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COUP de COEUR ! Luigi Mariani

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Luigi Mariani, ou « Gigi » Mariani (pas le Gigi de « Gigi l’amoroso » …. emoticone), bijoutier à Modène, en Italie, fait partie du groupe ARTIFIZIO  et nous accueille sur son site par une jolie citation d’Alexandre Dumas père !

COUP de COEUR ! Luigi Mariani dans Artifizio (IT) home

coup de coeur pour ses dernières créations de bagues, entre sculpture et architectures, à l’air rugueux, sauvage et sombre de prime abord, mais à la poésie bien présente, très loin du « nunuche »…. :-) superbe travail de l’argent bruni et oxydé ….

Luigi Mariani- anello argento 925 brunitura, oro giallo 750, oro bianco 750, diamanti

Luigi Mariani-  anello argento 925, oro giallo 750, ossidazioni

Luigi Mariani- ‘Equilibri’ – anello argento 925 ossidato con elementi oro giallo 750

« Gigi Mariani sperimenta le innumerevoli possibilità creative del metallo attraverso gioielli “informali e materici”, la cui consistenza richiama il tocco pastoso della pittura. L’artista, pone in un rapporto dialettico dipinto e ornamento, lasciando che si influenzino reciprocamente e focalizzandosi sulle potenzialità espressive delle superfici.

Gigi Mariani’s work deals with both jewelry and painting. He places them in a relationship of reciprocal influence and focuses on the expression’ power of surface. In his jewels, the artist experiments with metal’s creative potential. » (sur « JewelleryScape« )

Luigi Mariani- anello argento 925 brunito, oro giallo 750, diamante
Luigi Mariani- « teatrini » : anello sole-luna – argento-925-brunito-con-elementi-oro-giallo-750-mobili



‘Sarcastic Valentines’ from Sharon Massey … & others

Sharon MASSEY : « ridiculous cloisonne enamel Valentine’s day presents. I can’t make serious work ALL the time. » ……….. :-)

'Sarcastic Valentines' from Sharon Massey ... & others dans COUP DE COEUR n541107013_1431254_2431

n541107013_1431256_2966 dans Luisa BRUNI (IT)

n541107013_1431257_3224 dans Marina ELENSKAYA (RU)
Luisa Bruni « love is blind »- bague
« Amare significa strappare il proprio cuore dal petto e porlo su un piatto d’argento all’innamorato. Da questa riflessione Romantica, venata da un pò di disillusione, nasce L’Amore Cieco, l’ultimo lavoro di Luisa Bruni. » (JewelleryScape)




et sinon, un « bisou » avec les b.o. de Marina Elenskaya, de l’ecole ALCHIMIA ! :-)

180126_106855332721838_100001921162891_55626_8261629_n dans Sharon MASSEY (US)
Marina Elenskaya, Earrings


‘MANKIND’ by « Superfertile » – Kali ARULPRAGASAM – for men ???

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« SUPERFERTILE » (London’s brand) presents a limited-edition collection of hand made pieces.

« sculture che si arrampicano sul corpo come un ideale collegamento di fratellanza tra i popoli. »
M A N K I N D = K I N D M A N

« MANKIND is a congregation of ornaments for a better way of life, featuring fragile sculptural human figures of painted plaster helping, climbing, and lifting each other in constellations across the wearer’s body. Collective motion captured by broaches, necklaces, bracelets,and unusual accessories. Each piece required hours of shaping, moulding, sanding, layering, and laboring for which Arulpragasam jokes she could have used a little more « people power. » Each individual figure’s skin tones in color, shape, and size is unique. MANKIND is community in action: raising, holding, supporting, jumping, saving, loving, healing, cooperating, uplifting for tomorrow. Putting aside differences in faith, culture, and class to work together. »

MANKIND : If MAN is the root of all problems, MAN’S kindness is the solution. We each have the power to lift another up from the gutter, to lend a hand, to offer a platform to stand on, in some cases to pull others to safety. Human kindness empowers us all and the courage that it takes to care is what inspired this collection.



COUP de COEUR ! Emanuela DUCA – superbes SCORIES

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De superbes textures, granuleuses et rugueuses, « brutes de décoffrage » : elle évoque elle-même le magma, les cendres volcaniques, les antiquités romaines -et leur rouille, leur oxydation-, le granulé du sable ….. et moi ce qui m’impressionne le plus c’est le contraste entre ces bijoux « sauvages », je dirais presque « masculins », des « bijoux de ferronnier », et les photos d’Emanuela Duca, à l’air on ne peut plus « blonde et douce » ! SUPERBE travail !
« In my most recent work, “Sand” and “Terra,” I revisit ancient Italian forms and reinterpret them with a modern sensibility. Sculpted in wax, then forged and constructed in sterling silver and 18K gold, the individual forms are highly textured, their surfaces evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins of my native Rome. Yet their shape and combination is clean, simple, and minimal. Just the kind of contrast I aim to achieve in all my work. » (Emanuela DUCA)

