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Inhorgenta Munich (DE) – 14-17 Fevr. 2014

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Inhorgenta Munich – 14-17 Febr. 2014

In 2014, Hall C2 will signify Contemporary Design (HALL PLAN)

Young talents meet with premium designers: at the 41st INHORGENTA MUNICH on February 14 – 17, 2014, Hall C2 will be the platform for the most notable jewelry designers and goldsmiths from all over the world. To date, over 50 new exhibitors from various countries have registered to take part.

Inhorgenta Munich - 14-17 Febr. 2014 -  Espaijoia will attend you at booth hall C2 stand 515E.
Almost half of the exhibitors in C2 come from abroad and include numerous new exhibitors from Spain, Portugal and Poland. Designers from Great Britain, Greece, Portugal and Romania will be presenting at joint booths with a high-quality design.
“The Contemporary Design area is regarded as one of the unique features of the trade show and we will be strengthening it even further with our focus on premium design. Hall C2 is also an important springboard for young jewelry designers because here they can introduce their work to an international audience from the trade. This connection between creative design and young talents from throughout the world is at the heart of this hall”, says Renate Wittgenstein, Product Manager of INHORGENTA MUNICH.
In the Premium Design area, labels like Marion Knorr, Juni, Carl Dau, Galerie Cipango, Angela Hübel and Andrea Frahm will present their collections combining clear forms and esthetics with top-class materials. “There are jewelry designers who have developed from contemporary towards premium design in recent years”, explains Renate Wittgenstein. “We wish to give these exhibitors their own area so they can reach their customers more specifically.”
A significant part too is played by the special shows. For the 17th time, the Silver Triennial will present handcrafted utensils and objects by internationally important silversmiths and metal designers at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014. In addition, the pieces of jewelryby the winners of the INHORGENTA MUNICH Award, Legnica and Preziosa Young Mari Ishikawa from Japan and Vanessa Tickle from the USA – will be exhibited at the Innovation Forum. As well as that, young talents
such as Sonja Heymann, Atelier Godolé, Tings Jewellery and Nicole Schuster will present their new creations at special areas.
The complete reconfiguration of Hall C2 for jubilee year 2013 went down very well among the participants and visitors. “Hall C2 is the heartbeat of design: usefully developed concepts put into diverse effect; unusual design unified worldwide; technical innovations coupled with tradition; individual design presented up close; creative minds with unmistakable jewelry – it’s all about showing something special, discovering something special!” says Monika Seitter, qualified designer and exhibitor in C2.
* Espaijoia will attend you at booth hall C2 stand 515E.
* Catalina Brenes Orfebre : with great honor  would like to invite you all to my solo stand at the upcoming Inhorgenta Munich 2014. Hope you can join! hall C2 stand525 
Catalina Brenes Orfebre With great honor I would like to invite you all to my solo stand at the upcoming Inhorgenta Munich 2014. Hope you can join! - hall C2 stand 525E - - X
* Angela Ciobanu  – hall C2 stand 304-405 n°11
Inhorgenta - ANgela Ciobanu -  hall C2 stand 304-405 n°11
* Stephanie Bates  -  To visit Stephanie at Inhorgenta, head to the ‘British Allied Trade Federation’ stand (stand 108/209, Gang A/B)
stephanie bates jewellery at Inhorgenta 2014Stephanie Bates jewellery at Inhorgenta 2014
and, among others :
* Atelier Godolé  hall C2 stand 304-405
* Min-Ji Cho   &  Jahyun Rita Baek  hall C2 stand 226
* Dorit Schubert  C2.232 
* Sophia Epp  C2.339
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* Hochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein : Meet our new graduates at our booth 535 & 537 • Gang E • Hall C2:  MA: Patricia Correia Domingues • BA: Dagmar Dluzniak •Levan Jishkariani • Katja Köditz • Jia Liu • Stephanie Morawetz • Kathrin Münsch • Sari Räthel • Katharina Reimann
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EXPO ‘Bijoux Ceramique Metal’ – galerie Hélène Porée, Paris (FR) – 1-31 Dec. 2011

Bijoux – Ceramique – Metalgalerie Hélène Porée, Paris

Jane AdamAlexandra BahlmannPeter Bauhuis – Michael Becker – Edith BELLOD –  Doris Betz — Brune Boyer — Sara Bran  – Claude ChaventLaura DeakinPetra DömlingSophia EppAlison Evans – Birgit HagmannMirjam HillerYu HiraishiPeter HoogeboomMari IshikawaRian De JongU&M KaufmannBeppe Kessler — Inga Krause — Chloe LaderachBirgit LakenSuzanne NègreBettina Speckner  — Dorothée StrifflerAlexandra Stülb –  Mirei Takeuchi

Jane Adam – broche argent & perle d’eau douce

Alexandra Bahlmann

Michael Becker - broche lapis lazuli

Edith Bellod – Anneaux – Shibuishi et or

Edith Bellod collier

Doris Betz 4 bagues

Sara Bran   pendentif « lace drum »

Claude Chavent broche barque

Laura Deakin   Broche de tiges

Petra Dömling Collier harmonie

Rian De Jong Broche branche – electro et resine

Sophia Epp – Collier dreieck – or, grenat

Yu Hiraishi  broche

Mirjam Hiller  Phydalia-broche – Broches en acier inox découpé et peint, pliage

Peter Hoogeboom collier « noodle »

Birgit Hagmann collier

Mari Ishikawa broche papier japonais laqué

Birgit Laken Collier Hoya Camosa

Suzanne Otwell-Nègre – broche-pendentif

Bettina Speckner  « broche de cubes »

Mirei Takeuchi  – sautoir ailes

Mirei Takeuchi  – sautoir ailes (detail)



Galerie Hélène Porée  2 rue Monsieur le Prince (adresse postale – entrée 1 rue de l’Odéon)
75006 PARIS
Telephone:+33 (0)1 43 54 17 00


EXPO ‘Valentine Dubois ET Sophia Epp’ – galerie Annick Zufferey, Carouge (Suisse) – 5-10 juin 2010

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 Bijoux de la Suisse Valentine Dubois et de l’Allemande Sophia Epp à la Galerie Annick Zufferey

EXPO 'Valentine Dubois ET Sophia Epp' - galerie Annick Zufferey, Carouge (Suisse) - 5-10 juin 2010 dans Gal. Annick Zufferey (CH) expo_juin_2010

valentine_dubois_1 dans Sophia EPP (DE)valentine_dubois_2 dans Suisse (CH)
Valentine Dubois (CH)

epp_nr1 dans Valentine DUBOIS (CH)   epp_nr2   epp_nr3

Sophia Epp (DE) – Brosche – Ohrschmuck – Anhänger


Galerie Annick Zufferey
Place des Charmettes, 1
1227 Carouge
T + F 022 343 03 05


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