnais fais à ma taille / Harness made in my size

OMNIA VANITAS - Ruudt Peters Object: Costa, 2011 Polyurethane 13 x 22 x 3,5 cm: Ruudt Peters Object: Costa, 2011 Polyurethane 13 x 22 x 3,5 cm

OMNIA VANITAS - Luus Urmas Brooch: Purification, 2015 Kitchen Sponge, acrylic paint, glue 8,5 x 6 x 3,5 cm Photo by: Luus Urmas Carved with bared hands: Luus Urmas Brooch: Purification, 2015 Kitchen Sponge, acrylic paint, glue 8,5 x 6 x 3,5 cm Photo by: Luus Urmas Carved with bared hands

Alejandra Solar (M.F.A. 2014 Odar Oberstein) • Brooch "Murmullos" • Onyx, slate, silver, print • 2015 • © photo by artistAlejandra Solar (M.F.A. 2014 idar Obersteon) • Brooch « Murmullos » • Onyx, slate, silver, print • 2015 • © photo by artist

 Isabelle Carpentier - Diadème "Miss " Argent, résine, dents en porcelaine.Isabelle Carpentier – Diadème « Miss  » Argent, résine, dents en porcelaine





Deux lieux :

*Les Anciens Abattoirs/ Galerie du WCC-BF
17/02, rue de la Trouille
7000 Mons (Belgique)
Exposition du 24 octobre 2015 au 10 janvier 2016
Exhibition from 24th october to 10th january 2016

Tous les jours (sauf le lundi, et les 24, 25, 31.12.2015 et 01.01.2016) de 10h00 à 18h00
Open everyday (except Monday, 24, 25, 31.12.2015 and 01.01.2016)  from 10:00 to 18:00

*Galerie KOMA
4, Rue des Gades
7000 Mons (Belgique)
Exposition du 24 octobre 2015 au 20 décembre 2015
Exhibition from 24th october to 20 December 2015
Mercredi jeudi samedi et dimanche de 14h00 à 18h00
Wednesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00



EXPO ‘Bijoux Celtes – de Trésors en créations’ – Haguenau (France) – 21Juin- 9 Nov. 2014 –

Bijoux Celtes – de Trésors en créations – 21-06 – 9-11 2014 – Haguenau (France) – avec les bijoux de de Sébastien Carré

Bijoux Celtes - de Trésors en créations - 21-06 - 9-11 2014 - Haguenau (France) - avec bijoux de Sébastien Carré

Les collections les plus prestigieuses du Musée Historique de Haguenau concernent les bijoux de l’Âge du Fer. Afin de mettre en valeur cette richesse ainsi que le passé archéologique de la forêt de Haguenau, l’exposition « Bijoux Celtes – De trésors en créations » confronte parures, bracelets, colliers et autres torques à la création contemporaine avec le concours de créateurs indépendants et d’institutions artistiques et joaillières.

En partenariat avec des créateurs indépendants et des institutions de formation

reconnues (La Table d’Emeraude, Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR), Pôle Bijou  Baccarat), l’exposition offre une lecture contemporaine du bijou celte et fait découvrir les techniques et savoir-faire des artisans d’art d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

« Bijoux Celtes » se découvre sur trois lieux : Musée Historique, Chapelle des Annonciades et Espace Saint-Martin. Tout trois situés au centre-ville de Haguenau, ils permettent de découvrir différentes thématiques de l’exposition et se visitent sans ordre chronologique défini.


A l’Espace Saint-Martin (place d’Armes)
Dédié à la forme et à l’esthétique, l’Espace Saint-Martin est l’écrin des parures d’exception et fait découvrir les différents types de bijoux celtes dont les formes et décors ont évolué au fil du temps.
Exposés en parallèle de leurs homologues contemporains, les bijoux anciens montrent néanmoins toute leur actualité. Les techniques décoratives utilisées par les Celtes sont d’ailleurs toujours utilisées de nos jours.