COUP de COEUR !  Emanuela DUCA - superbes SCORIES dans COUP DE COEUR 38663_1573579338002_1191110743_31605414_5033613_n
Emanuela Duca- Sand black necklace – Oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold

n1191110743_30470565_1960852 dans Emanuela DUCA (IT)
Emanuela Duca- White Sand bracelet – Sterling silver and 18k yellow gold

n1191110743_30307357_9420 dans Italie (IT)
Emanuela Duca- Sand bracelet- Oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold

12938_1306769987935_1191110743_30942883_5227870_n dans metal
Emanuela Duca- ‘petals’ necklace – oxidised silver, diamonds
exposé à

38663_1573579217999_1191110743_31605411_7703246_n dans www JewelleryScape
Emanuela Duca- Magma bracelet – Oxidized sterling silver with diamonds

Emanuela Duca- « magma » ring  – Blackened sterling silver and yellow gold

Emanuela Duca- Roman cuff – Oxidized sterling silver with diamonds

Magma rings
Emanuela Duca- Magma rings – Oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold

Magma earrings
Emanuela Duca- Magma earrings – Oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold with diamonds

Fiamma rings
Emanuela Duca- Fiamma rings – Sterling silver with gold leaf

Roman necklace
Emanuela Duca- Roman necklace – Oxidized sterling silver with agata




EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  TEXTILE  section dans Colleen BARAN (CA) enter

n1260346271_30199513_728 dans Exposition/Exhibitionn1260346271_30199543_8926 dans feutre / felt
Silvina Romero (Arg.)- necklace ‘Abajo del mar’ textile, fabric, cotton & silk thread

8532_1271238743865_1316778870_797693_6670529_n dans fibres / thread
Paulie Schwartzorganza de soie

16456_1191427138777_1021340133_30489297_676614_n dans Kate CUSACK (US)n791629493_957179_1385 dans Paulie SCHWARTZ (DE)
Sabrina Bottura – ‘black’ ring 2009 – felt, pearl black, silver
Karin Carmeliet

26844_412424436258_644906258_5561743_352253_n dans Ruth MOORE (UK)
Colleen Baran – Felted Saucer Rings – 2007 – Felt, sterling silver

24400_101126396589329_100000759086458_31481_4522616_n dans Sabrina BOTTURA (IT)
Elena Lorenzi   – Necklace in twine, coloured metal wire and braid of different colours

21974_482801860143_638895143_10956301_6710955_n dans Silvina ROMERO (RA)
Federica Fabiano « Gradient » – necklace made by copper yarn coated with cotton yarn

26080_329449913595_709643595_3628310_6879695_n dans Susanna MATSCHE (DE)
Cristina Tajè  ‘Rosa, Rosae’ – necklace in felt with applications of copper, tin, iron and brass

22074_320368926893_739666893_4588202_3578163_n dans techniques textiles
Ruth Moore – sealife inspired neckpiece – 2009 – Heat formed synethetic fabrics, plastic beads, cotton thread

13051_1289991371110_1270006655_842991_7965855_n dans textile
Kate CUSACK zipper necklace

EXPO JewelleryScape- TEXTILE Susanna Matsche (DE) - Breast pins - leather, silver, fur
Susanna Matsche (DE) – Breast pins – leather, silver, fur

EXPO JewelleryScape- TEXTILES  - Thomas de Falco (IT) - cotton, wool, silk, leather iron necklace
Thomas de Falco (IT) – cotton, wool, silk, leather iron necklace



EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  PAPER  section dans Alice VISIN (IT) enter

‘PAPER’ gallery : Francesca VITALI (US), Emilie LIETEN (BE), Dana BLOOM (IL), Joan DULLA (US), Dimitra MARTZOUKOU (GR), Paulie SCHWARTZ, Alice VISIN (IT), etc etc etc ……

n1425946365_272381_6876201 dans Dana BLOOM (IL)
Emilie Lieten (BE)-  necklace made out of strips from a phonebook – 2008

Francesca Vitali of FRUCCI Design - paper banglesFrancesca VitaliFRUCCI DESIGN – paper bangles – recycled paper

ISOTTA ringFrancesca VitaliFRUCCI DESIGN‘ISOTTA’ anelli – recycled paper, silver – Woven, riveted. 2009

n566803122_1580392_7771780 dans Dimitra MARTZOUKOU (GR)
Dana BLOOM (IL) – Tissue earrings

n1274772700_267316_8495 dans Emilie LIETEN (BE)
Joan Dulla - Money Collar- Hand crocheted gold wire with Shredded U.S. Currency 

n1499747184_283223_1091318 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Dimitra Martzoukou (GR) – Necklace « MONTAGE » – Paper tubes painted with oil colours – Threads – Silver

n554503734_2125677_7988393 dans Francesca VITALI (US)
Alice Visin – silenzio stampa 2



EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  PLASTICs  section dans Catherine SHEEDY (Qb) enter


‘PLASTICS’ gallery :  Margaux LANGE (US), Colleen BARAN (CA), Ruth MOORE (UK), Cynthia del GIUDICE (ARg.), Emily WATSON (US), Luisa BRUNI (IT), Francesca GABRIELLI (IT), Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR), Henriette WHITE (ZA), Manuela GANDINI (IT), etc etc etc ……

22074_320368941893_739666893_4588203_8360578_n dans Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR)
Ruth Moore (UK) – resin bangle – 2008 – Resin, pigment paste, sterling silver, plastic beads.

