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EXPO ‘Fresh! 2012′ – Craft, Victoria (AU) – 7-23 Dec. 2012

‘Fresh!’ @ Craft Victoria

Fresh! 2012    Craft is excited to announce its Fresh! 2012 finalists, and to cordially invite you to the launch of this year’s exhibition.    Opening: 6pm Thursday 6 December 2012  At Craft, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne  Showing: 7 – 23 December 2012

Fresh! is Craft’s annual exhibition of graduate work. This past month industry professionals and Craft staff visited graduate exhibitions across Victoria and selected the best work for Fresh!

Professional development opportunities are offered as awards in partnership with industry supporters. Craft acknowledges the support of its sponsors for Fresh! 2012: Sofitel, Future Leaders, Screaming Pixel, Artichoke and Green Magazine.

Fresh! 2012    Craft is excited to announce its Fresh! 2012 finalists, and to cordially invite you to the launch of this year's exhibition.    Opening: 6pm Thursday 6 December 2012  At Craft, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne  Showing: 7 - 23 December 2012Megan Mitchell – Gash (detail),  2012

The Fresh! 2012 artists are:

Blake Barnes (RMIT) — Katie Jayne Britchford (RMIT) — Hau Ong Ding (Monash) — Klara Fletcher (VCA) — Cassie Littlehand (RMIT) — Lindy Mc Swan (RMIT) — Megan Mitchell (Monash) — Olivia O’Donnell (VCA) — Guy Pascoe (RMIT) — Bin Dixon Ward (RMIT) — Brodie Vera Wood (VCA)



Gallery & Shop
Open 10am-5pm
Mon to Sun (during December)
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9650 7775

AND AND AND ………. ONLINE CRAFT Xmas jewelry catalog !!

CRAFT online jewelry shop


COUP de COEUR : Sunghee PARK – exploration of constructed space and form

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Sunghee PARK  Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Sunghee Park is a new talent in contemporary metal, who recently exhibited in the Inside Out Exhibition of the Jewellery and Metalsmiths Conference, 2008 and was featured in issue No. 84, Monument Magazine, 2008.
Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Park has been studying at Monash University in Melbourne.  In 2004 Park completed a Diploma of Art and Design at Monash College and during 2005-2007 completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metal and jewellery.
In her work Park explores the concept of space and presents geometric forms in new ways.  Using the cube as her starting point, Park creates 3-D forms in flat sheets from a number of perspectives. During 2008, Park has developed her ideas further, by introducing colour and movement into her work as well as using new materials to produce larger pieces. (ART WITH AL)

Neckpiece 2
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 2, mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 4
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 4 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 5
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 5 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 6
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 6 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 7
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 7 – mild steel – 2007

This exhibition (Contemporary jewellery – Illusion series by Sunghee Park – 2009) is an exploration of constructed space and form.  The pieces, produced over a two year period, begin with flat sheets of steel and the concept of a cube. Park then experiments with form, using flatness and layering to examine simplicity, movement. light and shadow.
Moving from constructed space and form, Park then explores the natural environment, in particular mountain scapes, which inspire different techniques and approaches to examine simplicity, movement, light and shadow.
As an emerging contemporary jeweller, Park’s work is a series of experiments, based on geometric forms to evoke movement and the play of shadows.  2009 will be an exciting year for Park as she has successfully completed her training and begins a new chapter in her career.


Brooch 6
Sunghee PARK - Brooch 6 – mild steel – 2008


Decouverte : Sunggee MIN – delicacy from nature

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),Craft Victoria (AU),Sunni Elizabeth GIBSON (NZ) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09

Sunggee MIN :

« My work relates to my earlier studies in Philosophy and Literature as well as to the differnet religions that I have tried to understand and still think about and question. My creative motivation begins with an exploration of relationships in everyday life. » (Craft Victoria)

(voir également son blog)

Decouverte : Sunggee MIN - delicacy from nature dans Belgique (BE) Eucalyptus_pendants-337x484
Sunggee MIN Eucalyptus seed-pod Series, Grevillea seed-pod pendant

Eucalyptus_earrings-600x434 dans Craft Victoria (AU)
Sunggee MINEucalyptus  Seedpod earrings 2011

Seedpod Rings
Sunggee MINseedpod rings 2011

Moss Necklace
Sunggee MINmoss necklaces -925 Silver, Corian, Hobby moss, Silk Thread


Decouverte : Jin-Ah JO – lines between Korea and Australia

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Craft Victoria (AU),Jin-Ah JO (S.KR),Korea (KR) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