Bijoux CeltesBijou Celte

Pour l’exposition Bijoux Celtes plusieurs créateurs du Pôle Bijou Baccarat ont accepté de se prêter au jeu en créant des bijoux s’inspirant d’authentiques bijoux celtes.
- Angela Baduel Crispin – L’Ange est là !
- Sophie Vigier et Benjamin Metivier – Seconde Nature
- Marie Flambard
- Lucienne Adolf – Bijoux-au-naturel
- Jacky Schwartz – Maison Schwartz
- Aurélie Michel
- Aly Dianka
- Julie Varnier – Kumb’ailée


Sébastien Carré (HEAR)Sébastien Carré (HEAR) bracelets Inflammations

Bijoux Celtes - DenidetClara Denidet (HEAR)

Bijoux Celtes - Alix Tran (HEAR) ?Alix Tran   (HEAR)

alix tran expo celte casque en torquecasque audio / torque  Alix Tran ( HEAR)

Ville de HAGUENAU (67504 – France) :
Musée Historique (rue du Maréchal Foch)
Chapelle des Annonciades (face au Musée Historique)
Espace Saint-Martin (place d’Armes)
Standard mairie : 03 88 90 68 50
Mail :


EXPO ‘SOLOƧ – NEVER ODD OR EVEN’ – Munich (DE) – Part I :The Foundry : 14-16 Mars 2014 // Part II : 84 GHz 13-16 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Märta Mattsson and Tanel Veenre :

two exhibitions SOLOƧ – NEVER ODD OR EVEN, Part I and Part II will open next week in Munich. We hope to see you there ! Keep your eyes open this week for sneak peeks of our new pieces and the project on our facebook pages :)

Tanel Veenre & Marta Mattsson


Part I · Kunstgießerei MünchenThe Foundry
Schleißheimerstraße 72
14-16 March 2014
Privat View on Friday 18
Saturday 11-19 Sunday 11-16


Part II · 84 GHz
Poetry by Daniel Graziadei
Music by Lauri-Dag Tüür
Georgenstraße 84
13-16 March 2014
Privat View on Thursday 19
Friday to Sunday 12-20


« Me and Tanel only have palindromes on our minds right now… Here is the concept behind our collaboration and our two upcoming exhibitions in Munich next week.
Tanel Veenre & Märta Mattsson
[palindrome] is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of symbols or elements, whose meaning may be interpreted the same way in either forward or reverse direction.
Palindromes like, A NUT FOR A JAR OF TUNA or EVIL RATS ON NO STAR LIVE, might not make so much sense to us but nonetheless they are symmetrical riddles that play with our perception of how we see things. Many believe that symmetrical objects have an inner harmony, and value them for this. In nature, symmetry is approximate. For example, plant leaves, while considered symmetric, rarely match up exactly when folded in half. If there is no such thing as perfect symmetry in nature, can we find perfection in imperfections?

What happens when two artists decide to mirror their own work but also reflect and bounce off each other’s visual language? Will we BORROW OR ROB ideas from one another? Will we feel the need to be the one who MUST SELL AT TALLEST SUM? Will our work end up at the same LEVEL? Or will ‘DAMMIT I’M MAD!’ for doing this pop up in our heads? Our new series of work has been created under an echo of two minds exploring the contradictory meanings of symmetry in nature and life. Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming or admiring oneself. In the mirror you can see yourself, but not quite… The mirror image is reversed. In a mutual admiration can we create a MEGA GEM? This might get interesting, WON’T IT NOW? Have we hit your RADAR? Come and see this TOP SPOT that is TOO HOT TO HOOT! »


Marta Mattsson -  new series 'Palindromes'. 2014Marta Mattsson -  new series ‘Palindromes’. 2014
Marta Mattsson - rebirth - 2014Marta Mattsson – rebirth – 2014
Tanel Veenre, Brooch, 2014
Tanel VeenreBrooch: Animus Antilope (silhouette), 2014 – Seahorses, artificial resin, silver, cosmic dust

Tanel Veenre, Brooch, 2014Tanel VeenreBrooch: Palindrome I (silhouette), 2014Seahorses, opal, artificial resin, silver, cosmic dust


The Foundry
Schleibheimer Straße 72
80797 – Munich
Telephone: +49 (0)89 30 63 79 11


84 GHz
Georgenstrasse 84
80799 – Munich
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Y’a un OS ………..

« Y’a un OS » ….

this expression (« Il y a un os » or « tomber sur un os » [to hit a snag]) means that there is a problem when you « find a bone » … but the dog seems happy when finding a bone ??! why men are not happy ??