6922_1220847012251_1561208784_30577408_3442342_n dans Colleen BARAN (CA)
Cynthia Del Giudice  (Argentina) – fused plastic ring

10225_1261882188530_1273952589_785211_3273895_n dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)
Luisa Bruni – ‘Plink’ rings – plexiglass, silver

26166_353059550215_625930215_4168601_800548_n dans Emily WATSON (US)
Emily Watson (US)- ‘bubble resonance4′ 2009 – corian, bowling ball plastic

25453_1320480624965_1619292128_827581_6012044_n dans Exposition/Exhibition26844_412434611258_644906258_5561841_5229967_n dans Francesca GABRIELLI (IT)
Francesca Gabrielli (IT) – STREET ART 2008 – girocollo
Colleen Baran (CA) – Elastic Ring 2 – 2010 – found rubber band, thread

24899_377261898284_702238284_3868505_7006519_n dans Henriette WHITE (ZA)
Alessandra Lorini - « Svruss » -pvc pipes for scoubidou – copper wire

24323_1331525341708_1638259298_816687_491476_n dans Luisa BRUNI (IT)
Chryssa Damianidou (GR) – ‘snow queen’ 2010 chain,crystals

27290_10150107081945084_796615083_11407082_3944761_n dans Manuela GANDINI/Manuganda (IT)
María Eugenia Pretto (Uruguay) – ‘Nube’  2010 – Metallic mesh & Fishing line

13531_165371312866_686917866_2702671_4367244_n dans Margaux LANGE (US)13531_165371367866_686917866_2702675_4530196_n dans Maria Eugenia PRETTO (Uruguay)
Henriette White  (South Africa) – layers of lime – perspex, aluminium (left)

35197_1502801926032_1113733022_31505159_657211_n dans plastiques
Manuela Gandini  – BOLD! bangle – 2010- anallergic recyclable rubber

EXPO JewelleryScape- PLASTICs- Catherine SHEEDY - silver, pvc, rubber
Catherine SHEEDY (Quebec) – silver, pvc, rubber neckpiece




« This virtual exhibition presents, for the first time, the « virtual jewel community »: 250 works that, for methodological reasons, have been grouped into five macro-categories based on the material used: metal, paper, plastic, organic and fabrics. Within each of these categories however the initial heterogeneity has been preserved, as a conscious choice as well as well as to value the individuality and the geographical and semantic specificity of each piece. The works presented are those of great masters and young students alike, coming from all aver the world, characterized by different backgrounds and languages, alternately high or low technologies, manual or serial manufacture processes: the red thread that unites them all is the project, the necessary connective tissue in the contemporary babel.
Each of these works contains within it a world which unfolds before our very eyes, gifting us with the preciousness of a reflection and the emotion of a suggestion. Extraordinary pieces, for their making and the ideas behind them, from which we can sense memories of places and lives, shadows of incidental trajectories. And passion: in the form of challenge.
«  (
Alba Cappellieri)


‘METAL’ gallery : Colleen BARAN (CA), Harriete Estel BERMAN (US), Agata BIENKOWSKA (PL), Sabrina BOTTURA (IT), Patrizia BONATI (IT), Enrico CABERLON (IT), Corrado De MEO (IT), Francesca GABRIELLI (IT),  Valentina Gaia GAMBETTA (IT), Manuela GANDINI (IT), Maria GOTI (ES), Raffaele IRACE (IT), Sandra KOCJANCIC (SI), Stefania LUCCHETTA (IT), Rosalba BALSAMO (IT), Angela GERHARD (US), Ariel Matias ORTEGA (Arg.), Rossana RO (Niiro Jewelry) (IT), Barbara PAGANIN (IT), Stefano PEDONESI (IT), Gina PANKOWSKI (US),  Alessandro PETROLATI (IT), Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT), Janos Gabor VARGA (HU), Gonzalo PALMA (Peru), Corinna COLOMBO (IT), GianCarlo MONTEBELLO (IT), Emanuela DUCA (IT), etc etc etc …

12638_1197400788560_1634701230_502161_7833041_n dans Alessandro PETROLATI (IT)
Rosalba Balsamo  – bracciale, argento, 2006 (dentro vuoto….tecnica galvanica)

2897_69334538353_695088353_1748733_5163542_n dans Angela GERHARD (US)
‘METAL’ gallery – Gonzalo PALMA Joyas (Peru) – Collar ‘Central one black city’  - Silver 950, Peridots

n1518280846_1152790_6375278 dans Ariel Matias ORTEGA (RA)
‘METAL’ gallery – Agata Bieńkowska (PL) – ‘OTCHŁAŃ /ABYSS’ white metal (alpaca silver) & plexiglass jewelry