Jin-Ah JO is a contemporary jeweller who lives and works in Melbourne. Born in South Korea, she moved to Australia in 2000 and her works addresses the migration experience and the difficulty of cross-cultural experience related to communication. Her works explore cultural identity in terms of the meaning and physical forms of Korean and English by making wearable objects. After finishing her Masters of Fine Art at Monash University, she has participated in group and solo exhibitions including « Moved » (Migration Museum, Adelaide, 2008), « Perspective » (Craft Victoria, 2009) and « Precious Pendants »(Object, 2009-2010). She presented a solo exhibition in Perth, « Cross Cultural Project » as part of the 2010 JMGA conference. The material she uses include mild steel, perforated mild steel, plastic tubes, square chenir, Korean paper, English newspaper, acrylic, magnets, and silver. Her works are exhibited in Pieces of Eight (Melbourne) and Workshop Bilk (Canberra) (Craft Victoria)


my first visual language is Korean which is very geometric and the process of geometric expression is sometimes harmonious or contradictory.  Harmonious aspects include concepts like construction, symmetry, arrangement or refinement.  Contradictory aspects incorporates ideas of deconstruction, asymmetry, confusions or disorder which may appear unconventional in terms of jewellery design‘. (Jin-Ah JO)

self portrait
Jin-Ah JO
self portrait‘ pendant: silver925, oxydised silver, nylon, acrylic – 2010

Pendant m, 'In my mother's tongue' 
Jin-Ah JOPendant ‘In my mother’s tongue‘ – 2010 -silver 925, oxidised silver, plastic tube, acrylic nylon, magazine paper, Korean paper, mild steel - (Photographer: Andrew Barcham)

Go on
Jin-Ah JO‘Go on’ pendant – silver925, oxydised silver, acrylic, English newspaper, nylon, acrylic, plastic tube   2010


Go on (back)
Jin-Ah JO‘Go on’ pendant  (back)

Pendant q
Jin-Ah JO« He said that… » necklace- silver925, Korean paper, acrylic, nylon- 2010

  Pendant d, (fighting)
Jin-Ah JO Pendant ‘fighting’, 2009 - silver 925, acrylic, nylon - (Photo Andrew Barcham)

Pendant e, (peace)
Jin-Ah JOPendant ‘peace’, 2009 - silver 925, acrylic, nylon - Photographer: Andrew Barcham

sky and wind(하늘,바람-from the poetry)
Jin-Ah JO‘sky and wind’ (하늘,바람-from the poetry) brooch – oxydised silver, Korean paper, acrylic, steel- 2010


COUP de COEUR : Katherine WHEELER whites

Katherine Wheeler is a Melbourne based artist, who completed a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and silversmithing at RMIT in 2007, and a Diploma of fine arts at RMIT in 2003. Since graduating she has continued to make art jewellery and hollow ware in her Melbourne studio. In 2010 she collaborated with Printmaking artist Abby Seymour for the exhibition Hidden Facets, which was shown at Hand Held gallery in Melbourne, and Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and two international shows, including Melbourne Hollow Ware, at Gallerie Marzee in the Netherlands, Precious Pendants at Object gallery in Sydney, Figment at E.g.etal in Melbourne, and in 2011 The art of Engagement at Objectspace in New Zealand. Her work is represented in the Gallerie Marzee collection, and the W.E.McMillan Collection. Katherine enjoys the process of making, and pushing the materials she uses (fine silver, porcelain, polymer clay, glass, paper) to produce unexpected results. (Craft Victoria)


« Wheeler works impulsively, and intuitively to create mysteriously fragile and beautiful jewellery and hollow ware objects. Through her work, themes of the ambiguous and curious are explored, while inspiration is drawn from sea life, collection, domestic objects, memory and the anthropomorphic. Wheeler’s intruiging work posesses a sense of illusion, which is created through colour, form,technique and materials.«  (it’s what « Wheeler » says on her blog ! ;-) …)
« My jewellery pieces are mostly oversized, sculptural and reflect the hollow ware pieces. They are made as jewellery so they will have a connection point to the body.
I really like making oversized rings. When worn they can have the appearance and feel of a growth, or being a continuation of the body, living and existing, or co-existing with the person

Tin Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler
  – « Tin Ring » (2007) : copper, silver, paint – (image by the artist)
(a 2010 exhibition)

« The concept of the home, living spaces, domestic objects, and how they relate to the body inspire my work.  Natural forms (sea life) do have a definite influence over the aesthetic of my work.
Genetic engineering and human intervention in nature is also something I think about when making. Often my pieces have an anthropomorphic feel, which I think can contribute to the success of a piece.

White is also a dominant feature of your work – tell me why?
I use white for several reasons.  It gives the appearance of something aged, dried out, skeletal or fossilised.
It camouflages and unifies the different materials, possibly tricking the eye as to what it is seeing, and how it would feel.
White mutes, accentuates marks from making, and gives beauty.
 » (thanks for interview, informations & pictures to the MelbourneJeweller)

Katherine Wheeler - "frill structure" ring 2009 - porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Frill structure ring 2009 – porcelain, linen thread, paint

Katherine Wheeler::Existence ring on the body (2010) Katherine Wheeler  – « Existence ring » on the body 2010

katherine wheeler. Existence ring (2010) - silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Existence ring 2010 -  silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint
Katherine Wheeler urchin ring on the body

Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)  	-  Katherine Wheeler. Katherine Wheeler – Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)   

Katherine Wheeler Katherine Wheeler  -  rock coral rings

katherine wheeler.	  Inhale Neckpiece (2010) Katherine Wheeler  –  Inhale Neckpiece  2010

Funghi Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler  -Funghi Ring


katherine wheeler. white series rings Katherine Wheeler  - White series (rings) 2007 – Fine silver, sterling silver, paper, paint(Photo Jeremy Dillon)


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