But, with this post, perhaps women will be happy when « finding bones » ! ;-)

jewelry with bones ….

collier Ynac (collection "jusqu'aux os") - BONES necklace ! - Salon Parures et Allures - Ateliers d'Art de France -collier Ynac (collection « jusqu’aux os ») Ynac (from AFEDAP Paris) – BONES necklace ! – Salon Parures et Allures – Ateliers d’Art de France – sept 2012 paris

collier YNACYnac - collection ‘jusqu’aux os’ -collier ‘enchainement des ch(os)es’ – os teinté, feuille d’or, laiton – 1m  
Patricia Lemaire -- broches en osPatricia Lemaire — broches en os
BONE Patricia Lemaire 2011 - sautoir Patricia Lemaire 2011 – BONE, sautoir

Patricia Lemaire - broche "étoile de mer" - os, argent ....Patricia Lemaire – broche « étoile de mer » – os, argent

Francesca Gabrielli  "Noli Me Tangere"  necklace 04  synthetic stones and bone  Photos QuidCreativeFrancesca Gabrielli  « Noli Me Tangere »  necklace 04  synthetic stones and bone  Photos QuidCreative

Francesca Gabrielli - Nuda veritasFrancesca Gabrielli – Nuda veritas

Francesca Gabrielli Necklace: Noli Me Tangere 2013 Synthetic pink orange stones, boneFrancesca Gabrielli Necklace: Noli Me Tangere 2013 Synthetic pink orange stones, bone

Francesca GabrielliFrancesca Gabrielli

Anastasia Kandaraki  -  2011 -  "χίλια κομμάτια"  brooch, bone, colour, gold K14Anastasia Kandaraki  -  2011 -  « χίλια κομμάτια »  brooch, bone, colour, gold K14

Robert EbendorfRobert Ebendorf

Evelien Sipkes - Pork Bones, Linen 2004Evelien Sipkes – Pork Bones, Linen 2004

Evelien Sipkes - bones neckpiece detailEvelien Sipkes – bones neckpiece detail

Evelien Sipkes Contemporary Jewelry  Bones and LinenEvelien Sipkes  Bones and Linen bracelet

Necklace | Mia Straka. 'Wishbone'.  Bone and sterling silverMia Straka – Necklace ‘Wishbone’.  Bone and sterling silver

Jennifer Trask, Germinate Necklace, 2010. Bone, antler, teeth, pre-ban ivory, steel, brass, diamonds. Jennifer Trask, Germinate Necklace, 2010. Bone, antler, teeth, pre-ban ivory, steel, brass, diamonds.

Thomas Hill: "Bird Skull and Vertebrae" PendantThomas Hill : « Bird Skull and Vertebrae » Pendant

Domic Jones offers up these animal part necklaces as his master works of Jewelry Art... 2010Dominic Jones offers up these animal part necklaces as his master works of Jewelry Art… 2010 

Claw Brooch by Julia deVille -   Sterling silver, rhodium plated claw brooch with push clasp. Cast from the leg of a turtledove Julia deVille – Claw Brooch -   Sterling silver, rhodium plated claw brooch with push clasp. Cast from the leg of a turtledove

Dandi MaestreDandi Maestre

Jorge Manilla - serie 'metamorfosis divinas'Jorge Manilla – serie ‘metamorfosis divinas’ necklace

Jorge Manilla - serie 'metamorfosis divinas'  detailJorge Manilla – serie ‘metamorfosis divinas’  (detail)


EXPO ‘Glancing Back, Looking Forward’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA (USA) – 26 Avril-28 Mai 2013

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Sienna Patti (US),Susie GANCH (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 23:30

SUSIE GANCH: « Glancing Back, Looking Forward »   

« In a culture that values youth as the highest form of beauty in an industry (jewelry) motivated by beautification, these pieces reflect back the changes I see in my mirror every morning ».    -  Susie Ganch glancing-back