25651_380306569916_787244916_3543948_181159_n dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery -  Harriete Estel Berman (US) – Flower Pins
« Each April Flower Brooch is a one of a kind pin constructed from multiple layers of recycled tin cans. The use of recycled materials becomes metaphorical foundation for the flower motif. Each and every petal is cut by hand, the edges are smooth, then the flower petals are lifted and twisted to make the flower petals more rigid and dimensional in appearance. » (to shop on Etsy …)

n29074566782_1193529_7005 dans Colleen BARAN (CA)
‘METAL’ gallery -  Angela Gerhard (US) – ‘Cha cha’ earrings – vitreous enamel on copper
25506_1391716065380_1006470301_1146329_1659437_n dans Corinna COLOMBO (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery – Maria Goti (ES) ‘Criaturas Marinas XI’ – oxidised silver, gold, Coral Fosilizado, cultured pearls

25414_1314627199066_1632295109_800153_5985859_n dans Corrado De MEO (IT)
‘METAL’ gallery – Raffaele Irace – ‘enigma’ ring – semiprecious stones and silver
25414_1314631039162_1632295109_800164_2149598_n dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)

24068_1309841277685_1580206137_30777587_2258857_n dans Dominika NABOROWSKA (PL)
‘METAL’ gallery – Stefania Lucchetta – Silk 51 bangle – titanium

19245_1255861528733_1595446064_30655454_8197345_n dans Emanuela DUCA (IT)

GianCarlo Montebello (IT) – rings SOFTNESS – stainless steel mesh, yellow gold, stone cut-metal gems in yellow gold

13361_207639331066_623746066_2980953_6028806_n dans Emily WATSON (US)

10226_1174407533947_1640828533_492148_6290065_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) – Vasi Alchemici . Collana in argento patinato e vetro soffiato a lume

24976_362516287748_149648387748_3657576_6426224_n dans Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT)22451_1231656505708_1058002920_30580152_7488017_n dans Francesca GABRIELLI (IT)
Gina Pankowski (US) – New Architectonic Necklace – silver
Rossana RO  (Niiro Jewelry)

19878_325220210947_628670947_4563215_7865013_n dans GianCarlo MONTEBELLO (IT)n1040760246_303173_457 dans Gina PANKOWSKI (US)
Janos Gabor VARGA (HU)Hatch’ ring in progress
Fabrizio TRIDENTI - ‘chs2′ ring 2007- oxidized silver, enamel

12410_323198903413_640018413_3437335_2813121_n dans Gonzalo PALMA (Peru)
Corinna Colombo  – « Spinosa » di nome e di fatto, collana realizzata con fili di rame e di ferro di diversi diametri

Dominika Naborowska (du blog panie Pfor...)
Dominika Naborowska (PL) – necklace (le blog Panie-Przodem c’est elle ! :-) )

12938_1306769987935_1191110743_30942883_5227870_n dans Harriete Estel BERMAN (US)
Emanuela Duca- ‘petals’ necklace – oxidised silver, diamonds 


MIAM ! des bijoux ! …… CHOCOLAT & C°…

 » While examining the psychological and sociological potency of chocolate ….. » (Anika Smulovitz)
en tout cas, si ce n’est le chocolat, qui inspire enormément (et particulièrement celui servi aux soirées de « l’Ambassadeur » ….. ;-) …..), la denrée alimentaire, détournée, inspire, et aspire à son rôle de bijou …. le stade « collier de pâtes » est largement dépassé, actuellement, un repas complet est possible, des « antipasti » au dessert ! quant ce n’est pas ce qui reste après un bon « gueuleton » qui nous est servi comme bijou … n’est ce pas Patricia Lemaire ???!!? emoticone

En tout cas, le thème a l’air d’être dans l’air du temps : voir le projet « Aesthetic Nutrition » d’Ana Cardim (juillet 2010) que je viens de trouver dans la dernière newsletter de Klimt02  : « With her project ‘Aesthetic Nutrition’, Ana Cardim seeks attention for the idea of the difference in quantity, and levels of value, between the esthetic value of gold and the value given to the basic human need for food. »


« I want to call attention to the power, importance, and beauty of   food. In our culture of  fast, disposable, and store-bought food, we often misunderstand our relationship to what we eat » ( Venetia Moushey Dale, in « 500 necklaces » book)

Venetia Moushey Dale - copper, BEANS necklace - 2003
Venetia Moushey Dale – copper, BEANS necklace

Mouche caramel/ caramel beauty spot   by Manolya KonukManolya Konuk- Mouche caramel/ caramel beauty spot (patch)

`Mute language` was used in the17th century by European aristocracy, as a way to talk with symbols rather than words. This beauty spot was a way to signify the intentions and dispositions of lovers.
Placing on the face or breast each have different meaning. As a finery made from caramel, the sweet jewel becomes a temptation to be eaten from the body itself. // Langague muet du XVII ème siècle, les mouches étaient le moyen de signifier ses intentions et ses dispositions. Ici de parure, le bijou sucré se fait tentation (Manolya Konuk- en vente à la Tate gallery)
Polly WALES (UK)- bread ring  (MIAM !! YUMY !!;-) )

Marie Pendariès - BREAD giant neckpiece !!Marie Pendaries – ‘La traîne’ Collier. Pain de mie

David Bielander - Wiener & Weisswurst, 2009. Necklaces. Wood from original Thonet chair David BielanderWiener & Weisswurst, 2009. Necklaces. Wood from original Thonet chair

MIAM ! des bijoux ! ...... CHOCOLAT & C°... dans Ana CARDIM (PT)
Stephanie Hensle (DE)- ‘MEAT-LOVER’

« Meat. The word alone polarizes. For some it represents the sensuous, the erotic, life and carnal lust. For others it arouses associations of morbidity, decay and death. In its archaic and raw state it triggers aversion in many, but is welcome when served as a fragrant roast. It is peddled in discount shops and bargain counters, or traded for 200 euros per kilo.  Delving into these contrasting worlds, Stephanie Hensle explores the luxury of meat in context of adornment, indulging our lust for both on many levels. Inspired by the art of butchery, she packs resins, jewels and other traditional jewellery pieces into sausages and pâté. Throughout she redefines not only a typology for jewellery but also our relationships to creating and acquiring it. The act of slicing („100 grams of brooch, please“) defines the pedant or brooch pieces while addressing the system of value associated with jewellery. Typical sausage netting, meat hooks or skewers become fasteners attaching the pieces to the wearer. Left over pieces are wrapped like cold cuts for the purchaser‘s consumption.  A third group of pieces reflects on the human body as meat. Neck and body pieces hang like detached organs or mysterious growths. Cut open, they allow a glimpse into the skin-colored insides. And remind us, that the line between beauty and disquiet is fine yet elegant. » (Stephanie Hensle)

Emmanuel Lacoste  Ring: Chair (Flesh) 2009  22k gold, beef meat  The usual diamond is replaced with meat, as a metaphor of the human body preciousness Emmanuel Lacoste  Ring: Chair (Flesh) 2009  22k gold, beef meat  The usual diamond is replaced with meat, as a metaphor of the human body preciousness

chips-retouche_modifie-2 dans Anika SMULOVITZ (US)
Stéphane Landureau Collier “Chips’n Chic”, chips de dinette en plastique, argent, 2002 

Margherita Marchioni - collana di pasta

40 dans Barbara UDERZO (IT)
Margherita Marchioni fruit collection

Ana Cardim Ana Cardim

402 dans Claire LAVENDHOMME (BE)
Hilde de Decker (BE) – organic rings

Hilde De Decker- veggie ring
Hilde De Decker – veggie ring

Luisa Bruni, “...e non è più occidente” Luisa Bruni - anelli « spezie » « …e non è più occidente »

Hsiang-Ling LU – Rice piece  - rice, resin, threads

« For this assessment, I put new material and technique into my work. For fixing the fragility, I add resin with rice, for the replacement of fabric and rice sheets I made previously. I want to keep the delicate detail and the smooth texture of rice » (Hsiang-Ling LU)

5_rizcollier.jpgFanny Agnier - collier riz – argent, riz (silver & rice)
Fanny Agnier -« grenades » de riz (pour un mariage « explosif »)

frédérique Trinquese- Bracelet pelures de pomme
Frederique Trinchese- bracelet pelures de pommes (gauche)
Virginie Bois – bague en peau d’orange (droite)
Leonor Hipolitowrapping foil ring & necklaceRéception chez l’ambassadeur …………….. ;-)

Le collier de la reine/ The queen necklaceManolya Konuk – ‘Le collier de la Reine’ – Here, perhaps more than in the other pieces, the material has taken up all importance. The queen necklace was the necklace of Marie Antoinette and hence can be seen as a prelude to the French Revolution. Symbol of excess and decadence, this jewel, never worn, caused the demise of the French Monarchy. Playing with words again, this chocolate abundance can provoke a ‘’crise de foi(e)’ which can be translated both as ‘‘sick by food’ as ‘‘loss of faith’.


kette_close_neu dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)Jeannette Jansen utilise des papiers d’emballage de chocolat pour sa collection “Chocolate Eater. Réalisées à la main, on peut même lire le nombre de calories que l’on porte en bracelet, collier ou boucles d’oreilles !
un gelato ??? collier Geri Nishi 

uderzo_chocolate.jpgBarbara Uderzo – bijoux en chocolat - ‘ruggine’ (rouille) & ‘boules’

This jewellery collection is created in chocolate; necklaces, bangles and rings –designed specifically as romantic items for couples to eat together. Small, handcrafted production runs.
RUGGINE: Rusty iron in appearance, these are created using an old confectionary technique that uses cocoa powder dusting in its preparation.
BOULES: These are chocolates covered in an edible gold leaf foil effect.,391.jpg
Barbara UderzoLiquirizia e marshmallow da indossare