Artist Susie Ganch is currently Associate Professor and Head of the Metals Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. She is also Director of Radical Jewelry Makeover, an international traveling community jewelry mining and recycling project that was recently hosted by the Wheelwright Museum (in Santa Fe, NM), Queensland College of Art Griffith University and Artisan Gallery (in Brisbane, Australia).  Solo exhibitions include Velvet da Vinci, University of Wyoming-Laramie, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA. Group Exhibitions include: Unexpected Pleasures (Design Museum, London, England, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia), Heat Exchange (Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ, and Kunstmuseen der Stadt Erfurt, Galerie Waidspeicher im Kulturhof Krönbacken, Erfurt, Germany), Surface and Substance (Contemporary Applied Arts and Electrum Gallery, London, England and Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales), Evolution and Imagination (Cameron Museum, NC). Collections include the Asheville Art Museum. Susie is a recent recipient of the Theresa Pollack Fine Art Award, a VA Commission for the Arts Grant, and multiple VCU Faculty Research Grants.  Publications include: Metalsmith Magazine (2008, volume 28, no. 3, cover article), The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellry Makers, and Bijoux. Illustration et Design. Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery

« …I recently began using pre enameled sheet steel, forming it, soldering it, and creating simple forms that reveal the life cycle of the resulting piece. They are intentionally raw, their surfaces containing hundreds, thousands of little cracks.  Solder is left on the surface, flux will come out over time, and because the steel is distressed (by forming), it will continue to shed bits of enamel.  They will age and evolve, gaining rust losing enamel while the diamonds and rubies on the surfaces will remain the same. I am considering my own evolution and what it means to transition into the next period of my life.  In a culture that values youth as the highest form of beauty in an industry (jewelry) motivated by beautification, these pieces reflect back the changes I see in my mirror every morning.  This jewelry will eventually disintegrate leaving some lonely diamonds and rubies behind. (In my imagination, they are the true loser in the story). Optimistically, I want this work to “die” making room for what will come next.  Part of my responsibility as an artist is to think of future generations and what they might need in order to make room for what jewelers sometime down the road will want to make… »

Susie Ganch - Glancing Back, Looking Forward at Sienna gallery

Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery
Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery
Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna GallerySusie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery




Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386


EXPO ‘ALLA’ – Röhsska Museet, Gothenburg (SE) – 2 Oct.-9 Dec. 2012


Is it possible to question prejudice and xenophobia with jewellery?
29 pieces of jewellery made by the same amount of artists. The brooches are produced especially for the exhibition and addresses issues of identity, xenophobia and views on Swedishness. Besides brooches the exhibition also include photographs, a catalogue and film.
ALLA, which will be unveiled at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, is initiated and curated by jewellery artist Hanna Hedman and Rut-Malin Barklund.
The project is made possible with support from Konstnärsnämden, The Swedish Arts Grants CommitteeKarin Johansson -  diversityKarin Johansson – Brooch: Diversity 2012 – Silver, stickers

Artists: Annika PetterssonAuli LaitinenAdam GrinovichAgnieszka Knap — Annika Åkerfelt — Catarina HällzonDaniela HedmanHelena LindholmJacob Nyberg Jenny EdlundJenny KlemmingKajsa LindbergKarin Johansson Karin Roy AnderssonKlara Brynge — Maria Sköldin — Mona WallströmMärta MattsonPia Aleborg Sanna SvedestedtSerena HolmSofia BjörkmanTobias AlmTove KnutsTore Svensson — Vidar Hertov — Yasar Aydin — Åsa Elmstam — Åsa Skogberg.Märta Mattsson Brooch: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil 2012Märta Mattsson  Brooch: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil 2012  Electroformed beetles, lacquer, silver



Röhsska museet
Vasagatan 37-39
SE-400 15 – Gothenburg
Telephone: +46 31 36 83 150


Ah le joli temps des colliers de pâtes !…

Fête des mères …. 3 juin 2012 - ce jour-là, PASTA anyone !!! (bon, moi je dois avoir de la chance, c’est pasta tous les jours ………. ;-) )

& when doing a search about Sustainable Jewellery ….

Necklace by Stirling Clark: pasta (1983) !!! Clark – Necklace « pasta » (1983) !!!  -

Christophe MARGUIER - fête des mères - le collier de nouilles revisité (PASTA necklace !)