Barbara Uderzo - glucogioiello- candy chain 2003 - marshmallows
Barbara Uderzo – glucogioiello- candy chain 2003 – marshmallows

« …… Oltre al cioccolato, citato nel titolo, il visitatore potrà ammirare anche i “Glucogioielli”, collane e bracciali realizzati alternando caramelle scelte, quali marshmallows, liquirizia, gommosetti, fruits….come nel caso della collezione “Candy Chains”; mentre per quanto riguarda la collezione “Uno Vero” è presente un’originale accostamento della materia alimentare, in un unico elemento in pietra dura irriconoscibile alla vista.« 

Anika Smulovitz Chocolate jewelry installation Catherine Clark Gilbertson
Anika Smulovitz - Chocolate (a collaboration with artist Catherine Clark Gilbertson) -2002 – Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrappers

« This body of work explores human interaction with objects, specifically the interaction of our lips with objects. While examining the psychological and sociological potency of chocolate in the pieces entitled Love Tokens, I became aware of the sensual power of our lips. This culminated in Chocolate, a collaborative interactive installation comprised of a series of impressions made in the gold foil wrappers of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The impressions are of puckered lips or teeth. In its use of repetition, mass quantities of « faux » gold foil, reference to chocolate and to the mouth, the installation speaks of consumption, indulgence, passion, and consumerism. » (Anika Smulovitz)

Smulovitz Anika Chocolate Jewelry
Anika Smulovitz -Love Token (wedding bands) Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrappers 2002

Anika Smulovitz Chocolate jewelry choker necklace
Anika Smulovitz -Love Token (choker) - 2002 – Ferrero Rocher chocoate wrappers, wood, brass

Anika Smulovitz Chocolate jewelry rings
Anika Smulovitz -Love Token – rings

 dans Fanny AGNIER (FR)
Tatjana Panyoczki - ‘tutti frutti in pink’, brooch, 2010
and NO, you can’t eat it !!! it is made with … pom poms … waxed !

chocolate_rings_web dans Francesca di GIAMBERARDINO (IT)
Ambre France (UK) – « Eat me », « Suck me »… rings

« Diamonds are girls best friends! But chocolate wins the second place, so this is the perfect combination: chocolate and jewels! An idea from Ambre France (UK) who creates funny rings in chocolate! Mmm, I can’t wait to taste them, ops, I mean to wear them! «  (site « JewelleryScape« )
Ted Noten – ‘haunted by 36 women’ exhibition - ‘chocolate hooker rings’


«  Gioielli da mangiare! Cathy, una giovane studentessa di arte, che ama creare bijoux e li presenta nel suo blog “La prochaine fois” Tra i suoi lavori, troviamo accessori realizzati con la frutta secca, l’idea da cui sono nati è curiosa: Durante un viaggio in Francia, Cathy ha assaggiato la frutta  essiccata e in particolare ha molto apprezzato il kiwi. Ritornata a casa, ha cercato questo tipo di frutta nei negozi americani ma non ha trovato niente del genere. Ha deciso allora di acquistare un essiccatoio per realizzare da sè queste dolcezze. Prima di mangiarsele però, Cathy le fotografava e, osservando la bellezza di queste fettine di frutta, ha deciso di sperimentare qualcosa di nuovo. Nascono così anelli e collane prodotti con le mele “Granny Smith” oppure “a base” di fettine di pera o di patate dolci. (« »)

Cathy (blog “La prochaine fois”) - dried fruit jewelry project – Granny smith apple ring

Cathy (blog “La prochaine fois”)pear ring – necklace

« The fruit has been sealed, with either lacquer or wax. I wanted to see if these would hold up better/longer than the raw ones. However, I’m not a fan because it changes the meaning of the pieces somewhat – being sealed, they stop being about the moment and instead go into the preservation. And wax = bad because it just flakes off. I’m still on the hunt for different ways to treat the surface!« 

Cathy (blog “La prochaine fois”)Sweet potato necklace

Noémie DOGE (CH)  collier, pomme-de-terre, argent et cotonNoémie DOGE – ‘KRIELTJES’ collier, 2005, pomme de terre et argent

« Ce que je cherche à donner à mes objets, c’est ce que je ne trouve pas dans les parures des bijoutiers traditionnels: une richesse qui ne vienne pas de la préciosité des matériaux mais de la force visuelle, primitivement symbolique de l’objet. » (Noémie DOGE)

sans titre, 2008, pomme-de-terre, argent et coton by Noémie Doge, artiste plasticienne
Noémie DOGE   collier, 2008, pomme-de-terre, argent et coton

Julie Usel - Julie Usel from Geneva is doing her master degree at the Royal college of Art in London. Her work is now in Portugal at the “Steinbeiser” gallery in Lisbon until the 6th November. A collection of colored and unique jewelry made out of potatoes.   Julie Usel (CH) patates séchées et teintées

« You can bake ‘em or fry ‘em, hash ‘em or mash ‘em, and now… you can wear ‘em! Swiss jeweller Julie Usel has made the starchy tuber even more perfect with her dried and dyed potato rings. »

Helena Johansson - Feb 2010 - the potato jewelHelena Johansson - April 2010 -   The Potato Jewel has started to grow.
Helena Johansson – The Potato Jewel (Feb 2010 a then April 2010)

alimentaire- Patricia lemaire - Broche peau de  melonPatricia lemaire - Le temps des cerises- 1200 queues de cerises !
 Patricia Lemaire - Broche peau de  melon
 Patricia Lemaire - Le temps des cerises – 1200 queues de cerises !