Christophe Marguier- « Mother’s day » – 2005 – pâtes alimentaires câbles acier fermoir argent – dimensions variables – le collier de nouilles revisité. Où l’objet utopique devient portable et porté.

pasta anyone ?? ;-))) by Fulvio Bonavia "A matter of taste"photo by Fulvio Bonavia « A matter of taste »

Ah le joli temps des colliers de pâtes !... dans Axel RUSSMEYER (DE/US) diplo07_bo_0400 Diana Tipoiacollier de pâtes tricolores, 2007

Diana Tipoia - collier de pâtesDiana Tipoia – collier de pâtes

Diana Tipoia - collier de pâtesDiana Tipoia – collier de pâtes

Diana Tipoia - collier de pâtes  (jewelry done with ... pasta !)Diana Tipoia – collier de pâtes

Diana Tipoia - collier & bague en pâtesDiana Tipoia – collier & bague en pâtes (spaghettis)     

Diana TIPOIA - bagues en pâtes ("pasta rings")Diana TIPOIA – bagues en pâtes (« pasta rings »)

Margherita Marchioni - collana di pastaès Propeck : “Le collier de la Reine”- collier géant d’un mètre par un mètre entièrement composé de pâtes alimentaires.
Collier exposé en juin 2007, à l’occasion de la 5e édition du Parcours Saint Germain ,intitulé « SWEET’ ART ou L’Art de la Gourmandise » (MERCI au blog « Carnets d’une Marraine« )

Agnès Propeck : “Le collier de la Reine”

« Entièrement composé de pâtes alimentaires percées et cousues, il est refait à l’identique d’après une gravure de l’époque. Le joyaux original, qui comportait 540 diamants, n’a jamais été porté ni commandé par Marie-Antoinette, et a mystérieusement disparu. Présenté chez Christian Lacroix dans une vitrine écrin, il ressurgit du passé, et malgré sa facture inspirée de l’enfance, le collier fait parfaitement illusion…. à s’y méprendre.  Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris « 


Exposition « Al dente » organisée en 2005 par Claude Deloffre à l’(ex) galerie Food, Paris : la galeriste parisienne Claude Deloffre a eu l’idée taquine de proposer l’idée du fameux « collier de pâtes » aux designers suivants :
Abdi Abdelkader –  Antoine et Manuel –  Sam Baron –  Pascal Bauer –  Christian Biecher –  Mathilde et Marc Bretillot –  Philippe Di Méo –  Christian Duc –  Pierre de Gastines –  Adrien Gardère –  Kristian Gavoille –  Christian Ghion –  Éric Gizard –  Olivier Guillemin et Olivier Védrine –  Benoît Méléard –  Marco Menacci –  Jean Oddes –  Nestor Perkal –  Andrée Putman –  Eric Robin –  Pucci de Rossi –  Matt Sindall –  les TSE & TSE –  Frédérique Valette / Chrys Campos  –  2/ Sam Baron pour l’exposition « Al dente » organisée en 2005 par Claude Deloffre à l’(ex) galerie Food, Paris  —
3/ Olivier Vedrine et Olivier Guillemin pour la même exposition

1/ Marion Duclos  –  2/ »Délice des bois » de Fabrice Koukoui et LN Boul

Claude Deloffre (…) a eu l’idée, pour la fête des Mères (2005) , de demander à une trentaine de designers connus de travailler sur le thème du collier de nouilles. Ainsi, Marc et Mathilde Brétillot ont créé une colonne vertébrale de dinosaure longue de trois mètres, Andrée Putman a imaginé un collier en boules noires de macaroni et Christian Ghion a transformé les ‘fusilli’ en un bijou rare recouvert d’une couche d’argent…

  »Bande de nouilles ! -
« Depuis l’invention de la coquillette et de la pâte alphabet – merci Rivoire & Carret -, il n’est pas une maman qui se soit vue régalée, à l’occasion de la fête annuelle consacrant son statut, du sempiternel collier enfilé nouille après nouille par la chair de sa chair, le sang de son sang. Inscrite depuis la maternelle au programme des travaux pratiques dits d’éveil, cette nouillerie annuelle peut aussi prendre l’allure d’un « Maman je t’aime » en vermicelles à la sauce tomate séchée sur fond de papier de crèche avant de se transformer en travail du galet pour vide-poches (ça c’est pour la fête des Pères), nettement plus embarrassante.

C’est par et pour ce souvenir, «autant attendrissant qu’atroce», que la galeriste parisienne Claude Deloffre, fondatrice de la librairie culinaire Food, incontournable cocotte des signatures et lectures gourmandes du jour, a imaginé, telle une maîtresse de CP, de soumettre à la question une classe entière de designers. Au menu, interprétation espiègle et contemporaine du collier de pâtes par vingt-cinq « écoliers » (de nouilles) allant du chouchou au retardataire, du premier de la classe au petit Nicolas, du redoublant au planqué radiateur. Ont répondu à l’appel, et par ordre alphabétique : Abdi Abdelkader, Antoine et Manuel, Sam Baron, Pascal Bauer, Christian Biecher, Mathilde et Marc Bretillot, Philippe Di Méo, Christian Duc, Pierre de Gastines, Adrien Gardère, Kristian Gavoille, Christian Ghion, Éric Gizard, Olivier Guillemin et Olivier Védrine, Benoît Méléard, Marco Menacci, Jean Oddes, Nestor Perkal, Andrée Putman, Eric Robin, Pucci de Rossi, Matt Sindall, les TSE & TSE, et Frédérique Valette. Bref, rien que du gratin. Exposés et vendus jusqu’au 22 juillet chez Food, 58, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris. Pour collectionneurs sentimentaux, nouilleurs contrariés et parents d’élèves cruels. » (Les Echos 2007 – Série Limitée n° 37 du 10 Juin 2005 • page 15) »Jade » Pierre Juvigny et Magalie Harant  –  4/ Ivan Duval

1/ ? –  2/ Colliers de nouilles  –  3/ Cayenne Italia via Eternallycool — 4/ collier Atypyk Colliers de nouilles : le spectacle

« Vive la fête des mères ! Le célèbre collier de nouilles semble indissociable de la fête des mères. Pourtant, chaque année, elles sont de moins en moins nombreuses à recevoir avec émotion ces cadeaux fignolés plusieurs jours à l’avance par leurs rejetons. Certaines écoles ont en effet décidé de supprimer cette activité. Le conservatoire des Curiosités, qui avait déjà sévi à Chevilly-Larue avec « la ménagerie mécanique » et « La crèche à moteur » a donc décidé d’aborder ce sujet difficile du collier de nouilles au travers d’une Conphérence singulière. Au programme les responsabilités éducatives des uns et des autres, les limites de la créativité en milieu scolaire, la valeur des preuves d’amour et la célébration de la poésie brute des imaginaires extravagants. » ( novembre 2007 )



pendentifs « pasta » Miss Bibi – argent plaqué or, collection « ready made »

Gold-plated pasta necklace - by AtypykLes designers de chez Atypyk vous proposent une version à faire soi-même du collier de nouilles. Un coffret renferme des perles en forme de coquillettes en plaqué or que vous devez enfiler entre elles. (90€ sur curiosityshoppeonline)

  Hyeran Lee - pasta jewelry 2008 - Pasta Jewelry, les Bijoux de Hye Ran Lee (Korean) – Boucles d’oreilles Ruote di Carro, colliers et pendentifs Farfalle, ou encore bagues Fusilli -  (boutique en ligne du Seoul Design Market !) Jewelry, les Bijoux de Hye Ran Lee (Korean) Russmeyer. Electrum Gallery (COLLECT 2011)  Photo Isabelle Busnel Russmeyer. Electrum Gallery (COLLECT 2011)  Photo Isabelle Busnel (détail)

 dans Christophe MARGUIER (FR)earrings1 dans Diana TIPOIA (CH)

Bonne nouvelle pour toutes les mamans ! Elles pourront dorénavant revendre les colliers de pâtes offerts par leurs marmots au prix de bijoux Dolce&Gabbana (bracelet et b.o. Dolce&Gabbana 2012) !

Dolce et Gabbana 2012 collier pâtes (PASTA necklace !)Dolce et Gabbana 2012 collier pâtes (582€ quand même ! sur net-à-porter)(UN seul ! photo ci-dessous)

Dolce & Gabbana  Bowtie pasta and gold-tone chain necklace (1190$/582€ la pasta chic !!!) & Gabbana  Bowtie pasta and gold-tone chain necklace (582€ quand même ! sur net-à-porter)

bon, c’est bien d’être « sustainable », mais un peu de « bling » de temps en temps ne nuit pas à l’humeur ….  ;-)

PS : et si VRAIMENT vous manquez d’idées et une envie furieuse de collier de pâtes vous démange, voici un lien avec modèle DIY !

DIY pasta necklace.DIY tutotrial for chevron pasta necklace ….