Tanya Shin - made from organic like pomegranate seeds, passionflower,lemo, pomelo...parfum- tanya shin
Tanya SHIN (IL) – pomegranate seeds bracelet — parure de tête, oranges séchées

6 dans Frederique TRINCHESE (FR)
Claire Lavendhomme – « Le plus profond c’est la peau » 2009. Broche. Argent, photo, résine, citron


« Pommes de JONG » (Jacqueline de JONG, NL)

Klik op afbeelding om het venster te sluitenKlik op afbeelding om het venster te sluiten
Jacqueline de JONG, NL‘pommes de jong’ – 2009  varying sizes cm – jewelry – mixed media (gold-dipped potato skin

« For her current exhibition, de Jong has created a series of potato bijoux, « Pommes de Jong. » They consist of potatoes laid out to dry until they are totally shrivelled, and then dipped, roots and all, in a bath of molten gold, with surprising results – jewel-like objects in weird and wonderful forms.
Her interest in integrating the humble potato, which she cultivates in her garden in France, into her art, began in 2001 with her series of paintings inspired by Malevich, as the hair of The Farmer’s Wife (« Potato Hair »). This was followed in 2002 by a painted dialogue (« Harvest ») with the pioneering Russian artist.This theme continued with « Aardappeltaal’ (Potato Language), a collaboration with Jennifer Tee at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven in 2003. In 2006, participated in the Biennale di Ceramica dell’arte (curated by Roberto Orth), in Albissola, Italy, with an installation of ceramic objects of « baked potatoes » for the home and garden of the Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973).

Francesca di Giamberardino  "la caramella" Francesca di Giamberardino  – ‘La Caramella’ – candy -yellow gold-silver- Murano glass pearls

113401 dans Geri NISHI (CA)
Yoko SHIMIZU« coffee-ring »  silver, coffee, resin (Galerie Slavik)

bon, maintenant, on se boit un petit coup ?

Katharina Ludwig - ice jewels Katharina Ludwig – ice jewels
Yoav Kotik

513 dans Helena JOHANSSON (SE)
Mason Douglas  (US) soda can rings

aesthetic+nutrition1 dans Hilde De DECKER (BE)Aesthetic+Nutrition2 dans Hsiang-Ling LU (Taiwan)

 project ‘Aesthetic Nutrition’, Ana Cardim

« How does nutrition, on a socio-economic level and in its’ most basic form, relate to the aesthetic values of today’s society? This question can only come from Ana Cardim, who has a passion to make interactive, sociable jewelry-art. This takes shape in her recent project “Aesthetic Nutrition”.
The project consists of a video, projected on a wall, three heaps of rice, chopsticks and three bowls containing one, two and three hand-made rice grains. Each grain is made from pure gold, weighs half a gram, and has the economic value of about 15 kilos of eatable dry rice. (How many grains would that be?) In total, the project exists of three grams of gold, enough for a beautiful gold ring, and 90 kilo’s of rice, which can provide a meal for 1800 people! In the video you’ll see a girl trying to eat it all… Everyone that visited ‘Aesthetic Nutrition’ was given a cup filled with delicious rice-pudding.
With her project ‘Aesthetic Nutrition’, Ana Cardim seeks attention for the idea of the difference in quantity, and levels of value, between the esthetic value of gold and the value given to the basic human need for food.
I am glad this project touches the subject of discrepancy in value and quantity from an aesthetic point of view. The rice-colored, ceramic bowls that contain the golden grains, are shaped like up-side-down rice heaps and make a good visual contrast with the actual heaps of rice. The chopsticks both separate and connect the two, underlining the visual link. The video shown on the wall, completes the display. The action of handing out cups of rice-pudding causes the viewer to connect to the exhibit. How can you resist thinking about the subject, when looking at the serene beauty of the whole set-up, whilst eating yummie pudding!
The launch of the ‘Aesthetic Nutrition’ project happened on the 6th of July, and was commissioned by Bypass, an art magazine that invites artists to write about their work. The second magazine is due to be released in October 2010 and will contain an extensive article by Ana Cardim.
‘Aesthetic Nutrition’ was held in Appleton Square, which is a multivalent space geared towards diverse artistic manifestations and towards the sharing of multidisciplinary experiences. It was the first time that they had work on display by a jewelry designer! » (Broes van Iterson)

Image de prévisualisation YouTube





GIOIELLO CAMPANO (IT) INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY COMPETITION - deadline : 5 juill. 2010 dans Concours / Competition Immagine-27-300x68

The IJA and the consortia of Polo Orafo Campano, under the scientific consultancy of the POLI.DESIGN –Consortium of the Milan Politecnico – is holding an international design competition for designers under 35 years of age at December 31, 2010.
The competition seeks to inspire new ideas regarding innovative use of techniques and materials linked to traditional Campania goldsmithing and jewellery making, aiming to capture a contemporary style (category 1) or forms/styles of Campania arts (category 2) or which takes traditional materials and techniques of Campania jewellery to different areas of merchandise (category 3)
The competition is divided into 3 categories:
1_Materials and techniques of the Campania jewellery.
(materials such as coral, shellstone and lava stone, as well as techniques such as cameo, in a contemporary look)
2_Shapes and styles of Campania arts
(the jewellery in enriched with formal or stylistic elements belonging to the Campania artistic heritage – paintings, sculptural, archeological, decorative, etc – interpreted in contemporary style. There are no limits to materials or techniques employed, as long as they belong to the art of jewellery making)
3 _ New uses of materials and techniques of Campania jewellery
(coral, shellstone lava stone and cameo open up to different merchandise categories and make their way into consumer scenarios that go beyond traditional jewellery.

The competition is open to all Italian and foreign designers that are within 35 years of age at 31 December 2010. The competition is strictly individual, and each participant may submit one design per category of different competition. Furthermore, each design must be submitted by a separate competition application procedure. All designs must be totally original and expressly created for the competition.
Competition participation is effective upon delivery of project materials within indicated due dates, which implies full and unconditional acceptance of competition terms. Moreover, the participant has no reserves in allowing the duplication of all material presented/produced, on any forms of publication and by any means of printed text constituting promotional or informative materials related to the event.
The participant assures that the above-authorized purposes do not infringe on third-party rights, such as, for example, authors, participants withdrawn from the competition and permitted assigns.
Furthermore, the participant fully recognizes automatic disqualification should any condition be infringed. Subscription to the competition automatically exonerates the organization and jury from third-party liabilities over disputes regarding damages relevant to exhibition or false claims of property ownership.

The following must be submitted to take part in the competition:
1. max n. 2 designs in A3 in vertical (42 x 29.7 cm), black and white or color, applied to a solid and lightweight support (max. thickness 5 mm). A 5 cm banner shall be placed at the upper end, divided as follows: left hand side (5×5 cm) – IJA and Polidesign Consortium logos, which can be downloaded from or; in the center – the title « Concorso internazionale di design 2010. GIOIELLO CAMPANO – CAMPANIA JEWELLERY 2010 International Design Competition”, on the right hand side – (5×5 cm) participant name and competition category.
2. A brief summary (1000 characters with spaces) regarding the criteria selected in elaborating the design, including any pre-design sketches that illustrate design progression.
3. brief participant CV
4. general participant information (first and last name, birth date, address, citizenship, phone number, email, profession, design title, competition category)
5. Privacy disclaimer “I undersigned, consent to the processing and use of my personal data, in compliance to law 675/96 and all following modifications. I fully and unconditionally accept all competition terms. Signature”
6. CD with all materials requested (images in jpeg or tiff, 300 dpi resolution, 15 cm minimum base, word file)
The CD cover must include artists first and last name, title and design image, competition category and email.

Designs shall strongly be selected on the basis of originality, degree of innovation, ability to express forms, materials and techniques linked to Campania excellence in a contemporary style.
The spirit of experimental designs shall focus importance, while blending with the more functional and ergonomic characteristics of all jewellery. Particular attention and appraisal shall go to a user-centered design, where design takes on a methodological role, straying from a pure aesthetic nature.

All design materials must be submitted by hand, mail or courier strictly by Noon on 5 July, 2010 at:

Universal Marketing
Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 1663
00155 Rome, Italy

The package must clearly include the heading “concorso internazionale di design Gioiello Campano –Campania Jewellery international design competition”. The valid date relates to package reception, not to the postal stamp.

The jury is composed by members of the main international schools of jewellery design and representatives of the global goldsmith and jewellery culture. The members of the jury shall be listed on the site: or
All jury proceedings are reserved, though the final report containing classifications and mentions shall be made public. Voting is done on a majority scale; and all decisions stand final and not open to debate or reconsideration.

First prize: 2000 euros, second prize 1500 euros, third prize 500 euros

The outcomes decided upon by the jury shall be made public in occasion of the 2010 Italian Jewellery Awards. A selection of designs will be exposed during the Italian Jewellery Awards gala event and in occasion of upcoming expos. All participants grant immediate authorization to Italian Jewellery Awards to display their designs in public (show or exhibitions of various nature). Furthermore, such authorization covers the right to publish each personalized design on catalogues or any publications, without any remuneration or royalties due if no personal mentions.

All participants shall maintain exclusive design property rights. The IJA may exploit such designs solely for exhibitive or editorial purposes. IJA reserves the right to create a prototype model for any relevant exhibitions.

No materials submitted for the competition shall be returned.

11. INFO